Reviews for Chance for a Prophecy
ChimamireNoBara22 chapter 33 . 15h
Nononononononoooooooooooo ToT
This was NOT the way I thought this story was going to go T.T Still brilliantly written, but now I'm wary of the last two chapters...
RiceCakePlayz chapter 1 . 1/17
nevermind, I was going to read this, but there's no point to a time travel fic if the MC doesn't remember the future, may as well just be an OC raised in that timeline
HardlyFlaccid chapter 35 . 12/30/2020
Hot damn, that last scene had me tearing up a bit... Even without an epilogue, this ended really poignantly, but I hope that one day you do come back and write that last chapter! Really loved this story
Panjason chapter 5 . 12/26/2020
Eh I suppose a Naruto who remembers would be too much of a fix-it character?
Panjason chapter 2 . 12/26/2020
I suppose with Naruto’s knowledge intact he could keep his mannerisms?
Panjason chapter 1 . 12/26/2020
Wait this seems as though you went clean slate. I thought you liked Naruto?
Orangerazor chapter 35 . 12/13/2020
Man what a beautiful story, the characterization, the plot, the ending...just...damn
Its been years since the last update so I dunno how likely Ch 36 is but the current end is still pretty good!
Definitely one of the most enjoyable reads! :)
Apoorv chapter 10 . 12/10/2020
Yes , dry honourable relative indeed...Good for him..nice touch with felt good
Apoorv chapter 9 . 12/10/2020
Hey..the feel good factor is still there...keep up the good work
apoorvstorm chapter 19 . 12/12/2020
Goofy Naruto and Shiko..heh..yeah Orochimaru has got him..will his secret remain secret or will it unravel..what will Naruto do?'s all so exciting..lets see..
apoorvstorm chapter 18 . 12/12/2020
Really emotional was so cool..and the way you are true to the original's calming..we all liked that part about Naruto..his ability to win over people.. and the engagement scene is nice..too..good job
apoorvstorm chapter 16 . 12/11/2020
Gruesome tale।।and sad too,vague,but we get the idea that not many people survived in the was a Cadamean how he came to the past?..did Kurana do something?..dunno.. let's see
apoorvstorm chapter 15 . 12/11/2020
I think Danzo and Orochimaru will have some suprise for Toroku and Minato..yeah..he already got his blood from the Kunai..maybe he will know that Kushina is his relative too...he he..then he can be captured to know about the future events..
apoorvstorm chapter 12 . 12/10/2020
Wow..I was really enjoying Toruku was so worries about the future..and nothing much to do..but that's not Naruto..he is always active..he needed something to do..and lets see what he does..
apoorvstorm chapter 8 . 12/10/2020
I think Naruto will never get back hi memories and he will start hi new life here..also he doesn't have the bijuu with him..but when he arrived here he had it..which means his memories and Kurana went after that..also I don't think anyone can guess that he is from the future..but can they also confirm he is Kushina's son?..will he be there when Naruto is born?..and can we prevent a paradox?..also who sent him to the past?..Sauske?..Obito? madara?..all questions which you have conviently left out and the story is slowly continuing just after the Third Great Shinobi war...
Answers man..
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