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kmp63 chapter 67 . 9/10
Whilst waiting not too patiently for an update on this story in particular, I have just reread it AND all the reviews. Somehow, I failed to review the last chapter. So sorry, but here goes.

Yippee, the creeps are all in pokey, Aden is free and the girls are all loved up. Loving it.

Just need a resolution as to the Ruby and Irene situations, and all will be perfect. Just a question though. How come Irene hasn't at least recognised Joeys name. It must have been mentioned around town during the trial.

Anyway, in case my opening sledgehammer style hint was too subtle. Please, please, please update this story. Pretty please with naked, chocolate covered Joeys on top.
Born2Try chapter 67 . 6/27
I am so glad that the correct verdicts where given! Joey is free and really hope she can move on with her life. It will be interesting to see how Aden and Charlie get on 'sharing' Joey. I believe that Hayley thought she would get away with it.
thane3 chapter 67 . 6/22
As Joey and Aden could hardly imagine but the horrible nightmare they had been facing was finally resolved. The three lowest forms of life Hayley, Brax and Heath were now going to jail and to be out of their lives for good. It was about time that the good guys won one and they did - yea.
Charlie and Joey when they were young knew that they did the best thing they could for a very young Ruby and that was to send her away where she could get better care. Even though it tore both of them up it at the time was the right decision.
Very well done chapter IJKS. I am proud of you. Look forward to seeing how you close the story. Love always Thane3
luckdog chapter 67 . 6/19
Good to see a judge who really was seeking justice for the victims in this case! I'm glad she gave out stiff sentences to Hayley, Brax and Heath! I agreed with Aden, where did the strong Joey champion of the weak go? Having Aden by her side she should have been able to break from Hayley's cruel grip long before she got the fight kicked out of her! I'm so happy Aden is now free :0)
kellymaire1985 chapter 67 . 6/19
I'm so happy Hayley Brax and Heath got what they deserved and I love the fact Aden didn't go to jail can't wait to read what going to happen next
Born2Try chapter 66 . 6/5
I hope that the verdicts come down on the right of the law and that whatever happens with Aden that Joey and Charlie will be there to support him. Ruby has some tough decisions ahead of her but I know that she will do what is right and will consider everyone's feelings...but Ross needs to be understanding.
luckdog chapter 66 . 6/4
I hope Aden does get set free because all he did was try to save his best friend from being hurt worse then she was by being raped, he is the innocent victim here. Even though Joey was a victim, she really didn't try to help herself even when Aden offer her a way out, just like she did with Charlie, when Charlie first offered to help her out. As for Ruby, I think she will end up living with Charlie because she would be feeling disgusted in Ross with how badly he treated and is still treating Charlie!
kmp63 chapter 66 . 5/28
Morag, you are my hero in this one.
Ross, stop it, just for once be a father instead of an Arsehole.
Holding my breath for Aden.
thane3 chapter 66 . 5/27
Thanks for updating this story, right now I have to think it is my favorite story. Joey did an excellent job in holding up to the questioning from both sides. She portrayed herself well and kept her calm pretty much. Aden followed up and as with Joey held together pretty well even though he was accused of being in love with Joey which was beyond stupid. Morag did an excellent job in presenting the case. Charlie right on point was there for Joey every step of the way.
Ross has got to start supporting the fact that Charlie is mom to Ruby. It would be much better for everyone in the family to circle the wagons and be on the same page. Otherwise there is going to be heartache. Morag has been an excellent broker in this discussion.
Hayley and the rest of the lot need to go to jail for what they did to Joey. We will see what the next chapter brings.
NOTE FOR IJKS: You are a wonderful young lady and author. You keep soaring to the stars and beyond. As a favorite line of mine goes: "It is easy to be partial to you when you are so lovely in the first place". Love Thane3
kellymaire1985 chapter 66 . 5/27
I hope joey get the verdict she wants can't wait to read what happens next
Born2Try chapter 65 . 5/19
I'm glad that Angelo is moving out, I can't believe how incredibly rude he was. I know he feels hard done by and hurt but he will have no friends left at this rate. I wonder if Joey will re-join the police force when the trial is over, her and Charlie would be a force to be reckoned with. It lovely to see Ruby giving Joey her support and love.
luckdog chapter 65 . 5/18
What a wanker, I hope the door does hit Angelo on the way out, and it him hard and leaves a scar! I do hope Joey find that part of herself that she once had, that tough stand up for herself and everyone she loves when she and Charlie where younger. I'm glad Ruby gave Joey the card to show her how much she loves and cares for her.
kmp63 chapter 65 . 5/14
Angelo gone burger. YES.
Now if you will just be so lovely as to do the same for Hayley and the Braxtons. I'll be a happy little fan fic reader.
Let Aden out and I'll love you forever.
Oh who am I kidding, I already love you IJKS. Although if you could just add a particularly gruesome ending in prison for Brax, I'll be your slave for life.
(The show is particularly pissing me off at the mo in regards to Brax in jail. So I'm counting on you to make it right )
thane3 chapter 65 . 5/13
Joey with the help of Charlie, Morag, and even Ruby has got to keep her foot on the pedal and get over this bump in your life. They need to put Hayley in her place once and for all not only for Joey but for Aden as well.
Hayley can say anything that she wants during trial but the truth will come out once and for all. Imprisoning someone against their will is a crime that is wrong on so many fronts, it is not only the physical damage but the emotional toll that it takes on the person.
Angelo during his little speech gives the entire male species a bad name. Of course he needs to go and leave the rest in peace. He will never, ever measure up to Joey as to character.
I hope that the hip will start feeling better soon, you are in my thoughts. Love Thane3
kellymaire1985 chapter 65 . 5/13
Aw I love you love the way ruby made joey feel better and that she love joey the way she loves her mum
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