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Born2Try chapter 68 . 2/4
Welcome back! It's great to see Aden enjoying being free. I hope that if Aden does ask Belle out that this could help build relationships between Joey and Irene. I know that Joey holds a lot of anger understandabley but after all that's happen she's deserves to find peace.
thane3 chapter 69 . 2/3
Now that Aden and Joey are out of legal troubles they can now go forward with their lives.
Aden should get back out on the sea and be on a fishing boat, he is good at it and he would be happy. Belle is interested in Aden, more to come.
Joey would make an excellent cop, she has a good skill set and can make good inroads with the community of Summer Bay.
Excellent chapter, cannot wait to see the next chapter of this story.
For IJKS: I am sorry to hear that you have been feeling poorly but hope that you are starting to be back on the mend. I know now that you have an excellent support structure to lean on when required. As much as I enjoy the stories (and I do enjoy them), my first and primary interest is in you as friend, mentor and all around wonderful person. You are absolutely spot on one of the finest people that I have journeyed with and to summarize simply put you are wonderful. As Charlie would say to Joey - It is easy to be partial to you when you are so lovely in the first place. With love and hugs to a wonderful young lady. XX Thane3
kmp63 chapter 69 . 2/3
Lovely update thanks.
Ruby you little champion you. I would love to see the girls both end up as cops.
Looking forward to what Rubes decision is. Hopefully what we all want.
Take care and hope you are better.
kellymaire1985 chapter 69 . 2/3
Aw hope your feeling better soon I Hope joey listen to ruby and takes her advice and goes back to working as a police officer can't wait what happens next
luckdog chapter 68 . 1/10
Joey should really bite the bullet and have it out with Irene so she can move foward with her life and stop worrying and stop having restless sleep! It's good to see that Aden is facing his fears and not going to let them stop him from embracing his new fought freedom and going after the woman that has caught is eye. Maybe with Aden going after Belle it will force her into facing her past and dealing with it once and for all!

Glad to see you are back to updating wom :0)
kmp63 chapter 68 . 1/8
Yes, yes and yes again. So happy for Aden.
Poor Joey, she should be so happy, but, that's a fairly big but to have hanging.
Thank you for returning to us.
Big zen hugs.
thane3 chapter 68 . 1/8
Hi IJKS - It is wonderful to have you back and with stories. It was good to see Aden and Joey out from the situations that they had been in. They had both been tortured for longer than any human beings should be. It is not surprising that they would be unsure of themselves and how to proceed with the next step. It might be easier for Joey and instantly she has Charlie. For Aden it might take a little longer but it looks like he is obviously smitten for Belle. It would be really nice to see Aden have some peace in his life for a change of pace.
Joey and Irene and their potential relationship is going to be an interesting mix of mindsets. Even though I have no relationship to speak of with my family and feel totally alone - I sincerely hope that Joey and Irene can make at least some kind of peace.
For IJKS, No I did not forget the story line, that is what I have my previous reviews for. Well done and I am pleased to see you writing. Good for you. I know that things have been maybe a struggle but you have handled things with style and grace and for that I am proud of you. Love always Thane3
kellymaire1985 chapter 68 . 1/8
I'm so happy you upload a new chapter can't to to read what happens next
GuestTessa chapter 67 . 12/10/2015
Hey buddy are you doing ok, haven't heard from you in a long while. I really miss your stories, but I understand if something has happened to make you disappear. I just want you to know I love and appreciate all of your wonderful stories.
kmp63 chapter 67 . 9/10/2015
Whilst waiting not too patiently for an update on this story in particular, I have just reread it AND all the reviews. Somehow, I failed to review the last chapter. So sorry, but here goes.

Yippee, the creeps are all in pokey, Aden is free and the girls are all loved up. Loving it.

Just need a resolution as to the Ruby and Irene situations, and all will be perfect. Just a question though. How come Irene hasn't at least recognised Joeys name. It must have been mentioned around town during the trial.

Anyway, in case my opening sledgehammer style hint was too subtle. Please, please, please update this story. Pretty please with naked, chocolate covered Joeys on top.
Born2Try chapter 67 . 6/27/2015
I am so glad that the correct verdicts where given! Joey is free and really hope she can move on with her life. It will be interesting to see how Aden and Charlie get on 'sharing' Joey. I believe that Hayley thought she would get away with it.
thane3 chapter 67 . 6/22/2015
As Joey and Aden could hardly imagine but the horrible nightmare they had been facing was finally resolved. The three lowest forms of life Hayley, Brax and Heath were now going to jail and to be out of their lives for good. It was about time that the good guys won one and they did - yea.
Charlie and Joey when they were young knew that they did the best thing they could for a very young Ruby and that was to send her away where she could get better care. Even though it tore both of them up it at the time was the right decision.
Very well done chapter IJKS. I am proud of you. Look forward to seeing how you close the story. Love always Thane3
luckdog chapter 67 . 6/19/2015
Good to see a judge who really was seeking justice for the victims in this case! I'm glad she gave out stiff sentences to Hayley, Brax and Heath! I agreed with Aden, where did the strong Joey champion of the weak go? Having Aden by her side she should have been able to break from Hayley's cruel grip long before she got the fight kicked out of her! I'm so happy Aden is now free :0)
kellymaire1985 chapter 67 . 6/19/2015
I'm so happy Hayley Brax and Heath got what they deserved and I love the fact Aden didn't go to jail can't wait to read what going to happen next
Born2Try chapter 66 . 6/5/2015
I hope that the verdicts come down on the right of the law and that whatever happens with Aden that Joey and Charlie will be there to support him. Ruby has some tough decisions ahead of her but I know that she will do what is right and will consider everyone's feelings...but Ross needs to be understanding.
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