Reviews for Road to Somewhere
thane3 chapter 62 . 15h
Joey was so darn happy being cuddled with Charlie. We can only imagine that if they stayed together on the show, what the producers could of done with the relationship. Having Charlie there right by her allowed Joey to decompress before the meeting with Morag to prep for the trial.
Even though Joey was a little unsure of meeting Charlie's adopted family, Joey came through like a trooper even though she had Irene there hanging around serving everyone. Considering the strain that Joey had been feeling over Irene, I thought she did quite well during the get together. Even with being quizzed on everyone's relationship. A good memory does help.
It is interesting to note that early in the chapter Joey digressed and mentioned that she needed to tell Charlie the whole story of her and Irene, that Charlie had a right to know (especially if they are going to be together).
All in all a good chapter. Nice job IJKS. Love Thane
Born2Try chapter 62 . 18h
I wonder if Jeoy will tell Fin and Damien the truth, it would be nice to see her form a relationship with her half-siblings. Ruby has a very good head on her shoulders. I really hope the trial goes the way Joey wants but I don't think it will.
kellymaire1985 chapter 62 . 23h
I'm glad joey get on with Charlie friends and family
Born2Try chapter 61 . 4/14
I really hope that Joey can find it in her heart to give Irene a chance, at least hear her out. It's such a twist in the story, I keep expecting it to be wrong and that Joey just got confused.
thane3 chapter 61 . 4/10
IJKS - It is really nice to have you back. Joey had a very hard childhood dealing with a mom who was alcoholic. You can easily imagine how lonely and unloved she felt. Charlie needs to be very careful about pushing the subject of her getting back with her mom. It is going to take time, patience and a lot of forgiveness
Thanks for the great chapter, I will write you soon. Love always and thinking about you. Thane3.
Scot chapter 21 . 4/10
I can't and never have advocated violence in relationships - but people should always obey their partners.
luckdog chapter 61 . 4/9
Well Joey is a stubborn little critter, not even really acknowledging the comparison Charlie was making between herself and Irene for leaving their child in safe care. Oh and I know Charlie is only going to wait so long before she readdresses this with Joey again, because Joey really needs to speak to Irene even if it is to tell her how much she hurt her, so Joey can then let the anger go.

Oh and welcome back wom :0)
kmp63 chapter 61 . 4/9
Great twist with Irene. Loved it. Cheers.
Born2Try chapter 60 . 1/29
What a shock about Irene and Joey! I can't believe Irene doesn't remember...maybe Joey is mistaken somehow? I think Aden should of been allowed bail, lets hope that no one will be able to get to him.
luckdog chapter 60 . 1/26
Oh I see why Joey is so angry towards Irene, but she should do what Charlie did to Ross and say something to her to get if off her chest. I'm sure if Irene knew adult Joey was the the young child daughter she neglected and was taken from her, then the two of them really need to talk. I hope Charlie can persuade Joey to confront Irene about her shameful past! Poor Aden, but at least he is protective custody whilst he awaits his trial, I just hope Hayley's reach isn't that long!

Sorry to here about your continuing house moving dramas wom :0(
thane3 chapter 60 . 1/26
Hello IJKS - Sorry to hear about your flat, hope things settle down soon. Excellent chapter, Joey really was uptight at the diner especially when Irene offered to take care of the check. Excellent touch leaving the very last line in the chapter to be the punch line - Irene is Joey's mom. As the other reviewers have already I did not see that coming. Nice Job IJKS. Hugs Thane
kazintaz chapter 60 . 1/26
Wow, didn't see that last sentence coming.

Hope all the dramas of the big house move settled down soon and you can get back to keeping us all entertained. Love you work as always IJKS
Guest chapter 60 . 1/26
Oh snap! I did not see that coming. Oh-to-the-M-G more please!
kellymaire1985 chapter 60 . 1/26
Oh my god I wasn't expecting that can't believe Irene is joey mother can't wait to read what happens next and poor Aden
Born2Try chapter 59 . 1/2
It was so nice to see Charlie feel confident and happy enough to introduce Ruby to Pippa and Michael. It just shows you how much they mean to her. It was nice that Pippa and Michael just accepted Joey after all that had happened.

I hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year!
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