Reviews for By Way of Sorrow
Guest chapter 30 . 9/25
It was an amazing story . Thanks
Kksmum chapter 29 . 4/10
Second time I have read this great story. Loved it all over again.
harkie5 chapter 30 . 2/23
Excellent story! Loved it so much and hated to see it end. Thank you for sharing it.
twificfan chapter 30 . 2/3
This has been a magnificent journey! Your writing is phenomenal. Thank you.
EBCullen99 chapter 9 . 1/25
So Edward's still all "I MUST NOT HAVE SEX WITH ANYONE". Like come on.
EBCullen99 chapter 7 . 1/25
I think it would've been better if he was her husband reincarnation or his descendent or something. chapter 30 . 12/31/2021
I absolutely loved this story. One of my favorites. It was both epic in scale yet very character driven ... A tough balancing act which this story pulled off beautifully. chapter 28 . 12/31/2021
I'm glad we got some Edward pov. Part of me wishes we got ore of the story from his side, but what we got here was great. chapter 27 . 12/31/2021
That was a lot of fun. Generally I'm not a big fan of Bella becoming a plot device to save the day, but it was done here in pretty scary and unique way. Didn't see it coming at all. chapter 26 . 12/31/2021
Sounds like we're getting an actual fight, rather than just a tease like we got in Breaking Dawn.

As long as Bella's shield holds up I think the Cullen's actually have the advantage even if they don't have the numbers due to the gifts on their side. Zafrina for example can blind the entire Volturi. That's almost as good as Alec.

This should be fun. chapter 25 . 12/31/2021
I gotta admit, the part about James starting up the southern wars because he was bored was pretty funny. Edward definitely got out at the right time.

Victoria can actually be a fun character when her motivations are directed in a less evil direction. chapter 24 . 12/31/2021
Victoria actually doesn't seem so bad when you haven't killed her mate. I actually kind of like her here.

I'm sort of curious what James plan was, if there's more to it. It seemed like a lot of work and effort to draw the Cullen's, wolves and Volturi into this game of his. chapter 23 . 12/30/2021
We'll, things were going so cute and happy you just know something bad was going to happen. chapter 22 . 12/30/2021
Aside from the whole sex thing, I think the worst thing about Bella helping the Volturi recruit other gifted vamos is she helps make them stronger. Benjamin was one of the biggest guns the Cullen's had against the Volturi if it came to a fight in the movie, but here she helps get him recruited to the Volturi. So in addition to everything else Bella bears the guilt of making Aro more powerful while weakening any potential resistance against him.

Nice to see Aro was at least somewhat reasonable here. He took no for an answer. chapter 20 . 12/30/2021
It's pretty horrible that Edward murdered an innocent person and got away with it. It's understandable and believable ... but that doesn't change the fact that innocent people are being murdered because if him.

It's one thing to kill murderers and rapists, but this is something else entirely. And it's sad they can just sweep it under the rug like it never happened.
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