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oneday80 chapter 67 . 7/2/2013
This story? Was amazing. I am such a fan of this and can't wait for a squeakquel! Fantastic writing, thank you so much :-)
Fiddi chapter 38 . 7/1/2013
I am halfway through your fic. I've been on a marathon session listening to all the Sookie books at the same time, which I just finished. I've got to say that, although there have been other fanfics I have loved, this is the first one that makes me forget this isn't a published book. I am thoroughly enjoying it and kind of feel its not fair that I didn't have to pay for Wiles. I'd have gladly paid for this fanfic rather than for the last Sookie book, Dead Ever After. Last night my husband and I had an at-home date and I kept glancing over to my kindle to read a few more lines whenever he would walk away for a few minutes. I couldn't help it! lol. Thank you so much. Now I think I'll get back to my reading.
Carouselseeker chapter 67 . 6/23/2013
I luvd this story! I think it was one of the best "in character" for Eric.
88spike chapter 67 . 6/22/2013
I am soooooo sad to get to the end of this story. It's the best thing I've read in a while - definitely la creme de la creme of Sookie / Eric fics. My two cents scream for sequel! Bravo for a job well done and I thank you for entertaining me so deliciously.
88spike chapter 64 . 6/22/2013

MORE tears. Jeez, I thought LAST chapter was heartbreaking!
88spike chapter 63 . 6/22/2013
No. nononononononono...
I AM trusting you to make this better. I am SO grateful I didn't find this until it was complete. This chapter would've done me in if I'd had to wait.

"The bitter irony of this is that is has always been her who has resisted you."
and the reason I love this version so so much. Eric's struggle over trusting Sookie, his own reluctant surrender to love her is what made this bittersweet. This brought tears to my eyes and I can assure you in all the years reading S/E fan fic it's happened less than a handful of times.
88spike chapter 62 . 6/22/2013
88spike chapter 51 . 6/20/2013 to jump in the cool pool.
...then smoke a ciggy.

Now THOSE were some lemons.
88spike chapter 50 . 6/20/2013
Way to leave a girl hanging Eric! Sookie tried nookie with Bill and...Grandpa-interruptus. Her next try to get some nookie from Eric and...he flees due to virgin-itis!

At this rate it's a miracle poor Sookie hasn't run screaming to the nearest nunnery! LOL.
At least the end of the chapter has things looking promising.
88spike chapter 42 . 6/18/2013
*snort* Hoochie Harem. Love it. Sookie rocks
88spike chapter 39 . 6/18/2013
*throws hand in the air* Eric just had to channel his inner pecker-head. I was backing his Mr. Frosty routine because his position was understandable, but now he's done it! Poor Sookie, my heart breaks for her she's so sad. They worked so well together even with the facade of hating the other. It's gonna hurt when Eric finally pulls that giant head of his out of his so-tight-it-squeaks arsehole. Sooner or later he's gonna miss what he pushed away so callously.
Sooooo glad I don't have to wait for!
Abelizsm chapter 67 . 6/17/2013
I really enjoyed this story! I liked the plot and the multi POV.
88spike chapter 36 . 6/17/2013
Niall is hysterical, this chapter cracked me up. I need to not read this in public.
88spike chapter 30 . 6/17/2013
Oh snap ;-)
Haha Eric! You live. You learn.
88spike chapter 28 . 6/17/2013
I just found this story & so happy I did. Glad I found it after completion since its so good it would've driven me nuts waiting for updates! I have not reviewed each chapter but felt the need to finally stop & say something because of the last line of this chapter.
"He is not vampires. He is Eric." Such a perfect line.

I'm loving your Sookie. Just when I feel fed up with all the bitchy, whiny, shrewish, screechy, hypocrite Sookie's out there (including the original) - I find yours refreshing & so much like the Sookie of the first few books who was witty & humorous in the worst of times. Her thoughts here are hysterical & I've found myself laughing out loud a few times. Also enjoy how she deals with each new circumstance. Instead of typically shutting down refusing to learn, choosing to stick her head in the sand your Sookie is smart, chews it around in her head before going off the deep end & actually sees reason for what is done - regardless of the methods.

I do not think it makes Sookie a doormat because she isn't screaming, running reckless or bitchy. Being a bitch isn't the antonym to being a doormat (a mistake a lot of authors make.)
I don't see her current compliance making her a doormat either, IMHO. Seems smart to me. She's weighed her situation, recognizes the danger she's in, has more knowledge than usual & is making the best choice to keep herself safe. While Eric's personality leaves a ton of room for improvement, she's choosing to stay with the protector who will do his job & keep her alive regardless of the incentive it took to make him do so. LOL. Plus Sookie is keeping quite a few whopping secrets of her own ;)

Big kudos for the imagery of Sookie slung over Eric's shoulder, him with her old suitcase in his other hand walking down her gravel driveway. Priceless.

"Oily Little Specimen." ROTFL

Eric. Not Mr. Nice Guy at all so far. But I'm liking it. He has NOT harmed Sookie in any way - He just isn't falling all over her, swooning, pledging undying love & monogamy as most stories portray him upon meeting Sookie. (I enjoy those stories also, this is just a nice change). While his thoughts & some words to her have been 'mean' he hasn't acted upon them no matter the burden he currently sees her as.
I think his demeanor so far is perfectly in character. His long life has been threatened to ensure his compliance in protecting Sookies life...and he doesn't understand why him. Last he knew she was Bills woman but now it's his life & duty to protect a trouble magnet of unknown origins? I can't imagine why he wouldn't be pissed off! A woman he barely knows, whose previous choice was an inconsequential sub-par vampire & while he does think she's beautiful with a useful talent, mattered neither here nor there previously except for a little flirting.

I find this Eric not trusting Sookie so refreshing. Book, TB, FF Eric's have always had to earn Sookie's trust while she gave it freely to others. It is so nice - and believable - Sookie would need to earn the trust of a vampire who has made it a thousand years by being careful. I also enjoy how you've written the bond. I LOVE that Eric is pissed about it & didn't want to do it. Honestly think it's the first I've ever read this way. We always hear how much Sookie hated it, but rarely Eric's feelings. Fan Fiction usually has him single minded in his desire to bond. This is refreshing & so is the manner in which the bond works.
Tickled over the subtle ways you've shown his conflicting feelings: Pissed off over his 'burden'; confused over the pull he feels when kissing/touching her; pissed he can't figure what she is; curiously concerned just from feeling her slight distress! Honestly think this is one of my favorite portrays of Eric I've read in a long time. He isn't a pussy & he isn't a total bastard no matter if he thinks he is. He IS completely totally honest with Sookie about his feelings toward her - or lack there of - brutally so.
Even though I'm only a third of the way in, I'm feeling the tide turning a tiny bit. Eric calling Thalia (great job with her character btw) merely because Sookie is "distressed"? He 'thanked' her! Sookie's saved him least twice now. Seems like Eric's iceberg is cracking just a bit. When these two finally do come together both will have earned it & likely to be on equal footing in the relationship cause of how they started. Maybe I'm wrong but at a third in, the foundation for this is clearly laid, IMO.

I saw the reviews calling Sookie a doormat & Eric every name in the book & it almost put me off the story thinking it was another one of "those" S/E stories. I've mostly stopped reviewing these days, but these story I'm reading conflicts with some of the reviews so drastically I wanted to say something. I hope if anyone else is on the fence they do themselves a favor & read because this story rocks.
Original. Refreshing. Humorous.
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