Reviews for Rise
luvmi4alwyz chapter 26 . 8/5
I've never been to the Keys but my word how you're descriptions have me feeling as tho I've been there hundreds of times! Stunning.

Sometimes things have to be broken so they can put together properly. I love you. Thank you for sharing this art with me, for showing an honest depiction of drug abuse and insecurities. You're a blessing in always grateful for *purple heart emoji*
luvmi4alwyz chapter 25 . 8/5
Her sobbing looking at the window is so important. She needs to be wild in her feelings, life has been a chaotic, toxic, exhilarating ride and she needs to be present and succumb to these feelings. 'This moment is mine'
luvmi4alwyz chapter 24 . 8/5
I have a good quote about vision and this courtroom scene will be magnetic on the big screen!
luvmi4alwyz chapter 23 . 8/5
So beautiful and considerate, Edward gave truly from his heart. He's lost too but makes a way to heal his Bella

That mate rnb al connection is so invaluable and a lot of us miss it, sue was just as wonderful as Charlie
luvmi4alwyz chapter 21 . 8/5
The PTSD may linger for the rest of her life because some things are etched into our soul. They help shape us into out new self, good or bad, alot of our emotional material can't be unpacked.
luvmi4alwyz chapter 20 . 8/4
I'd ball and boo who like s baby. That night so horrifying and life changing, wasn't all for the worst.
luvmi4alwyz chapter 19 . 8/4
I knew it was my sister Rose *purple heart emojis *

I cried so hard when Charlie showed up and how she stuttered out sorry had my eyes leaking! It was a beautiful, overdue reunion. I wish above all else she had the strength to squeeze him and sub come to those feelings. But shes beyond hurt right now

Soooooo my man just sitting here looking fine as fuck with a new cut *panty destroyer*
luvmi4alwyz chapter 18 . 8/3
Rose was the agent who helped bella in the house. So beautiful it made me want to cry. Shes my fandom sister. They all but killed her she still lived, inspite of their efforts. Now you gave me Emmett, the gentle giant who never lets anyone steal his peace.

Thank you.
luvmi4alwyz chapter 17 . 8/3

I read this 4 times
luvmi4alwyz chapter 16 . 8/3
Oh my word

Please take my speechless response as one layered in shock, awe, and all the feels
luvmi4alwyz chapter 15 . 8/3
Ooooh the most romantic lemon in a foggy environment to boot! There was so much to unpack here. I get that they're leaving together but Masen telling Bella sonmuvh is dangerous if they get caught. People can and will hurt you for what you know.

I wanted more about how she felt wearing the ring, in relation their short conversation at the gas station because that's a big moment, to be engaged, regardless of how trifling that proposal was lol

I feel it. The darkness the breaking point of the plot. I'm ready.
luvmi4alwyz chapter 14 . 8/3
Ya know Masen could be covert ops, RICO, a fed or another member of a different family out for revenge. He never speaks about how he lost his mother and father at the same time. Who knows but it truly does feel like he's manifested outta nowhere. But he's helping bella and that good enough for me.

After the proposal that was not a declaration of love proposal, I'd hold off. He's spiraling, alec, has lost a proverbial portion of his foundation. He's too irrational and his mood swings are nauseating. He might be a narcissist but the drug use is making him manic. He'd hurt bella all because he loves her and he doesn't trust her, that's where his possessiveness comes from. Gahhhhhh it's getting so da,n good
luvmi4alwyz chapter 13 . 8/2
I mean they really are strangers in a sense and at this point whatever Intel bella discovers about Masen, business wise is gonna make her think. Or overthink cause sometimes it's just simple what ya see is what ya get.

Theres something so sexy and seductive about a linger glance that's ends with smiling eyes. Give that special flutter and makes my heart happy..

I really feel like Alec is trying to come up in the family business by shitting on his uncle. Or another higher up to secure himself. He's sloppy though smh you don't keep inviting people into ya heist, the less people who know, the more info you can control getting leaked.
luvmi4alwyz chapter 12 . 8/2
He looks down to where he's hitting it *inserts water splash emoji* baby he better do it like he ain't ever gonna get it again!

I was so nervous about Masen being around Alec and thank goodness he had the sense to keep his distance until he could control himself.

Every interaction bella and Alec have at this point is so intense and bizarre as though they're having an outer body experience. His rambling, half ass apology and uncertainty scare me. He's not in control of himself. He didn't even acknowledge bella when she said you hurt me physically, and you hurt me here(my heart) alec grabs her ring saying we said forever cause he can't focus.

It's going to get worse and I'm ready. It should bubble over and scald the stove because this reality is so broken uts strength comes from the honesty of their lives.
luvmi4alwyz chapter 11 . 8/2
Aro is one vile human and that's all I will say.

This puts into perspective the age old conversation of nature vs nurture, alec may have hated his father as a child, for how he treated his mom and himself but he's a strong 2.0 version of aro now. It's because it was Alec. Had it been anyone else to hurt her, I think bella could've comprehended the pain and actions better but it being the man she comforted when his grandma died and who was there for her when her momma died smh this has completely changed how she heals.

He crossed a line so dark it won't matter what happens next, he lost bella

I'm keeping my fingers crossed Masen can keep his cool play the game. I know he cares about bella and that could make him pop off, it's a dangerous game and I'm here for it.
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