Reviews for Rise
kiwisrock chapter 13 . 4/5/2013
Perfect comment that..."don't major on the minors...", you're right, most of the time, it's a means to the end!
kiwisrock chapter 12 . 4/5/2013
It's game on now! GAME ON!
kiwisrock chapter 11 . 4/5/2013
Damn...I hope Masen can control himself!
That was harsh...(but semi-expected in their world...sad but true...)
kiwisrock chapter 10 . 4/5/2013
Wow! They've come to an understanding...and dry humping...All Good!
kiwisrock chapter 9 . 4/4/2013
Building building! Thanks so much!
I love their honesty!
kiwisrock chapter 8 . 4/4/2013
They've got to play along...
Damn! Now that's hard...Masen does still need to flirt though!
kiwisrock chapter 7 . 4/4/2013
Mwah! Again! Hell Yes! & so glad they did that again!
Yay! Thanks!
kiwisrock chapter 6 . 4/4/2013
A kisssssssssssssssssssssssss!
Depends how much Masen lets it happen!
Way to stop him hooking up Bella!
kiwisrock chapter 5 . 4/4/2013
Checking her out...(insert wolf whistle! Lol!)
Nice...thanks that she has...a friend!
I love the slow burn-slowly climbing crescendo!
kiwisrock chapter 4 . 4/4/2013
She's trapped...for Masen it's a job but...
I love this! Pity about her & Alec though...
kiwisrock chapter 3 . 4/4/2013
Way to go Bella! I was interested what Masen would've done with the number though!
kiwisrock chapter 2 . 4/4/2013
At least Masen understands...thanks that he's there for her...
Sad what she's said but true!
kiwisrock chapter 1 . 4/4/2013
This is fascinating!
Layathomemum recd you for Stolen but I liked the looks if this!
Thanks! Glad I found ya!
Frances357 chapter 13 . 4/2/2013
Looking forward to finding out more about E's special skils... more than meets te eye.
Guest chapter 1 . 3/31/2013
the finest faces hide the most rotten souls- deep shit ti!
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