Reviews for Sort Of, Sort Of Not
Hagzissa chapter 1 . 4/19/2014
I love that and how you incorporated Destiel into the story. It's my otp but Sastiel definitely has potential. Sam and a bookshelf is plausible. They were both totally in character. Writing was excellent, so yeah. Pretty cool.
out of the ashes chapter 1 . 9/18/2013
Okay, I've read this like three times now so it must be time to review. :3 I just had to give my brain enough time to start functioning again, is all.

Sastiel, whether it goes anywhere or not, is a quite recent but very intense love of mine. Sam and Cas just have such a complicated thing going on. And I can clearly see that in your fic as well. It makes me wonder if Sam reacts this way because he doesn't feel worthy of the attention or he just doesn't feel close to Cas the way Dean does. Leaves a girl with a lot to ponder.

The patchy, uneven feel of Jimmy's day-old scruff, it rubs and prickles Sam's cheek. Another fumbling, softly growling kiss and god help him, Sam goes with it, accepting the warm, slick pressure of Castiel's tongue prodding inside his mouth. Pinned and pressed up against a huge book stack had always been a good sexual fantasy.
It's just with the wrong person.
His brother's sort of, sort of not boyfriend.
-Oh god, this is all kinds of hot. Sam pinned against a book case? Yes please! And Cas with the sneak attack and assaulting his mouth without Sam's consent, but Sam reacting to the kiss anyway...mmm. But then there is quite a punch, saying that Cas is the wrong person and WHY. I wonder how Dean would react to this situation. Slightly amused that it flustered Sam so much? Perhaps a tad pissed?

"Hello, Sam." The angel says flatly, eyeing him close, "Your pupils are dilated."
"I believe you are aroused."
"What?" Sam repeats, frowning.
-I think, besides the incredibly sexy parts of course, this has gotta be my favorite part. Because I love Cas and his bluntness. And Sam's inability to form a complete sentence right away is just awesome. Flustered!Sam is the best. So many giggles were had here.

"And so, you decided that I'm practice for your first kiss with him?"
The clinical approach to Castiel's tone won't waver. "The demon Meg responded well to a forceful approach. You appear more uncomfortable."
-Ow ow ow. This hurt a lot. Maybe it's because I can feel a hint of Sam's whole "not feeling worthy" thing? And this line of thinking probably just pushes him further into it. It's not so fun feeling like all you are to someone is practice for the "real thing". Or maybe I'm over-thinking this?

When Castiel's hips buck up, grinding slow, one of Sam's arms shoots out, clawing back for the shelf beside him. Oh, christ, yes. The darkness behind Sam's eyelids wants to spin and tilt with how weightless he feels. Hazel-green eyes slip open. His confinement of his jeans isn't on the level of torture, but, shit, he's getting there. They better…
-Nooo, don't stop! Keep going! Hehehehe. xD Oh god, seriously. This was so awesome. Sam explaining and then SHOWING Cas what he meant. Yeah. And then getting hopelessly turned on.

Sam, Sam, Sammy. Just admit it. You totally wanna hear them go at it. Probably wanna join in, too.

So, I could be wrong, but this almost had a dub-con vibe to me. Sam seemed quite tortured by the fact his body was reacting to Cas the way it was. Was this your intention or am I just seeing things that aren't there?

Thank you once again for a lovely read! 3
emmiska chapter 1 . 3/25/2013
Interesesting piece. Poor Sammy!
The Scarlet Rose chapter 1 . 10/16/2012
Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God. I'm FLAILING. It wasn't what I expected, but it's SO GOOD I can't. I loved the " jeans isn't on the level of torture" line, literally laughed out loud. You are my favorite. My fucking favorite. I just think it's awesome that Cas just randomly lip-raped him.