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FatalStarshine chapter 86 . 20h ago
AHHH. So much! xD I have no idea where to even begin. I guess me giving my undying thanks and love for posting and updating would be a good start. SO THANK YOU! I'm a bit peeved that my tablet was late on alerting me to it, but it's my fault for not being near any wifi areas lol.
I love the Valentine's Day idea and I do feel like it was a good way to bond the students something better than what the tournament could of ever hoped to achieve. Well at least the females of the schools. It gave me a good flash back of when you used to have those cheesy parties back in elementary school, though this was much better.
For some reason I keep hoping that Daphne and Tracey will in some way get on okay terms with Harriet. Tracey seems to be okay with her, maybe after seeing how she beat the crap out of Pansy, so I guess I'm holding out for Daphne.
Asteria is so sweet, so so sweet. I just want to pick her up and hug her into pieces, it makes it even better that Harriet knows how to be friends with her and praise her. Also, I like the fact that her and Draco sent Harriet gifts. Assuming they end up together, it'd be something funny to talk about in the future.
Draco Draco Draco.
I know his mother won't throttle him for stealing from her, but I'm sure she will be appalled with who he had given it to. Though, with that sort of gift, it makes you wonder if he has a faint idea of what's in store for Harriet in the near future. His little crush might of just be reinforced by the fact that Harriet had probably saved his life.
Poor Snape, I'm surprised he didn't blow the school apart at the idea of how close of a call Harriet could of just had. Though, who says he isn't right now :P. I'm dying to know what Harriet wanted Dobby to do, or give, assuming it has to do with Snape. Hopefully to set him up so she can hug him again because it's becoming obvious that some sort of feelings are starting to build up in him, though his denial is still ripe.
With Karkaroff dead, I keep thinking that the second task is going to be the last. Though from what happened earlier, if something catastrophic does happen in the second task I wonder if they will have to continue on with the third no matter what since the have that 'contract' with the goblet. UGH; I'm so worried about everybody n.n!
As random as this is I'm curious to know if Lily ever returned to her picture frame in Snape's quarters because from the last time it was mentioned it seemed like she had been gone for a really long time.
Beautiful chapter, I love the length of it and it was written wonderfully. Keep up the great work!
OH; I hope Fleur isn't slipping Harriet something bad with that hair potion, cause I want to like her xD! Assuming she will be seen again in later books, I'm going to guess that she was being helpful.
Guest chapter 86 . 3/4
Thank you for the update. I always look forward to reading such a well written and gripping story.
melodyst chapter 86 . 3/3
I love, love, love that I've finally found a fem!harry story that is so well done! 86 chapters of awesome characterization. Keep up the great work- I'm really looking forward to it!
Btw, I think the way you've written Asteria and Daphne is phenomenal. Very well rounded and interesting characters. I did not see the Daphne/Tracey angle coming! I'd love to know what was going on in Draco's head during this chapter!
AvidReader chapter 86 . 3/3
I love everything about this chapter: The build-up, the horror, the friendship, the slowly developing as well as the deepening love, the raw emotion, the lightheartedness, the mystery, the funny moments... argh, just feckin' perfect!
"[...] pint-sized celebrity [...]" Bwahahaha! Oh, you gotta love Snape's thoughts, he's so unwittingly hilarious! Glad to see more of Asteria and the other Slytherin girls here, even though I hate the latter for hating my beloved Harriet, hrmpf!
I can't wait to find out what Harriet asked Dobby to do for her, surely something involving her dear Professor :-)
fjkfk chapter 86 . 3/3
Great chapter, as always. Nice twist, with Karkaroff. Hermione's reaction to the poems was skillfully written. Like Snape's response to the Valentines. Very humorous. I agree with Harriet about his humor, by the way.

and Dumbledore by the fire (caring so very much) and Severus so clueless and that how it was everything I longed for after Granger told him and if that scene was a candy I'd lick it until it would melt just a little and then swallow it whole and then let it break my heart and me
Sardonik chapter 86 . 3/3
That was great. Fluid and plotty and adorable almost-love.
Jen chapter 86 . 3/3
Fantastic chapter. I love the fact that Dumbledore cares, the friendship between the pair was never fully explored in the books.
Slytherin's Strumpet chapter 86 . 3/3
I love finding your updates in my inbox. (: x
Lizzy B chapter 86 . 3/2
Great story! Update soon please!
hunteresse chapter 86 . 3/2
AAAH AWESOME UPDATE! You weren't kidding about it being long! I read it all at once anyway, because how could I not? There were so many parts I liked, but first I wanted to say nice use of 'sedulous!' My inner editor was ecstatic.

I also love Fleur-the-General. Although, the paranoid voice in my head (Snape? Is that you?) is a little concerned about the potion Fleur gave Harry. I mean, I'd like to think that she wouldn't sabotage the other contestants, but... well, you never know. I hope it really is just a fantastic hair potion that tames Harriet's hedgehog-hair and makes Severus' jaw hit the floor. :)

Fred's valentine was perfect, and really sweet too. I love Fred. And Astoria! It was great to see so much of her in this chapter; she's such a wonderful character in this fic. I can't decide if she has an actual crush on Harriet or not, but either way I think she's great. I still can't really picture her with anyone but Draco, no idea why. Oh, and I liked Draco in this chapter too! He was finally being something other than a prat.

I'm glad nothing terrible happened to Remus (that we know of). I am quite nervous about his whole situation... I'd be devastated if he died, especially since he and Sirius seem to FINALLY be working things out. Good grief. So here's to another nice, long, everything's-just-fine letter from Sirius in the near future.

And I can't post this without talking about Severus. It sure seems like he's on the verge of developing some serious feelings for Harry. I mean, he's 100% in denial, clearly, but all those miniature panic attacks are telling. Poor man. I think Dumbledore has cottoned on, at least. Was he crying because of the Vow? I sort of hope he was. I like your Dumbledore because he really does seem to care a great deal about other people, but he's definitely made some mistakes, and a few of those definitely involve Severus. I hope he is able to fix some of those down the line, even if that just means backing off a little bit and letting Severus live a little.

Anyway, now that I've left you with this monster of a review... I'm going to go read the chapter again. :) Looking forward to your next post!
FyreTiger86 chapter 86 . 3/2
I was an absolute bundle of happiness when my email pinged with an update for your story this morning. Suffice to say, I was a bit late for work because I just had to read the chapter before I left. You have an incredible talent for the written word. Every time I re-read your story and each new chapter, I am continuously blown away! Your characterizations are perfect!

I want to give Asteria a great big hug. She is so adorable, and I was so pleased of the amount of interaction she and Harriet got this chapter. Oh, Sev. It feels like he is starting to spiral out of control and he (nor Harriet) just doesn't know what to do. A steel trap...uh-huh. Whatever makes him sleep better at night (which I don't think he gets much of in the first place). I love Harry's and Hermione's friendship. I wonder how Fleur will treat Harry after she saves Gabrielle in the Second Task (supposing you still keep that in your story).

The 2 lines that had me laughing a good five minutes are: "...and stupid Pansy Parkinson’s cow head was in the way now—" and "Walked to her dorm by Cho Chang, hiding in nooks with Miss Granger—Miss Potter had better luck with the girls than most boys in the castle, Severus thought snidely". You are so good at the snark! One minor typo popped out at me (because it's part of my career) was when Ron was complaining about the Potions paper. The sentence: "He has us right about poison right before Valentine’s Day." I believe right should have been write. I just wanted to point that out.

Long story short (too late), you are brilliant!
BRodyslove chapter 86 . 3/2
Ugh I stayed up so late, because when I saw you had updated, I simply could not wait to read it. Very refreshing plot twist with Karakoff's death. Also, I love Harriet's dreams! They are so symbolic, but hilarious at the same time… Snape changing all the valentines stuff black lol! Thank you so much for keeping up with this story. You are an amazing writer!
This is great chapter 86 . 3/2
What a most pleasant surprise it was to discover this deliciously long chapter this morning! I devoured it all in one go. Luckily I still had enough time left before I had to leave the house :-)
Well, and this chapter is once again filled to the brim with lovely character interactions and development, both character- and story-wise. And it only now truly dawns on me that you could decide on any kind of plot twist and direction which makes the story all the more thrilling. With Karkaroff, Durmstrang's headmaster, falling victim to such a grisly murder - things are getting pretty dark pretty quickly, and everyone will notice, once and for all. I yearn for Voldemort's return, because then the drama really starts.
I love Asteria and Harriet's cordial friendship. You know, in my mind, Asteria will end up with Draco, and what a funny coincidence it will be that they are the single two persons to have given Harriet a Valentine's present that fateful year. A story to tell the children ;-)
And what the hell is up with old Snapey-boy? Is he definitely cracking now? Your description of his thoughts and feelings leads me to believe that he's already developing some serious romantic feelings for Harriet, or am I reading too much into it? Perhaps I'm just bloody daft XD
I think it's great that you would show a more pleasant side of Fleur. I don't like her character very much, but she has guts and a heart, I grant her that. Although I must wonder what exactly she is on about with dragging Harriet into that Valentine's club. I do hope she follows no hidden agenda here.
Looking forward to the Second Tast, especially since I can't be sure what is going to happen anymore! XD
bageltiger chapter 86 . 3/2
i love this story so much it jsut keeps getting better.
Guest chapter 1 . 3/2
I love the flow of your writing. It covers every aspect, every little detail there is to being a teenager. And Hermione, dear god, Hermione is so sweet in this chapter. All your characters are very relatable and well written. It was nice to see Draco again. And Asteria too. She's got pretty chummy with Harriet, and their conversations were refreshing.
Lastly, how can I not mention Snape and Harriet? Snape, dear old Snape with his lack of perception of feelings and Harriet, being forced to grow up. The two misfits.
I adore you for writing this, LD, and I look forward to your updates. Keep writing, keep being brilliant.
Glomps and kisses,
Your Sincere Fan
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