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Guest chapter 87 . 3h
I was looking for a fanfic with a female Harry and I stumbled upon this and it is honestly amazing. I love how you don't strictly follow canon and include characters and subplots! I can't wait to see how the relationship between Harriet and Snape develops. I know you haven't updated in quite a while, but I eagerly wait for when you do.
WickedGreene13 chapter 1 . 5h
Just dropping by to say I hope that you have enjoyed your summer and that you are doing well. Did you go anywhere on vacation? Even a staycation at home can be exciting. I once had an epic adventure climbing through hoards of laundry to fight my way to the other side of the basement. As the clothes are still piling up, I would say the washer won this round.
excessivelyperky chapter 48 . 8/28
Sadly, Snape is right-no matter how friendly Albus is to him, he will always choose a Marauder a child of a Marauder over him. Lupin *is* a danger to the school.

And of course Harriet cuts Remus slack-she imagines that he must have apologized earlier, when in fact he's done no such thing. He's very good at making people feel sorry for him, even when he's tried to eat them.

I'm glad Snape isn't a werewolf-I'm sure that *he* would have had to leave Hogwarts if that had happened.

I do love Harriet, but she will always like Remus and Sirius no matter what they do to Snape, so that's going to be a problem. It is really hard convincing someone that you are a friend when you buds with people who have tried to kill him (note that Remus seems to have a memory problem about his teen days. People keep making excuses for him, but he is really a Marauder too, and participated just as much as the others in torturing Snape as a student).

This goes for Albus, too. Snape is right that he is useful, but Remus and Sirius are loved. And Minerva hates having to feel guilty, so why can't Severus snap out of it and make her feel less guilty? Victims are such downers to be around, aren't they?

But of course Dumbledore will never apologize for anything. That's not part of the Greater Good.
Guest chapter 87 . 8/25
Hey are you okay? It's been awhile since you updated but I'm not worried about the story I just want to know you are okay! From the looks of it so does a few other people! I hope all is well on your end :( Hope we hear from you again one day, even if its just to say you are okay!
excessivelyperky chapter 47 . 8/22
I'm surprised Albus showed up at all-he's good at finding excuses not to confront anything bad that happens to Snape.

And I'm glad that someone remembered that Slytherin exists; Snape can't, except by letter, because he doesn't want to risk his students' welfare (unlike a certain other werewolf, who is likely to end up being released by a stupider than normal Sirius because he's *bored*. He would probably think it funny if Remus bit Snape this time, too).

Harriet is having a memory cascade. Not fun. One hopes she'll come out of it all right.
Avid reader chapter 87 . 8/21
Please, laventadorn, send word that you're fine and healthy, we're worried :-( Take whatever time you need for the next chapter, but please let us know you're alright 3
zizzi chapter 87 . 8/20
When I read your Author's notes in ao3 about this chapter, I remembered similar notes in which you apologized for large parts taken directly from the book (though they WERE quite altered, besides the obvious he-she change). After I read the canon-like chapters, I wanted to thank you to include those scenes, because the altered effect and the effect of Harriet going through them is quite enjoyable, both for the differences and the similarities. Then there are the Very Original Chapters (where you "get out your comfort zone"), with new or reinvented characters and their POV and major happenings... and I'm even more in awe! I was surprised because I expected to find the second trial in this chapter (the previous years you almost rushed the last part of the book ad I' guessing Voldemort is not going to wait for the third trial?) but I was favourably surprised. There's so much we don't have in canon, poor Harry is quite without adult guidance most of the time actually.
I took some time to read again the story before reviewing, I wanted to rerun the emotional evolution of Severus, which is so warped up it's difficult to detect the nuances, like guessing some object from the shadows it projects. It never resembles something like fatherly love (THANK GOODNESS and THANK YOU), but it often strikes me like some kind of motherly love several times (the Horntail type), and the part in which he extends his care to Draco, thinking of Narcissa, is so touching: you let him feel empathy though reasoning, he has the analytical mind to grasp Narcissa's feelings and then the lens of his own iceberg-like emotions colour them. While putting himself in Narcissa's league, he depreciates Dumbledore's: that, too, was great, he often does that while loving and snubbing the man, his father-figure. When he SENSIBLY criticizes Albus, it's like looking a boy turning into a man, I don't know if you ever think about Headmaster Snape, but it is almost like seeing that metamorphosis happening in slow motion. Anyway Sape's introspection was clearly my favourite part, but the rest was not less appealing.
SHE MADE HIM EAT! YESSS! Important step in any relationship, and learning to care for others for Harriet's part, despite the whole relationship factor. I'm just a bit worried for Dobby, between those two... I'm going on with the hope he's going to pull a harriet-asteria on Winky, and force her out of her depression/isolation with work.
But the stepping stone for reaching to the Slytherins opens a lot of new prospects, I'm really glad you're going through with this developement. Now I don't remember if in the book (as in the movie) all the Slytherin House (sans Slughorn) is imprisoned by the Good Ones in the Last Battle... that unavoidable but was atrocious, poor guys, only Snape to redeem their name...
I hope you won't let poor Millicent Bulstrode out (I reread her part lately,she's sooo sweet).
There was much more I wanted to say, really. But a lot has to do with my curiosity of what is going to happen or the truths which are yet to be revealed: what of Barty Crouch Senior? And why was Karkaroff "bumped off"? My guess is that, besides revenge, he was going to "bump off" Harriet, and the killer was even more protective than Snape!
(Today a thought struck me that IT COULD EVEN NOT BE POLYJUICED MOODY! It would be so devious of you... but he did suggest the broom for the dragon...)
And the "secret code"... that made me imagine the villain (allegedly Barty Crouch Jr, aka Polyjuiced Moody) drop his Moody-vestige and turns at the very last moment into Polyjuiced Snape (which would be perfect, because we all are waiting for Polyjuiced Moody), but THEN Harriet's paranoia will pay off, AH-AH! I know I shouldn't do this, I'm breaking my own rules putting this in the review, but I had all this time to fantasize while reading from the beginning... and dozens more suppositions running in my head .
I laughed when, just after Snape's crystalline explanation, Harriet scoffs at Malfoy, after all Rome was not built in a day. And Malfoy feeling all "even the butterfly is shouting at me now", loool. But it seems Snape's seeds are going to bear fruit one day in the future... a distant one.
However I'm afraid that now one thing is going to miss: a teenager villain, that would be quite the void, and Parkinson is so insipid... hmmm...
I'd say, get out of your comfort zone with the pickaxe, we're following.
excessivelyperky chapter 46 . 8/18
Madam Pomfrey hasn't noticed yet that Harriet doesn't make a fuss when Snape visits, has she?

And Snape has tried to tell Dumbledore things before, with the results that we now see. Oh, yes, he noticed Lupin being thrown at Harriet like a puppy biscuit, in case she starts liking Snape. Can't have that, after all.

Albus thinks he's manipulating Snape and others by not telling them things, but I don't think he's always going to like the results (though he'll do his best to pretend everything is for the Greater Good and that he foresaw it-he's as bad as Trelawney that way). And given his attitude about Divination, which I find strange for someone who is hanging a war on a prophecy, he's bound to end up with a few unpleasant surprises.

I love Mrs. Patil. Then again, there are so few competent people there, we are naturally drawn to them.

And I *adore* Asteria and her painting. She really is a genius, she just wants people around her who understand that.
domi chapter 1 . 8/18
I know you haven't updated in awhile and I have been rereading this over and over since this story is amazing and always keep my interest no matter what and I have no problem with waiting for an update since I know more than anyone that life gets busy but I was wondering if you can...can you write a chapter before tomorrow or maybe a one shot of the time when Harriet was younger and if anything was different for her with her aunt and uncle compare to Harry? Since tomorrow is my birthday, I was wondering if that is alright. It is okay if you cannot, I totally understand since it is so last min and I was planning on asking beforehand but was so busy. It doesn't have to be tomorrow, any day is fine but I was just curious on the fact that since things are different for her compare to boy Harry at Hogwarts that maybe things were different growing up around the Dursleys. Maybe you explain through Authors Note? Since I don't want to be a bother with you writing a one shot or an chapter cause I know the feeling and I don't want you to feel rush with getting a chapter or one shot out and I'm going to end this here after reminding you this: I love your story, take as long as you need with writing the next chapter and just know that Im one of many who wont give up on this story and hope you are doing alright. I used to have an acc but havent been able to log on so I given up trying. Might make a new one and if I do I'll let you know
Emo Steve chapter 87 . 8/17
im waiting for the Potter and Snape awkward romance.
this story is so delightful!
excessivelyperky chapter 45 . 8/13
Of *course* the other professors are concerned about the Slytherin students. Not. They would be if Dumbledore told them to be, but of course that's not going to happen. But of course it's always the Snakes' fault because they are inherently evil, blah blah blah.

Now, if Lupin was really sorry, he would step in and try to do what's right. Obviously, that's beyond him. He's damn lucky that Snape really is more concerned about Harriet than about him. But then, Remus doesn't need to worry. Even if Snape turns Albus will find some way to shield one of his beloved Marauders from the consequences. Snape is totally right about that-after all, Remus is still there. I wonder who he's going to try to bite next full moon? Snape hasn't been able to make the potion this time around.

Remus is right about the deeper emotion. I wonder how long it will be till he tells Sirius about it, and then they both try to use it against Snape (have to save Harriet from the wiles of the Evil Slytherin, after all). Instead, they should both contemplate why Albus isn't pressing from a trial when one would show Sirius innocent.

But they won't. Hating Snape is much easier, after all, and it's what Albus wants them to do instead of paying attention to what the Headmaster is really doing.

Lovely meditation on Patronii. And yes, of course, Harriet's will be stronger than Snape's. After all, Snape has to be outclassed, isn't that one of the laws in canon?
Small Potato of Defiance chapter 23 . 8/12
Lupin is a passive-aggressive shite. He doesn't dare to jibe Snape openly (that would ruin his 'I'm-so-harmless persona), so he has a child do his dirty work for him. Besides that, I truly loathe adults who try to ingratiate themselves to children by making fun of other adults who are authority figures. I hated him the moment he pulled that bit of underhanded shit. A hate that crystallized into loathing when he pulled that 'weeelllll... I have to drink this potion you brought me in order to not become the slavering monster that once nearly ripped your throat out but I think I'm going to wait a bit, just to see you squirm'. Passive-agressive a-hole.
Lada chapter 87 . 8/12
It has been so long since you last updated. I hope nothing bad happened to you. If you have time, please post an update, even a short chapter would be fine.
excessivelyperky chapter 44 . 8/7
Mrs. Patil is the most sensible of them all, and heaven bless her for settling everyone down.

Hermione did try, though again if she had told Harriet *why* the spell was a bad idea...oh well. She just found out that she can't avert an outcome that has already occurred. This may be useful information for later.

(just a quick note-did Remus ever tell Dumbledore that Snape performed the Dark spell at his urging? I know, stupid question-of course he didn't)
YourMumsFancyHat chapter 1 . 8/5
Pretty sure this is the start of a beautiful friendship between this story and myself. There should be an addiction warning tossed into the Author's Note.
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