Reviews for The Never-ending Road
ThePolyglot chapter 87 . 20h
I remember liking this but I don't remember why. This chapter was less-than-perfect. Conclusion? I'll check back in a year or so... If I don't forget to do so.
monstar315 chapter 87 . 5/27
I really enjoy your story. I also hope Harriet does manage to befriend Draco and some other Slytherins. I also think that she is eventually going to have to accept she is a girl and start acting just a bit more like it.
Lucy Gaol chapter 87 . 5/26
I would love to see a confrontation between Hermione and Krum about how she doesn't truly care that much about him.
excessivelyperky chapter 26 . 5/25
Sadly, when Lily was Head Girl and James was Head Boy, Slytherins like Asteria were probably mincemeat for the Marauders, though Snape probably doesn't remember it since he was likely the lightning rod for most of it (out of Lily's sight, of course, so she didn't have to get upset). Harriet seems a great deal kinder than Lily and somewhat more so than canon Harry.

And the card with the roses was probably from Asteria, too shy to sign her name.

But Harriet is right-Snape will help her, when Minerva would just tell her to stay inside and out of the way of the Dementors and that adults will protect her blah blah blah.
Guest chapter 87 . 5/25
Just want to say that I absolutely love this story - top 3 of all HP fic ive read since I started back in 2007 - and was so so happy to see the update when I randomly checked today! If you continue to update I intend to continue to read and review
Guest chapter 87 . 5/25
I love your writing so much, this is one of my fav hp fanfics! Your characterization of Snape is probably one of the best ones I've seen.
Lizzy B chapter 87 . 5/25
I really hope that Harriet becomes friends with the Slytherins. Maybe she can find the RoR early, and use it as a meeting place for her Slytherin friends. Asteria, Draco, maybe Blaise. Just please have her be friends with the Slytherins! Great story! Update soon please!
Kitedtk chapter 87 . 5/25
Yay. More lovelies... Also love the viewpoint from draco. Too many people paint him as just a have him as an actual person, who might even be good... Spoilt certainly but good nonetheless in some ways. Love to read more him and asteria interactions :) those seem veeery fun.

Also great severus and harriet moments. Really loved harriets reaction to thhe note and their talk. Funny now that dobby is spyi on harriet for snape and on snape for harriet... How does he find the time :)

Really lookin forward to more.
Fly safe.
excessivelyperky chapter 25 . 5/24
I'm glad that Harriet is less Gryffindor is Always Right than canon Harry was. And of *course* Minerva is going to punish those three boys (yeah, right). After all, no real harm was done, no hexes were thrown-and the victim was only a Slytherin, and a poor one at that.

Remus *is* lying about knowing how Sirius Black got in. But of course he's a poor werewolf so we must pity him even when he puts students in danger. I don't blame Snape for caring much more about the students than Remus does.

And of course Albus doesn't think Remus knows anything or is lying. He's a Gryffindor, and a Marauder who never, ever did anything wrong (even when Snape almost died). Remus forgave his friends for using him as a weapon awfully fast, didn't he?

But then again, when Harriet dies as a pig to slaughter, that will be part of the Greater Good, won't it? Pity if any other students end up dead, but oh well...besides, Snape can always be blamed for anything that does go wrong. He's such a handy scapegoat.
Hawkie81 chapter 87 . 5/24
I just read this story straight through, took me a day and half. It's very well done. I like how you are putting house unity with Astoria. You have really set up the relationship between Harry and snape, brilliantly. I look forward to know what their secret code will be. In other stories I have read where Harry is a girl, and when the are in the cemetery where Tom returns, authors have written that Harry gets raped. I do hope that's not the direction you are intending to go into. It would be more fun if Harry threw one of those capsules to voldemort or a death eater and turned them into a pomegranate. Anyway you chose to continue I look forward to reading. Thank you.
excessivelyperky chapter 24 . 5/23
It's a good thing that Sirius Black really isn't a mass murderer, or Harriet would be dead by now. But of course Professor Lupin is *so* wonderful! Just because he can't be bothered to warn anyone...

But he made fun of Snape (like to see him try something like that in the school my husband teaches at) so of course he *must* be wonderful. It's a pity that Neville is getting caught in the crossfire, though.

It is nice that Harriet actually feels a little bit bad about what Remus is doing to Snape; sadly, she'll get over that, I fear.

And it's really a pity that Crooksie doesn't actually catch Scabbers.
excessivelyperky chapter 23 . 5/23
Oh, of course, Minerva thinks the Boggart thing is hilarious. But then, she loved her darling Marauders and thinks their victim just doesn't have the right sense of humor at almost being murdered by them, stripped naked by them, and otherwise mauled around by them. Snape is just being a grouch for taking such things so seriously.

And it's *such* a good idea to reveal each child's greatest fear to the whole class. Guess how many spiders Ron is going to see from the twins.

But then, Minerva is probably not going to have to cover for Lupin when it's his week off-after all, there are privileges for being Deputy Headmistress and dumping extra work on to oh, Snape, is just one of them.

I used to feel sorry for Minerva when Snape was Headmaster in canon, but you know, I've kind of given that up.
Guest chapter 87 . 5/23
Thanks for the update.
Balthanon chapter 87 . 5/23
Excellent as always. It should be interesting to see Harriet's response when she realizes that Asteria has a crush on her- or perhaps has it pointed out. Because she's more than a little blind to these things.
hypnoticageregression chapter 87 . 5/23
Rest assured! We are of course still here! I wonder, could you please share roughly when this will be completed? :) if you know... Much love to you and yours x
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