Reviews for What Doesn't Kill You
Roscommon chapter 59 . 6/23
I like how this story unfolds a new community from the initial shock that Buffy and Spike went through, which took them so far out of their initial reality. I haven't been able to predict what will happen next so each chapter is interesting, even 59 chapters down the road. Thank you for sharing this story.
omslagspapper chapter 59 . 6/23
omg what if buffy and spike were like seahorses looool
JPElles chapter 59 . 6/23
Curious where things go with everyone. Joyce and Marcus included.
SanHernandez chapter 58 . 6/20
Baby Spuffy BABY SPUFFY! :D
TieDyeJackson chapter 58 . 6/19
Another wonderful story by a great artistic writer that I have let fall to the wayside. I am sorry I haven't reviewed in a while. RL gets in the way too much sometimes.

I was a bit scared with the introduction of two OCs because they are usually story poison but I'm liking how you've brought them into the fold and can't wait to see how the final epic showdown plays out on your stage.
RKF22 chapter 58 . 6/18
Great work nicely done
JPElles chapter 58 . 6/18
Angelus doesn'tin fight fair. Even at his biggest bad/evil state Spike wanted a good fight more than anything and always fought fair. That really is and always has been really Angelus's biggest advantage. Curious how Giles reacts. And what happens with Oz. Also if Tara is going to come in at some point, and if so in what way. Always liked her character. Especially given her messed up background given her family.
omslagspapper chapter 58 . 6/18
ooh ooh sophie and giles really deserve this ! also haha i definitely want to see buffy's reaction.
MyaSarae chapter 57 . 5/18
I love this story so much I can't wait for another chapter!
JPElles chapter 57 . 5/1
Willow never won points for thinking things through or checking with others. Great chapter.
Terrence Rogue chapter 57 . 5/1
I'm always excited to see your updates. I'm sad that there wasn't much to this one but I know it was necessary to set up for what's next. I liked seeing willow get chastised for being reckless with her magic, can't wait for Buffy's reaction to that.

I look forward to more.
ginar369 chapter 57 . 4/30
Willow and magic is always unwise. I never understood why Giles didn't have her powers bound. The delusting spell, thy will be done. All of it was very dangerous, she was very dangerous.
Jhiz chapter 57 . 4/29
ah and your distrust of Willow seeps in yet again *laugh*

The Fight scene was well choreographed. It was easy to imagine the battle. Only question I had was if Spike was actually there or if he was completely a construct of magic?

Guess the Immortal won't be visiting his Joy any time soon, huh?

Thanks for updating.
omslagspapper chapter 57 . 4/29
makes tsking sounds at willow forever
snazzieshazzie chapter 56 . 4/19
Omg I love it. More please.
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