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southern-reader chapter 15 . 12h ago
A question and a few observations.
Why do you call this story the "Last Avatar"? Shouldn't it be something like the "New Avatar"? Harry is the third I guess, but the Last?
I would also guess that since this is Book 1, that there will be at least two more, yes? Air and Earth would be next. Though he has been Fire for some years I guess you could throw that in too.
So exactly how many years is this story arc going to take to finish?
southern-reader chapter 14 . 12h ago
If dragons are extinct, where the hell did they get one?
You can't make a statement in a story like that and not explain. While I realize as the writer you can take license with some aspects of the story, there needs to be limits.
southern-reader chapter 12 . 13h ago
So is he going to finally stop acting like somebody's little bitch?
southern-reader chapter 11 . 14h ago
basugays chapter 15 . 16h ago
Oh wow o_o mega plot twist!
I'm really enjoying this story, so good luck!
southern-reader chapter 1 . 18h ago
Just started reading this. Hopefully you are right because so far, Harry is a giant pu$#y.
AlphaEph19 chapter 15 . 4/14
What an amazing story this is! The world you've created is a wonderful fusion of elements, and the amount of thought you put into designing it is clear from the very start. Nothing is revealed outright, but the hints you give us of the larger world and the conflicts stirring in the shadows are extremely compelling. Your author's notes acknowledged the slow pace and lack of bending action in the first few chapters, but I'm sure I'm not alone in considering those aspects some of the greatest strengths of this story. From the beginning we get a sense of Harry as an individual with internal conflicts that run deep, and the sense of personal restraint that originally formed the core of Harry's character was what first hooked me. His unnatural and self-imposed restraint eventually makes his "breaking bad" moments so much more effective, since we've seen him struggling to maintain his walls of reserve, and we're cheering for him all the more when he breaks those walls down (much like he shattered the earth wall after the Goblet of Fire spat his name out, which was another moment that made me cheer).

The characters are all deftly drawn, although I was a little sad at the way you chose to portray a few of them. James Potter is probably the clearest example. I think I understand why you made the choice to characterize him as you did (if nothing else, the parental disappointment certainly made it more heart-breaking to see Harry struggle not to stand out), but I really resisted seeing James as such a weak-minded person. The way he parrots Mr. Crouch reminded me all too forcefully of Percy from canon, which may have been the intended effect, but it actually hurt to see James acting that way. Then again, the strength of my reaction is probably a sign that James' character works as intended.

Your version of Ron was also difficult for me to reconcile with the way I usually think of him: as the sometimes dense but always well-meaning and loyal Gryffindor from canon. But I try to ignore my own prejudices and treat each story as its own world as much as possible, and the Ron in yours is fascinating. He was someone I loved to hate at first, because he seemed a bit more complex than your average schoolroom bully. As the story progressed he gained even more depth, culminating in his duel with Harry and the revelation that he hates Aurors more than anything. Ron now seems kind of similar to Bean from Ender's Shadow, when he wanted to amass power in a school environment, but he didn't succeed until he learned how to gain other's cooperation, to lead them, instead of beating them into the ground. Seeing Ron talk about his own realization, and watching the tense alliance start to form, makes me even more invested in the relationship between him and Harry than if they'd started out as friends. Now that he has to deal with the death of his older brother, possibly at the hands of Aurors, I can't wait to see how he'll change. Harry and Ron both have family-related motives for hating the powers that be in Republic City, and I imagine that they'll develop a much stronger bond over time, now that they share a common enemy.

Binns is definitely my favorite side character in this, although he only got a few really telling moments. I was nodding my head along with his lecture, and your comment that HISTORY IS IMPORTANT, DAMN IT! sounded like you were reading my mind when I yell at my students. Maybe it's because I'm so inexperienced (this is my first year teaching) but I simply can't get these kids to care about power and its forms. Sometimes it feels like I'm just shouting all day long: "Subversion! Oppression! Revolution! Societal Reproduction! Care already, damn you!"

I still wonder about Luna - is she somehow able to interact with the Spirit World? That was my interpretation during the scene in the Forest, but now I'm not sure... The Nargles sounded like they would be effective as Spirit Creatures or something like that, since they can bend the rules of space in ways that, say, a Hippogriff or Thestral couldn't (unless Harry decides to spit up a few of those as well). I'm anxious to see Luna restored to her usual unusual self, which will hopefully coincide with a little more development of the Harry/Ginny angle. You've been fairly stingy with details about what happened in the Chamber (and I mean that in the best way), and I definitely want to learn more. It would also be nice to see what happens if/when Ginny learns the truth, because Harry's harsh words before his flare in Phoenix Hall left a pretty bitter taste in my mouth. I get why he did it, but I'd be really sad if that small injustice never went corrected.

I wonder about Harry's dreams about Crouch - were they inherited from the previous Avatar? It would make sense according to the Avatar continuity, assuming Korra never severed the Avatar spirit. That would mean that the government is aware of the threat posed by Avatars, and has Aurors trained in finding them before they become a threat. If that's true, then the Aurors maintaining a presence in Hogwarts would make sense, because where else might an Avatar surface than at the best school for young Benders in the area? Harry's own decision to take a more aggressive stance might be admirable, but if he really is the Avatar and his powers begin to surface, it might be too late for him to hide.

Sorry for writing a novel, I just wanted to share my deep appreciation for this story and indulge in a little speculation. I fervently hope that you're still working on this story, and that you'll take a break from unimportant things like work/school/having a life to take us further on this incredible journey! Thank you for sharing your gift with us!

Oliver V chapter 12 . 4/2
I really think that Ch. 12 has elevated this story to something above par.
Gives it a whole new layer of depth. Well done.
Polki chapter 15 . 4/1
Every so often you find an amazing story they you have to read all at once as quickly as you can... And this is it! But now it's over and I'm sad. So please continue because this is the best story I've read in a really, really long time.
Too lazyto login chapter 15 . 3/31
Wow. I managed to read this in one sitting a whole ago and now, rereading it (yes, it's that good), a lot more things made sense and I was able to appreciate the story a lot more. The way you write fights, bending or no bending, is great. I can visualize the fight (or pretty much any other scene you write) clearly in my head. The plot is interesting, I can see it going somewhere unlike in a lot of other fics I've read. It keeps you guessing at what's going on instead of being confusing. And the characters... yes. Not ooc and development/char growth makes sense, esp in Ron, Luna, Harry (btw, I liked how you made Luna's ideas/creatures real and her interactions w harry). Just love this story in general, I wasn't bored even reading it the second time through. Can't wait for the next update!
/sorry for long review/
Guest chapter 9 . 3/30
Don't forget that Lupin can't sing.
Aquamarinelightnight chapter 15 . 3/27
I hate you I hate you I hate you.

I was in love with your story and then you rip my heart out by reminding me that people are mortal. Gahhh you are amazing but gaaahhhhh

Also, harry hermione or harry fleur would be harry Parvati please and I think harry should stay platonic with luna who I miss

Also harry single is cool
Elise chapter 15 . 3/20
I still can't get over how utterly superb this story is. And how disappointed I am that I stumble upon it while it's in progress, now I have to wait for the next part! Ugh, how am I going to manage?! Seriously though this is the best HP fanfic I've ever read, I love the mix with "The last Airbender", you really created your own world here, changing the relationships as you change the characters, like Ron for example. I especially like the depth you give Harry, he isn't like the book at all if we think about it except for the fact that he is very loyal... I have to commend you on the exceptional way you craft the story, I never know what's going to happen next and you definitely have some sort of plan for everything because there are SO many unanswered questions after each chapter...! anyways, just want to say THANK YOU for sharing your talent and please please keep on writing this, this his too good to leave unfinished! Please?
P.S. : what element does Dumbledore bend? I would say either air or fire, fire being the most probable, what with him owning Fawkes and in reference to the great flames he conjures in the half blood prince...but then again, "you can't beat air" ;) and Dumbledore has a calm character which i would associate with it and the fact that when he duels he does a lot but makes it seem effortless (at least it's like that in the book)...
sorry for the exhaustingly long review, and thanks again so much for sharing your work. keep it up!
ketren chapter 15 . 3/15
Okay, so this story is absolutely amazing. I love your writing style, your characterization, everything. The HP characters are different from canon, but in a way that makes them entirely believable, and all of the minor changes make sense. I've never seen the Avatar series before, but I'm absolutely about to go sit myself down to watch the entire thing. That way, next time you update, I can be a little more in the loop! I can't wait to read more of what you've written, and I hope you update soon. Thanks for a fantastic read!
BlueCottonCat chapter 15 . 3/14
This is so good! I can't wait to read more! But it's so sad about Charlie, I'd hope he would become a more major character and he and Harry could be friends.
I love the hints and the mystery in this, there seems to be so much going on yet it still seems to be coming together. It's really good.
Please update soon!
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