Reviews for Angel Wings
QUEENSPELLER67 chapter 11 . 22h
Hairspray head. Ha. Funny. Forrest and Flare are really cute together! That was an eventful and good chapter.
QUEENSPELLER67 chapter 10 . 7/31
That was an interesting chapter. I wonder who Carter's father is.
QUEENSPELLER67 chapter 9 . 7/30
QUEENSPELLER67 chapter 8 . 7/24
That was interesting.
QUEENSPELLER67 chapter 7 . 7/18
You make it sound like ADHD is a bad thing. Oh and it's official: Dash is definitely my favorite. Good chapter.
QUEENSPELLER67 chapter 6 . 7/11
Oh yeah, those ending words. Yep. Good one.
QUEENSPELLER67 chapter 5 . 7/11
Wow. That was a real surprise with Wynter at the end. Good chapter.
QUEENSPELLER67 chapter 4 . 7/10
So Aqua distracted Dash. Ha, that's awesome! K-I-S-S-I-N-G! That was awesome!
QUEENSPELLER67 chapter 3 . 7/9
Carter pissed Eleanor off. Interesting. Good chapter.
QUEENSPELLER67 chapter 2 . 7/9
I forgot to say this last chapter: good one. Oh wow. That was touching.
Although Cynthia couldn't be there in the flesh, but she was there in spirit. And by spirit, I meant via telephone. That was funny. Good chapter.
QUEENSPELLER67 chapter 1 . 7/9
Oh, wow. That was a bit creepy, but worth reading.
PokeJoy chapter 63 . 4/27
Will you make a sequel because angel wings was so good! :)
You are in my top three favorite authors
Pokemon Luminous chapter 63 . 4/26
Wow... I love this story! I hope you make the sequel "Glory Wings" real! Keep up the good work!
Poke Luminous O_O
And I also noticed in your bio, Carter has the same birthday as me!
Pokemon Luminous chapter 63 . 4/22
*Speechless* Wow... that was an AWESOME story! Can not wait for the sequel Glory wings! Love this! :)
Kitty-Cat134 chapter 63 . 4/2
Tee-hee-hee! Hello hello, Amy! Yup, I changed my PenName from Improvise Me to Kitty-Cat134! I didn't get to review the story, and I just re-read it and it's still amazing. I love the way you put everyone in character. I loved Dusk and Dawn's pairing the most, anyway :P
By the way, where'd Glory Wings go?! -Cries-
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