Reviews for A Helping Hand
GleeFullParadise chapter 1 . 10/24/2012
Love it! Your stories always make my day! I love Zoe and Skylar and your stories are always some of the best. keep up the good work. :D
Teyerin chapter 1 . 10/17/2012
Excellent opening chapter. Can't wait for the follow-up.
IronAmerica chapter 1 . 10/17/2012
It's up, it's up! Yay! :D

Poor Skylar. She just can't catch a break, can she? :(

Simon would kill anyone who looked at a kid funny, Skylar. (Quibble regarding clarification: You wrote "she would be out of harm's reach". I think it would be clearer if you wrote it as "Zoe would be out of harm's reach", otherwise it seems like Skylar will be out of harm's reach.)

Same thing as my last review regarding ellipses. But it is really emotional. Sky needs a hug. Preferably a Simon-style hug. :D

I always figured he'd been freakishly intelligent enough to be a qualified doctor by that point, but med student works too. :) Either way, Simon's still an adorable bugger.

Am I the only one who thinks Uncle Wesley is a jerk?

Poor Simon. And the nurses are usually so nice to him... (It doesn't hurt that he bribes them constantly and is very nice to them. :P)

He's never going to live this down. But at least he'll be too deliriously happy to notice that everyone is teasing him. :D

And now, I seriously want Z to meet Lucy... Because Simon's sort-of surrogate daughter meeting his fake-real daughter? That would be awesome. :D (Simon would be totally and completely whipped by both sets of puppy dog eyes in under thirty seconds. :P Poor bastard doesn't stand a chance.)

This is awesome. This needs so, so much more written. Please? I can do puppy-dog eyes too! I can find a .gif of Danny with his puppy-dog look and send it to you... :D :D :D

Only the quibbles noted above. Lovely story. More? :3

lje100smith chapter 1 . 10/16/2012
Well, glad we get to meet Zoe's dad. I wonder if the actual show will do that (not holding my breath). I'm glad that Summer got more than a single episode this season. If they kill her off in the finale I will have a very hard time watching the next season. Keep up the good work!