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nonny chapter 13 . 10/29/2023
Wow! It goes to show how great the author is and how utter garbage of an original content author had to work with.

To be able to wrote such character depth for so many shallow side characters... so good!
Lina-Freedom chapter 17 . 11/27/2021
Well done. Rarely a story catches my interest these days, but this was a treat to read. It makes me sad it was some time since the last update. I like your writing style and storytelling. Exploring this subject while staying in the plausible Ranmaverse is just the cherry on top. I hope to see you return to this one day. The premise is very interesting.
silverhawk88 chapter 6 . 7/21/2020
You know, I have seen story that have attempted the Two Ranma’s’ and I have to say that yours is the best I have seen!

Please update soon!
SonkaD chapter 17 . 10/22/2019
Your original storyline is very interesting and out of the ordinary, so I do feel like reading more about it. But honestly, I'm not fond of the way you write the story. Obviously, that's your parti pris to focus solely on Ranma-chan and whatever I say is not going to change it, but I am really disappointed that we're not getting into the train of thoughts of the other characters. The confusion is sure a turmoil for them too and I'd really like to know how Akane, Ryoga, Ukyo, even Genma, are dealing with this in their own minds. And of course Ranma-kun, which you seem to be not interested in at all. Hell, Ranma and Akane could never confess their feelings to each other in ages, and now they've become lovers within hardly one or two weeks, and you're just not saying anything about it, like it's the most natural thing for them? Come on. Then there are quite a lot of details that don't make sense, as already pointed out in other comments. Details, sure, but when they keep piling up, it finally disturbs the reading. The thing that bothers me most is: why didn't Ryoga and Genma use the sword too in the first place? Sure, there is is this strange side effect... But it shouldn't be as bad for them as for Ranma, since their curse is an animal, and they need the cure so much more. Especially Ryoga has been so longing for it, it's hardly believable that he would just walk away and drop it when it's right in front of him. Maybe you have a perfectly good explanation for this, but it would have been nice to read about it, not having the issue plainly discarded. Well, I think you got my point here: you have good storyline, but it does need some rewriting.
omegadiscord chapter 12 . 10/14/2018
Thanks modernism, now any single gender bender piece of fiction has to be plagued with LGTBP crap.
James Birdsong chapter 17 . 8/19/2018
Napoleon Bonerfart chapter 17 . 8/18/2018
I love it! Konatsu is such a good girl for being able to put up with Gosunkugi.
Nothomelessyoh chapter 16 . 7/23/2018
This felt wasted as a ranma fanfic. The characters diverged so far and fast it felt more like a tumbler practice story. The subject matter was great to explore but was wasted here and would stand better as an original piece.
Spokavriel chapter 12 . 5/15/2018
You need another light source for the furo scene. End of the date last chapter you established that tonight is the night of the new moon. No moon light until after a whole day passes.

Ranma's makeup is running? You wash before soaking. Either Ranma skipped that or the makeup was something that you need special cleaners to get off in which case it shouldn't be running.

Too bad you do not have the acquaintance of Konatsu Kenzan Ukyo's Male Kunoichi employee.

Oh well, enjoying the story but this chapter there were a couple things I couldn't just ignore in liht of the prior one.
Spokavriel chapter 6 . 5/13/2018
Wait. This is post Saffron, Nodoka bought Ranko some clothes that fit her. As for those alterations Kasumi is doing. What is Ranma going to wear? The Male Ranma. He's not going back to just a training Gi and is going to have to wear something more than the clothes in his pack from this trip. I have trouble seeing Kasumi making that kind of mistake knowing there are now two Ranmas.

Daniel Thomas Stack
AKA Spokavriel at yahoo.
Byakugan789 chapter 6 . 4/3/2018
an entire comic of character development... lost.
Byakugan789 chapter 5 . 3/31/2018
sweet an sappy.

An interesting concern Ranma-chan has. Though I already voice why I don't _quite_ agree.
Byakugan789 chapter 4 . 3/30/2018
Eh, I disagree with you about how Ranama and Akane are acting, but very nicely written.
Byakugan789 chapter 3 . 3/30/2018
Your Authors Note is...amusing.
Not for good reasons.

Ranma at the beginning of the manga was proud of his female form (as he is with everything about himself) and at the end of it, was accepting of it. It was primarily during the middle of the series where his rejection of it was played off for laughs.

I've read a few Psychologist analysis of the series and Takahashi's own comments and it basically boils down to, ranma would have been totally accepting of his female form if there hadn't been so much resistance too it from everybody around him. The original transformation left him vulnerable and had there been anyone who didn't attack him for it (including her editors) he would have accepted and started exploring the ability much faster and more broadly than being cute for treats.

On Curse-life Ranko always being a gender-queer... we used to have a thing for that. It was called Tom-boy's. It was what happened to girls when they decided to be fun rather than crazy. Then third-wave feminism occurred and shit just got stupid.
Frankly I seen no reason not to have Ranma-chan be a consummate tomboy, but, well, that's not how you had her acting last chapter. If not for expectations from the anime and fanfictions (not the manga) I would have called your characterization of her a neurotic bitch. Her sense of Isolation is largely self inflicted, her emotions are all over the place even for an anime, she's touchier than you normally see ranma and is acting like fanfiction Akane rather than herself. All traits common to modern left leaning women.

On with your chapter though... I rather liked it. I will make a few points, but despite any apparent tone I don't see them as really negative.

Genma in the doghouse for creating Ranma-chan? Rofl. More likely she'll celebrate him for finally doing something 'good'. Nadoka makes a point in each of her arcs that she'd always wanted a daughter and was sad her husband hadn't stuck around to give her one. Now? Ranma-chan. Who is totally not her son. Anymore.

heh. He obviously didn't hear about her breakdown on the trail.

Your...explanation of the sword of Roland is...ough, not inaccurate in any way, but sparse to the point of being extraneous to the conversation and plot. It was special because the hilt is hollow and contains a number of "holy relics" A small scroll written in ancient hebrew, a lock of Hair and a few teeth. There's alot of debate on whose they are, but they are what made the sword special enough as a relicquary to make it important it stayed out of enemy hands, ESPECIALLY out of Muslim hands. The most popular theory is that the hair and scripture came from Christ himself and that those possessions are what made the sword able to carve through a mountain and allow Roland to kill 1000 Saracens including a few of their champions in a single engagement. It also isn't in a river, but in a stone. Which I suppose is the one you had Ranma and Co pull it out of, except that the sword is on display and not in a cave.

A priest encouraging a lesbian relationship. roflmao. Though I suppose most Cloisters were set up specifically to house Gay and Lesbian faithful away from polite society. The poetry that came out of those places...yeesh. Also, Monks in Europe are not like Monks in Asia. At all. They were mostly traveling missionaries, but they had a very very strong reputation for rape, drunkenness and general debauchery. Chaucer, a FAMOUS European poet made light of this in a number of his tales and was never punished by the church for it. And the church punished people for everything under the sun.

A hot redhead anonymous in Barcelona? Are you kidding? It's not like it's Malaga or Valencia, but it's still characterized by dark hair, dark eyes, dark but still white skin...a blue eyed redhead even without an asian face would be a noticeable tourist and hottie to be shown around. Add in the oddness of that profile with asian features and you've got a definite reason to notice.

While I much agree with the priests lesson, There is always shame in loosing. Proportional to what is at stake. A game, or a spar, very little. Face mostly. A battle or a war... lives. Something Ranma learned facing Kumon Ryu and Saffron.

In Japan it's practically invisible because it's (comparatively) practically nonexistent. He should have see a HELL OF ALOT of this in his trips through China. This manga aired back in the 80's and the UN has stated that over the past two decades China lifted nearly 70% of it's population out of 'abject poverty'.
Similar story in Southeast Asia and India, though not _quite_ as successful.
I do like Ranma's confused mindset here though. In Asian Literature, self improvement can take you all the way to godhood, where in Europe, only through sacrifice and selflessness can you achieve similar.

roflmao. Leave them on the plane, Ranma's. Though this being Japan, they search the planes thoroughly, and will only give you a short head-start.
Longer for Ryoga, but w/e.

Pushed away in shock, sure, but given Akane always seems to prefer Ranma when hes a girl and she was really happy about that delusion in the start of the manga... I don't expect rejection to last. Especially not if you listen to Pata Hikari.
Byakugan789 chapter 1 . 3/30/2018
Neat, Pata Hikari was useful for something for once.

Dig aside, neat chapter. I your use of Durendal. Pity you didn't use it on Ryoga and Genma first. Having them stuck in their forms would have been excellent punishment. A copy of Ranma being stuck as a girl is something he could get over. As of the end of the original comic s/he was over it, despite what most fanfic authors insist.

Im having a hard time figuring out what could be chasing them though. Aside from Drakula and the gods, the big boys of Europe are mostly that way because of their magic weapons or armor.
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