Reviews for Vicious
jilliebo41 chapter 6 . 9/9/2014
Please tell me you are going to write more, I need to know what happens next. I need to see Bell heal, physically and mentally. And Jake has to help.
kaday chapter 1 . 10/15/2013
I hope you will update this story
mama3 chapter 6 . 12/29/2012
loved it,sweetie,intense and brilliant
Leslie E chapter 6 . 12/23/2012
Charlie didn't deserve "redeeming"-he let it go on a little too long before he came to his senses. I ain't forgiving him! I like June though! Merry Christmas and kep up the good work!
LunarMidnight chapter 6 . 12/22/2012
You rule! Charlie rules, yeah go charlie! :D Ahaaa hate james : )
ohtobeyoung chapter 6 . 12/22/2012
Charlie can care but was too easy on James. A knife would have been good.
ohtobeyoung chapter 5 . 12/22/2012
Yeah for Edward.
ohtobeyoung chapter 4 . 12/22/2012
Brings back memories of surgeries past.
figment7 chapter 6 . 12/22/2012
Wow! This is a tough read, but we were warned. This is done really well. Anxious to read more. Maybe some Edward and Bella moments.
ohtobeyoung chapter 3 . 12/22/2012
Going to be hard to work with that hand.
cullengirl08 chapter 6 . 12/22/2012
Way to go, Charlie! But an even better way to redeem Charlie? He should have put James out of his misery - permanently! The world would surely be a better place because of it!

And I love June. It's not usual where the mother doesn't side with the son and does all she can to protect her daughter-in-law from him. I think she's great.

And Edward is such a sweetheart for going out and getting all of the furniture and books for Bella; that was a very cool thing to do.
jadedghost22 chapter 6 . 12/21/2012
I liked the chapter. My favorite part has to be you having him beat James. I still would of had him arrested, and have Charlie claiming he found him like that. The problem is that then you would not have a story of Bella needing to hide. Can't wait to read more! Happy Hoildays!
ohtobeyoung chapter 2 . 12/21/2012
I can understand why she doesn't saty anything. James is a egotisgtical bastard and her dad is a class A idiot. Yeah for June and Tyler. Hope he doesn't get hurt. no one is going to believe her.
ohtobeyoung chapter 1 . 12/21/2012
Finally playing catch up to stories on alert. Feel really bad for Billy and Jake.
chepburn77 chapter 6 . 12/21/2012
I just hope that Bella sees the change in Charlie too and how hard he's trying to make it up to her. She doesn't need to know about his little "talk" with James but that he's sorry for ever doubting her and defending the SOB.
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