Reviews for Jumping Through Time
Guest chapter 1 . 11/26
Amazing! Can't wait to read more!
Guest chapter 1 . 11/14
Please update
Aeris Mae chapter 131 . 11/10
Brilliant! Absolutely fantastic, molto bene! Love the idea of time jumping and the time vortex causing it. I adore what you've done so far, very much look forward to you doing a separate classic Who story with Kari, and am just overall impressed. Hmm, the episodes I'm most looking forward to are The Shakespeare Code, Human Nature & Family of Blood, The Doctor's Daughter, The End of Time I & II, A Good Man Goes to War, The Wedding of River Song, Listen, and of course the 50th The Day of the Doctor. So far The Doctor's Wife, the Master arc, and your original Angel of Time chapters have been my favorites. :) I really look forward to what you'll come up with next!
notwritten chapter 131 . 11/5
Good chapter. Take care. Keep smiling. :-)
Guest chapter 131 . 11/1
Yay! Love this story, and each new chapter. :)
Imtomzizle chapter 131 . 10/28
Well- I hope you get better soon 3 . Amazing chapter, I loved it !
Don't let time run from you- catch it, because you'll never get it back.
PondLake chapter 131 . 10/28
Yay! Woohoo! Yeaha! An update! Woo! *party dance* Love Sarah Jane, LOVE KARI! This was the first OC fic I found. Ever. And I am very glad I did, I am constantly going back and rereading all of the chapters. Thank you for being persistent in all of the adventures. Love you (in a non-creepy way)
margie-me chapter 131 . 10/28
Wonderful job, just lovely. One of the key elements in Who is changing what has happened is taboo - it could destroy all of reality, and it's a fear Kari has to deal with throughout all her jumps in the Doctor's timelines; it's what terrifies her, yet she is progressing and developing into a fantastic person. River says "spoilers", but for Kari, she's afraid she'll hurt the Doctor or destroy him if she causes anything significant to be altered, and reading your fic makes it quite evident that is a horrible burden. Kari's journey is self discovery and growth, which keeps your readers who appreciate this tale, coming back for more. Please write what you feel true to, cannon or otherwise, because it's your story, yours and by extension, Kari's. If someonelse likes to see a different story, let them write their own, if they have the talent, determination, courage and ability to carryout such an undertaking. Rather than bashing, why not stop reading, then? To keep going through difficulties, when you could've left everything in hiatus, speaks volumes of your character, Pippa. If you keep writing, I'll be happy to keep reading! Until the next update, take care and fare you well.
A Week Of Sundays chapter 131 . 10/27
Great chapter!
Angel of Randomosity chapter 131 . 10/26
Squidtastik chapter 131 . 10/26
masterdude94 chapter 131 . 10/26
Hey AnaDona, I am new to this story, and it is awesome! I just got caught up a few days ago, and have not yet read ch 131 yet, but this has already become one of my favorite Doctor Who fanfictions! Seriously, you talent for writing is fantastic! Absolutely fantastic!

So, keep up the awesome work!
Loyal Elf chapter 131 . 10/26
Great chapter! I personally haven't seen these episodes yet so this is entirely new and fun. Poor Kari...Poor Sarah. :(

You don't chatter on! Your just fantastic :D Looking forward to another chapter!
skidney chapter 131 . 10/26
Awesome chapter!
NicoleR85 chapter 131 . 10/26
Another great chapter. I can't wait to read the next one. Please update soon.
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