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beelzeebub chapter 25 . 8/6
very disappointed bella caved in to the emotional blackmail all the time.
Guest chapter 25 . 5/13
Thanks for writing and sharing your story!
Jessica314 chapter 8 . 2/16
LOL! Edward really is trying to pull a Mr. Darcy, isn't he? It doesn't come across quite as smoothly in modern-day English.

"Conspiracy" :) I love it! And I'm glad Bella is sort of getting some amusement out of it. He's lucky she hasn't tried to behead him a second time :)

It's funny and ironic, the little "AU scenario" that they discuss, where human Bella comes to Forks and tempts Edward with her blood :)

These last couple chapters have been so fun, with Edward absolutely refusing to enjoy himself. He's so handy for that! I especially liked the Edward-Bella-Alice banter.
Jessica314 chapter 7 . 2/16
haha! semi-newborn Bella, cooking. Now there's a recipe for disaster. Get it, recipe? *snerk*

Aw, poor Jasper. I think he was looking forward to not being the weakest link anymore, but according to Alice he's not going to get his wish. Poor guy doesn't even want to go to school in the first place!

I love all these awkward moments between Edward and Bella. He's getting more confused with every second. You'll have to give in eventually, kid! Never bet against Alice! :)
Jessica314 chapter 6 . 1/30
nice to see Bella officially "adopted" and settling in. And of course the misunderstanding with Edward continues LOL!

I'm glad they were able to provide Bella with a bit of her past. And clear up the mess about the Volturi as well... they had better get the bottom of it and fast. I wonder what Victoria's big plan is, and how she's taking the loss of Bella? Probably not too hard, considering she never figured out her talent, but she might not want to leave a "deserter" alive. I think Jasper can definitely sympathize with Bella here- created for war, lied to in order to be kept in line, deserted and finally figuring out the truth...

Poor Jacob :( I didn't think about the fact that now he might not even be accepted by the other wolves, even if he were to learn the truth about himself. I hope they can set him free, at least!
Jessica314 chapter 5 . 1/27
Great chapter! I just loved all the misunderstandings between Bella and Edward. And of course neither of them are much good at sorting through awkward things like this, so more proverbial door-slamming occurs. At least he didn't completely *run away*. Sulking in his room and brooding over his piano is much more reasonable LOL :) It's a good thing the piano is in his room in this version, or they might actually have to communicate!

Aw.. this whole time she's thought they feed on humans! What a nice surprise, to learn the opposite. I'm glad she's finally beginning to see through some of Victoria's lies. hopefully now that she's beginning to tell them the truth, they can help her sort out the rest of the lies, too.

haha! I love Edward's method of distracting her from the hiker! That's weird kiss #2! Who knows? maybe someday they'll have a normal kiss LOL.

Really enjoying the story! Can't wait to see what's next. I don't really have much in the way of predictions, I can't even guess how this is all going to turn out. Bella and Edward together, I assume, but I'm very curious to see what will become of Victoria's coven and their evil little Volturi-undermining plan. And I hope Jacob will get out from under her thumb too! He seems to be unhappy but still a nice guy.
Jessica314 chapter 4 . 1/21
haha! I love rude Edward. Terrible manners when you have a guest! But after they tried to kill you, I guess you can have a rude pass for a while. I love the way you use his piano playing to show the gradual softening in his mood.

aw, it's so sweet and yet so sad, that Bella is beginning to remember some things, like that she used to like books. Her life with Victoria's coven must have been so barren.

haha! That was an interesting kiss reaction. This will be an interesting coming together... :)

best line: "The idea of being set on fire seemed slightly less painful than the latter." LOL!
I'm glad she's coming back :) Fun twist, to see Bella trying to leave and Edward convincing her to stay.
Jessica314 chapter 3 . 1/21
Aw, Carlisle and Esme are so wonderful :)

It's funny how when you search a vampire, a book of matches is the deadliest weapon you can find them carrying! but of course it is.

Poor Bella, what a shock to be among these civilized vampires! it will take her some time to fully trust them, I guess.

oh, Alice :)
Jessica314 chapter 2 . 1/18
"Forks sounds familiar to me, and I'm hoping to find out why." Aw, Jacob :( that would be very awkward if he did find out!

oh! So Jacob *is* a shifter. Cool twist, having that be a "talent". Though from the sound of it, Jacob himself doesn't know much about what happens, so I'll have to wait and see whether it's a wolf or something else.

Ugh Victoria! She's so Maria-esque here, telling her newborns a delicate combination of truth and lies in order to keep them in line. They're in a for a few surprises when they meet the Cullens!

OH! Wolf, definitely wolf! haha, I like how Bella and Edward's first encounter starts off with a fight to the death :) That almost ended badly! Well, the fact that Jacob seemed to understand Edward's threat goes to show that he's more of a Quileute-y werewolf than a children-of-the-moon-y werewolf. that's good. Hey, but why's he running away?

Well, the mission's going just great so far. Let's see... two minutes in, and she's alerted the entire coven to her presence, been captured, and lost her only comrade. Nicely done, Bella :)

Very exciting so far!
Jessica314 chapter 1 . 1/18
Hello! I heard about you from one of my favorite FF authors, EmeraldStar73. This story looks great! Such an interesting twist on several aspects of early canon. It's so sad to see the lies that Victoria has been telling her newborns, and scary/exciting to see her plans!

"as loyal as a dog" LOL! I'm guessing Jacob isn't a shifter in this story, which makes it even funnier!

ohh... so it looks like nobody has figured out Bella's talent yet, I guess because none of them have a talent that would be noticeably foiled by it. (assuming Bella is a shield in this story?) in that case, she's more suited to the mission than they think! You know, I've never thought to wonder if James' tracking would be foiled or not by her shield. I could see it going either way, I guess.

I'm excited to see what's in store when Bella meets the "evil" Cullens LOL! Great writing style, and great first chapter!
Cullenosopy chapter 25 . 5/14/2014
Alice's Madame Giselle was a great way to keep Bella alive and in touch with her mother.

Ha! You had me going with Jake's costume/morph!

Jacob got his, good.

Thank you for sharing your writing talent with us all. I hope you continue to write Twific.

Thank you again!
Fanfichardcore chapter 25 . 5/13/2014
I enjoyed this very much. It definitely deserves more reviews. It was great! Thanks so much for sharing!
Cullenosopy chapter 24 . 5/12/2014
Finally! Vampires can be stubborn. She is young...

Thank you!
Wheels2 chapter 25 . 5/9/2014
Loved it, loved it. Thank you for sharing.
allidel chapter 25 . 5/8/2014
Very well done! I know I've been sucking at reviewing's been so busy, I'm lucky if I get to read any updates, much less review anything! But I definitely had to say something at the final chapter. I think you did a great job with the ending! I loved that we did a bit of time jumping, and were able to wrap a couple different people with HEA's. But I have to say, I think my favorite thing in the past couple of chapters was the Northern Lights date. I've always wanted to see that, and you descibed it so beautifully that I felt I was there.

Thank you for sharing this story! I had a lot of fun discussing it with you along the way. Not only did I always look forward to the updates, but I loved your insight as well. I can't wait to see what you write next!

Thanks again!

allidel :)
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