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Guest chapter 25 . 8/9
Kai chapter 13 . 7/29
Pure smut for smut's sake. Story is flimsy, characters are either OOC (odd amount of 21st century cursing and vernacular from Tom and the gang) or poorly thought out. The first-person writing is boring and the swaps back and forth from Hermione to Tom don't seem to be there for the reader's benefit; are these snippets from the author's mastubatory diary that were accidentally submitted?
whyisthat chapter 30 . 7/29
Holy shit. Holy shittttttttt. This story is a mindfuck. There's a word for what it is, but I can't remember it but it made me unable to move away from my laptop screen for two days only to stop for sleep and food. I am Obsessed. Holy shit.
Somewhere in the middle you said something about people not being recpetive to this version of Hermione, and I understood that. The first few chapters in, I thought this Hermione was..strange. Not canon-like, and I seriously began to doubt her sanity a while into dating Tom. BUT. I understand why she had to be like that. So I guess what I'm getting at is yeah, Hermione was different and I might not agree with everything she did but that was partly why she and Tom were together and how she even survived in the hell-like past. And I appreciate the difference. A LOT. I thought I would hate both her and Tom but your writing is so compelling I COULDNT. I'm in love with both of them. And this story in general. And all the plot twists that FUCKED with my mind.
SPEAKING of the plot twists, I got fucked over SO HARD by them. Oh my god Dumbledore. And Abraxas. And Slughorn. And of course Edmond. I still don't know how to feel about Edmond. Holy shit this story blew my mind.
Also I never thought I would like Tom, but there were moments in your writing where I fell in love with him. There are small moments when he and Hermione experience with sexual things and you can tell how nervous and tentative and excited he is. There's also the whole thing about impregnanting Hermione so she wouldn't leave him. Oh my god, he must have been so lonely. No one loved him before Hermione, and he couldn't stand to lose her. My heart also felt like it would stop beating when they were in the Chamber of Secrets, he must have been so hurt and so sad that Hermione couldn't belive him. My heart hurt so much for both of them. Don't get me wrong, he's still creepy af with how willing he is to hurt people, but HE ISN'T PURELY EVIL and I love the small pieces of humanity in him.
Also, thank you so much for the Happy Ever After. I'm so happy about it. There was no doubt that their relationship was extremely toxic in the past, but this ending is perfect. Hermione is strong, she is rational, she still loves Tom a lot but I know she won't let the relationship devolve into toxicity. I am so happy.
Thank you so much. It's the first multi-chaptered Tomione I've read and ughhhh it was, like I tried to say before, so good I couldn't stop reading. This is such a masterpiece. I'm sorry if this rant is scattered, my brain is currently quite scattered. Thank you.
Muted Rainbow chapter 30 . 7/27
This was fantastic and so confusing at times! I loved it! I'm so interested in the new reality and what's in store for them in the future. I'm also curious about the altered reality. Brilliantly done.
Guest chapter 21 . 7/22
Ugh I want to punch Hermione in this chapter
Guest chapter 9 . 7/22
Story is good but you use the F bomb way too much!
malfoycollins chapter 2 . 7/24
In every Tomione I end up utterly obsessed with Abraxas. I truly have a thing for the Malfoy men
meelomango chapter 30 . 7/14
This was beautiful. Thank you for sharing your remarkable talents.
JaydeFox chapter 1 . 7/9
Had to comment because that last line was fuckin brilliant.
Danii.C chapter 2 . 6/25
This. Is. So. Good. Your writing is well paced and decidedly addictive.
Petite plume de folie chapter 30 . 6/1
Sooooo great ! I loved it ! However I would love an epilogue to see how Tom is doing as a father ! Thank you very much for this story !
Guest chapter 30 . 5/23
Wow, this was epic! ️
GeekOfManyForms chapter 30 . 5/23
Sooo good! Please do a sequel.
Look What You Made Me Do chapter 7 . 5/13
Tomione Tomione...It is kinda gross...cos why? Their age difference and whenever I think of this Voldemort noseless face appears...and that beauty and Voldemort trailer ugh...I am more of a Drarry, Dramione, Harmony and Drapple fan but this fic is really Awesome...I am loving is getting so interesting ...Riddle is intriguing ...But still...Even though I hate this ship but Still I can't help but love reading fics about this ship...your fic is really very well written and brilliant...u'll be a Brilliant author someday ...whenever I read your tom reminds me of Henry Cavill...cos Henry Cavill and Emma Watson looks good together...
Look What You Made Me Do chapter 6 . 5/13
The way Riddle talks all this inappropriate know the idea of Riddle falling in love is so weird...xos he is asexual...His birth was happened due to a love potion amortentia...But it would be such a waste...he has a handsome face...oh...Am I talking like a mean girl?...what I mean to say that? He deserved love ...not cos of his handsome face...he deserved love...but the problem is he is unable to love...if he is unable to love then how come he had sex with bellatrix and had a baby Delphi...others will say he wanted a heir...but I think Bellatrix is not the only one he have had sex with many people boys/girl both...I think Voldemort was so stressed with his life...he used to do sex to remove his stress...and he did it with bellatrix to remove his stress of thinking constantly of how to be immortal, how to kill ickle harry kins yada yada And then by accident he had a baby I am uttering bull shits again sorry for this but Nice chapter development, this is getting quite impressive
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