Reviews for Tremors
Guest chapter 8 . 6/11/2014
Liked it. Sweet and got to the point and sparked immediate interest.
Auroras Jenkins chapter 8 . 6/29/2013
I like your story very much. And it's a fitting ending to it.
Alexa1993 chapter 8 . 6/23/2013
Love it! :)
The last smart gamer chapter 8 . 6/15/2013
Tremors! What happened to the tremors! You forgot to end the title of the story and gives to continue, with a dozen children they will have, true your going to give me that pleasure, is not it?
Come on you have not done this, the family grows and not as the Weasels, but because they are our favorite couple (what I hope), begins something quite different, I know you can, and you proved when you continued this, come on you you can do this and wonderfully!
Narnia and Harry Potter 4 EVER chapter 8 . 6/13/2013
Wait a minute that's the end of the story? Bt but its to good to end!
JustThinking chapter 8 . 6/5/2013
I probably forgot to review.. As I often tend to forget on ff... but yeah, just wanted to say at least once that I like your writing style, the pace of the work I can remember I've read of yours.. And I really enjoyed this one (as well). Will there be an epilogue? Just curious. Good story :)
JenniseiBlack chapter 8 . 6/4/2013
I love it!
onecelestialbeing chapter 8 . 6/4/2013
oh goooooooood i am swooning this was beautiful! i needed this thank you
Cat130 chapter 7 . 4/30/2013
Beautiful thank you
Narnia and Harry Potter 4 EVER chapter 7 . 4/29/2013
Did they et drunk from the spiked punch?
JenniseiBlack chapter 7 . 4/29/2013
Love the update!
The last smart gamer chapter 7 . 4/29/2013
Oh,oh, a hot ...time, well!
What we can do?
Come on Hermione go ahead!
RussianDestruction chapter 7 . 4/29/2013
I must admit, I have pictured Sev as Zorro before, and damn if it isn't a great mental image!
Lordhightoppfan chapter 7 . 4/29/2013
:D yay
Melissa72 chapter 6 . 4/14/2013
Great idea about the change in patronus for both of them. Very sweet that Severus had never heard those three words said to him his mind and heart have heard them:) Looking forward to him having the courage to say them back. God bless
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