Reviews for Unexpected
Peabodythecat chapter 1 . 12/11/2014
Clever, clever, clever. And very unexpected indeed! Going back for a slower reread...will I spot more clues this time through?
ladyowl chapter 1 . 9/23/2013
uhh. haven't got it yet. either the bad guys were pretending to be DannyandRusty or Barney is Bobby? Maybe?
superkim111 chapter 1 . 11/26/2012
I picked up on various pieces like Danny's hair, the new bartender, and the condiments mysteriously appearing but I'll admit I had to look at the reviews to put them all together in a way that made sense. Very well done. And full disclosure I'll probably be reviewing more of your Ocean stories which have been recommended to me by otherhawk.
Rogue Violent Kitty chapter 1 . 11/5/2012
I was confused this whole story. First my Rusty being a smart dresser and not a crazy one, then by him and Danny saying talking at the same time instead of in sync and then Rusty refusing food. Had to read it twice before I noticed the crowd hanging around in the background of the bar. Honestly if Saul hadn't sat at the bar with them I wouldn't have figured out who the waiter and Barney really were. As is it, I'm still not completely sure which is which. Barney is Danny right? Seems like a Danny sort of pseudonym. Very tricky story. Loved it!
flishflash chapter 1 . 10/21/2012
Ha. I'm quite slow, so I had to read the reviews to entirely figure this out, but now it all makes sense. Very clever. Fun to read and reread.
otherhawk chapter 1 . 10/18/2012
I agree with Maia2, this one *is* fun. Much smiling. Clever, funny and I absolutely love Gary who just provides a perfect pov to see this through. Feel sympathy for him right away, and he's in just the sort of situation which Danny and Rusty really would want to help someone with.

Love the meeting in the bar. Dark haired stranger with easy smile and interest in people and of course we're going to assume Danny right away. But then there's the little clues that suggest otherwise...the old guy who's been there since Kennedy, who we equally assume is Saul not getting involved, the fact that notDanny asks how much money Gary has...something the real Danny would never bother asking because he'd never feel like paying Daley off was the right answer. But notDanny wants to know whether this is worth his time.

Do like the fact that even a random person making basic enquiries can find out that Danny and Rusty are legends. Quite right too. And sighing for the faith that notthem inspires. Like I said, it's not a bad impression.

And again, when notRusty comes in, with the descriptions and the talking in unison, and the silent look - it could be them. Only it's not, quite. Also they're drinking beer.

Like the little hints - the mysterious new barman with the unmysterious name (Barney? Really, Danny? Thinking he's been watching kid's TV again...) and the intense poker game within earshot of the table, the vinegar and ketchup mysteriously appearing, and the two players arguing in front of the TV. No matter what's going on, the twins aren't going to stop arguing, after all. Oh, it's all very, very clever.

As is notthem's con, actually. With the injury that makes Gary even more well-disposed towards them, because they're risking themselves, right along with him. Not to mention, guilt is a good distraction, and the convincer that's supposedly for Daley and is really for Gary. He gives notDanny money and notDanny gives it right back plus an extra. And suddenly there's absolutely no reason for him not to trust them. Clever, clever, clever. You, and them.

And then the complication with Faruk, and there is absolute and unequivocal prove that this isn't them. Because it seems like a stupid mistake, and they're not arguing like they argue. Plus, of course, assuming this is any time after the movies, it's really not a whole lot of money to them. They'd just get it out the bank. Or at least someone's bank...maybe Bank's.

Sigh for Gary sitting and waiting and see, can see how this would go if they hadn't happened to be already on the trail of notthem. Hope evaporating, and then Daley coming the next day and nothing to do but agree. And awful thing is, in order for them to know that someone was taking their names in vain, it must have already happened to someone else. Probably more than one someone else. Sigh.

But instead there's Danny there and Rusty walking in and confirming everything's fine without saying a word. Now *that's* real them. (And if you tell me I've got that the wrong way round I *will* sulk and you won't like it. But I think I'm right.) And of course they've taken care of everything. Not going to leave him hanging.

And yes, this con - notthem's con - would not please them one bit. They've worked hard for their reputations and it matters, because they are brilliant, and they do help where help is needed. And from a pragmatic point of view, having someone else ruining that is bad for business. But it's also a violation that's just never going to be tolerated.

Bet notthem did have to leave town in a hurry. Bet they're not going to stop running for a while.

So. In short, much smiling for clever, clever, clever fic. Can I have some more, please?
Maia2 chapter 1 . 10/18/2012
Hee. This one was fun. Somewhere at the very first Danny & Rusty interaction, I thought: huh, the dialog is not "on fire" as it usually is when you write it, but I thought we don't always have our best days. Should have known better.
Of course, later on it was easier, with the new bartender and the poker and everything. But it was very well done.
So now I don't know if the whole thing with the beer/whisky/back to beer is just more misdirection or just, you know, there.
Thanks for sharing,