Reviews for Epistolary: The 50 Years Before We Were Born
Hilary Weston chapter 149 . 4/19
Oh for-shadowing... you clever thing.
Guest chapter 149 . 4/17
That was a really, really clever chapter. "Melody's box simply reads unkown, or final adventure" / "I can't imagine having a bad time in a library".

That's fantastic.
Proud Olympian chapter 149 . 4/11
"I cannot imagine having a bad time in a library."

The parallels to that line and River just about made me cry. Another wonderful chapter - keep up the good work!
Vilinye chapter 149 . 4/8

*clears throat* meant in the nicest way, of course. Meaning "what a way to make the Library even more painful than it already is, but to soften it too, to assume it meant good things to them beforehand. " Does that make sense? Perhaps it is better to say "what good writing. It made me emotionally identify with Rory." But that is rather English major-esque and too formal. But I like this chapter and I really love having more about the Ponds
Sunneshine123 chapter 149 . 4/8
Your writing... It's just so breathtaking. I can SEE Rory writing this and I can feel my heart break when he talks about his children.
PhoenixDragonDreamer chapter 149 . 4/7
Ohhh, honey...this soothed and broke my heart, then soothed it still again. This is just so utterly RORY, it makes me sing and ache for the loss of him.

Thank you for this...


Whovian 22 chapter 149 . 4/7
Okay, so that was simultaneously beautiful and terribly sad. And to know what's coming for River, right in the feels, ya know.

So very well written and a joy to read. Thank you for sharing.
Gen-in-the-Eve chapter 149 . 4/7
This was a touching letter. I always love Rory as a Dad and how much he loves his kids. But that second to last line, all while talking about losing children, that line about the library was such cruel brilliance for Rory to write the Doctor. Poor River. Poor Doctor. If I have one complaint about this series it is that knowing the Doctor's reactions to these letters is always a case of the imagination. Anyway, looking forward to more, especially as I wonder how much Amy and Rory will know about River's death.
ceeare chapter 149 . 4/7
My favourite parts to this is the peeks into Rory's life
Vilinye chapter 148 . 4/2
You NEVER need to apologize for taking time to help others or being busy with other things. As much as I love this fic, I don't want you to feel you have to write.
And is the CS Lewis reference to the comic story "The Professor, the Queen and the Bookshop?" I bought that issue of DWM just for the comic.
swordsandstories chapter 144 . 4/2
I know it's been a good long while since I have been on, but I want you to know that this story is not and never will be boring. I love how it is oriented around emotions and family. If I want an action-y fan fiction I will go find a different one. In a way, I think it's better without all the fighting and running and aliens. Because I can relate to it and I can pretend it's real. So don't change a thing, please. In fact, once you have finished this whole story, I will probably go back and read it. I have already recommended it to all of my friends, and will keep doing so. :) it's my favorite fanfiction on this whole website. :) keep on writing
10Blue10 chapter 148 . 4/2
I'm sorry to hear about your friend - I wish I could do more to help. I hope she manages to get back on her feet.

This story is still as wonderful as ever.

Vworp on.
ceeare chapter 148 . 4/2
I hope your friend finds a place to settle. I have been down that road. Even short updates are always appreciated
PhoenixDragonDreamer chapter 148 . 4/2
Bless you, honey...this was a lovely update and I was happy to recieve it. Wish you had an ElJay so I could send up a flag for Arty and Popcorn. I cannot blame you for being distracted and worried and wrapped up in that. Our friends, our families come first, lovie. Blessings to you and Arty (and Popcorn of course!) I am pulling for you all and hoping the Universe is kind, in the end...

*hugs all around*

LittleMissStreisand chapter 148 . 4/2
Aw, Maribor, I hope everything works out. Thank you so much for your beautiful stories. When new chapters are published, I love it, but I understand that constantly appeasing your readers doesn't come first. I'm in this for the long haul... started Epistolary from day one. I wish I could help your friend with money, but I'll send all of my warm thoughts.
Yours, Abby
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