Reviews for Epistolary: The 50 Years Before We Were Born
Roxiblilly chapter 200 . 3/27
I just spent the better part of two days reading this from the start. What a journey! I cannot wait to read more.
swordsandstories chapter 200 . 3/21
I know I'm a bit late, but congratulations on 200 chapters! It's incredible to think how far this story has come. I'm proud of you, and I'm also really thankful because this story means a lot to me.
Jessica chapter 200 . 3/19
YAY! you are back and you brought back Bracey and Churchill. I was beginning to think you abandoned us. Amazing as always
10Blue10 chapter 200 . 3/16
Congratulations on hitting 200 chapters! It's a great achievement :) Here's to even more, and I look forward to the next update of this brilliant story (as well as your work in general).

Vworp on, my friend!
Vilinye chapter 200 . 3/14
Wow. Amazing. Congratulations on your 200th chapter
steelneena chapter 200 . 3/13
Just thought that you should know, I was reading from the beginning, and though I haven't reviewed in God knows when, every time I get an update, I do stop by to read. - liebedero
JamesTKent chapter 200 . 3/13
Delightful, and I know his "Black Dog" all too well.
itsthatnathan chapter 200 . 3/13
This is awesome.
That is all.
crookshanks11 chapter 199 . 3/13
One of my favorite chapters! Oh, I just love Anthony's character and the way you wrote his moments with Rory was so sweet and awkward and I loved reading it! Keep up the amazing work, I always look forward to more :)
my1alias chapter 199 . 3/13
OMG this chapter was absolutely amazing. 3
bunnygirl64 chapter 199 . 3/12
I truly love your story. It is magnificent.
swordsandstories chapter 199 . 3/12
Rory's stories are and probably always will be one of my favorite things about this fic. I love it all, but I LIVE for when Rory talks about basically anything. It's funny, because you started out this story without Rory even being one of the people who write the letters, but now he's my absolute favorite one to hear from. As always, I loved this chapter. Also, I just wanted to say that I hope life is working out for you and that you have a really good day today! :)
KLR chapter 199 . 3/12
You've updated! So glad to see this. I really loved this chapter, especially all of Anthony's questions to a "cool" Rory. I can't wait for more. Thanks again!
AmsterdamDW chapter 199 . 3/12
Just an observation - 198 was June 11th, but 199 is June 6th. Was that supposed to be 16th?! Otherwise really really loving these updates. This story gets better and better with each one!
JamesTKent chapter 199 . 3/12
VERY nicely handled. It sounds like Tony's been growing a bit, to want to hear -those- stories.

The notion of what Vicky's going to be like when she comes back from her time with River gives me a little giggle.
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