Reviews for Epistolary: The 50 Years Before We Were Born
KLR chapter 246 . 6/27
Come back to a few great chapters. Tony is scared of the future, Amy can't believe Melody is 200 (and looks awesome!), and Rory understands his father just a little bit more each and every day. These were really REALLY good. While we know Tony will survive, getting there is the most important part of the journey (BTW, would you end this series looping back to the story in "P.S."? That would be amazing and such full circle!). I can't wait to see Melody's birthday week!
fantasychica37 chapter 246 . 6/25
You are going to kill somebody soon, and it's going to be me, from an anxiety attack!
fantasychica37 chapter 243 . 6/5
Just kill somebody off already!
helenxxx chapter 58 . 6/5
amazing as always
KLR chapter 242 . 5/31
I'm not misty at ALL!

This was heartbreaking and wonderful and cathartic all at the same time. To be so close, yet so far away. To see the TARDIS, but not allowed inside. The Doctor knew. Of course he did. But to think, did he spend his incarnations questioning "Was it these two?" or "What is the future?"

Great job!
fantasychica37 chapter 242 . 5/27
This is great! I'm finally beginning to relax and accept nobody's going to get killed off terribly any time soon... but then you'll probably drop a terrible bombshell the instant I think that. I hate this so much.
Guest chapter 242 . 5/26
You type "God's" a lot when you mean to type "Gods" (plural). Whoops.
In both this chapter and the previous.
helenxxx chapter 235 . 5/24
good luck!
KLR chapter 240 . 5/19
bwburke94 chapter 240 . 5/18
Random cameos for the win!
KLR chapter 238 . 5/18
Well isn't this suspicious? The Gods of the Latter Day Pantheon? Sounds weird. And the cure has to come at a price...
KLR chapter 236 . 5/18
YES! Adventures of the Ponds/Williams Kids! I think time and space are not prepared for what's to come.
KLR chapter 235 . 5/18
Well a happy Maribor and more chapters are just what I'd like, so I really hope the interview went well!
fantasychica37 chapter 238 . 5/18
I'm going to die of suspense here!
Notary Sojac chapter 237 . 5/17
This chapter has some pretty interesting set-up. I can't wait to see what happens next!
By the way, does this Project Blue Book happen to have a giant stone ring in their basement? (If the Stargate reference was intentional, I loved it.)
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