Reviews for Epistolary: The 50 Years Before We Were Born
Jessica chapter 216 . 8/23
I have been reading this story almost since the beginning. Never once have I got tired of it or found it uninteresting. This is hands down the BEST fanfic I have ever read. It's real and full of emotion. I feel you write and evovle the Ponds in a way that is natural and organic like the would have had the show followed them to the past. T.v. show material here! They take the lessons learned from the Doctor and use them in day to day life and instill those lessons in their family. I am always happy to see an update and I am dreading the end. It's been a long ride and there is still more. Can't wait!
bwburke94 chapter 216 . 8/10
I know you didn't intend this back when you wrote Chapter 1 back in 2012, but is there any chance the "Curator" is Tom Baker's character from The Day of the Doctor?
Whovian22 chapter 216 . 8/10
Thank you.
Every time I read one of your chapters I am just overwhelmed by the time, attention and love you pour into these characters and this story. You have crafted an entire life for these beloved friends that is just absolutely beautiful.
I have no words except for Thank You for sharing it with us.

KLR chapter 216 . 8/9
I couldn't agree more with your characterization of Amy/Rory/Doctor. It is a love story. It's tragic and beautiful and timeless. Even though we had 2.5 years with them, it still wasn't enough. Never enough. So your story is my headcannon and the continuing adventures even after the "live show" is all done.

I like William as the Cordy-Rory version.
my1alias chapter 215 . 8/3
I LOVED this chapter!
The MoMA is amazing. I think you did a good job with it. (The very little I know about it.)
fanficfan78 chapter 215 . 8/3
Every chapter you write is perfect. That's the beauty of venturing into realms where no canon exists. You're creating it as you go! And you're doing it beautifully. I wouldn't question your details, but knowing you research them for accuracy makes the story that much better. I love the Rory chapters the best I think. I wasn't so sure about Rory, but by the end I'd come to love him as much, if not more than Amy. I think that's because I see more of myself in Rory. Loyal, scared and unsure at first, more interested in a quiet predictable life... yep, definitely a Rory. Looking forward to the next installment!
GreatRedBeard chapter 215 . 8/2
This is more than alright, this is great! Epistolary continues to be one of the most astounding works of fanfiction I have ever read, a true delight in every sense. Thank you so much, and keep up the magnificent work!
KLR chapter 213 . 7/17
We will always love all of your stories. You are an amazing writer, and deserve to hear that.

Jack and Rory getting high was amazing. I think that something should happen later where Jack interacts with the Doctor and gives cryptic hints about the past... it would be such a tease. Love this.
lalachoa chapter 213 . 7/15
Stumbled into your story earlier in the week and couldn't stop reading. I love Amy and Rory. Angels take Manhattan was a rather abrupt ending for such great companions. I used to wonder about the 2000 years Rory spent taking care of the Pandorica and their lives after the Weeping Angels sent them back. It is a great story.
fantasychica37 chapter 213 . 7/13
Vilinye chapter 213 . 7/12
Aww, we all love you too
steelneena chapter 213 . 7/12
I love that I'm one of the ones you mentioned, who most of the time just sends you "I LOVE RORY"
crookshanks11 chapter 213 . 7/12
Congrats for 1000 reviews! You deserve 1000 more for all the hard work and effort you've put into this story 3
fanficfan78 chapter 213 . 7/12
As long as you post chapters I will read them. Who among us hasn't wished our favorite characters' stories didn't end? The best one become real true friends and we don't ever wish them to leave us. So the best written stories keep them alive. Thank you for keeping Amy & Roy with us. It is a wonderful gift. Now about that chain...
JamesTKent chapter 213 . 7/11
I've just been enjoying the hell out of it all!
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