Reviews for Hybrid::Mixed Feelings
Aviantei chapter 32 . 11/25/2019
I am way too overdue for a review but yes! Congrats on finishing up Hybrid! Thanks for the nice closing sequence with Amber and Sanae. It’s nice to wrap up with a bit of normalcy after well...everything, yeah?

I don’t know what else to say other than thanks for this fic and thanks for letting me hijack parts of your hard work for Muse. Soon it will be my turn to risk destroying all your hard work with what I’m writing!

The world ends with you, my friend,
She Who Loves Pineapples chapter 32 . 10/19/2019
Woo-hoo! You did it! I bet it feels great to click “upload” on the final chapter of an epic-length novel. (Maybe someday I’ll know that feeling, ha!) congratulations.

This was a sweet ending. Hanekoma might not be so useful with help with paperwork (that’s a skill he needs to learn now that he’s a dad. Uh, I mean, uncle. Who else can help Amber with filing taxes?) but he can occasionally be good at providing some perspective. What he said to Amber was perfect especially with making her think about her situation with Rueban and how she helped him too.

Although I had been hoping for some Ruember or something with all the kids together, I like how this turned out.

Also it’s really cool that you posted this on the anniversary.

As you know, I’ve greatly enjoyed this story. Great job and good luck on whatever projects you tackle next.
Aviantei chapter 31 . 9/28/2019
I can’t believe you ruined Muse. This is an absolute disaster.

Jokes aside, congrats on getting this part of Hybrid out into the world. You have come oh so very far. May the journey to the epilogue be a smooth one.

But of course, that’s not all I have to say! How could I move on without gushing over all this quality Sanae content? Obviously, there are reasons he’s been mia this fic, but seeing a well loved character come into the spotlight is always satisfying—especially when you handle him so well.

I don’t know if me gushing over each phase is going to be a productive thing, but know that I enjoy the movements of personal consideration, chatting with Yoshiya (I got a good laugh out of him just straight up hanging out), the interactions with main TWEWY crew and Rueban, and, finally, this moment of personal reconciliation at the end for Sanae to come a bit full circle for the sake of Amber (and a flawless execution of integrating the subtitle of the fic!). You’ve also proven that I will probably never be able to write Flicker, but I think your thoughts and intentions came through in what it sounds like you wanted to convey, so well done.

For once, I don’t actually have a lot to say when it comes to a Yoshiya and Yutsui scene! Just know this was a satisfying closing shot after all we’ve read so far, and I appreciate you giving me such a strong foundation to work off of.

Dat closing sequence tho. Perfect. Astounding. Rue and Amber have come so far. My heart is warm. I may have almost cried. Welcome home, girl.

Tl;dr the Hype was indeed well deserved.

Are you sure you wanna call Hybrid over when you’ve left the floor open to me to put in requests? Sounds like a dangerous move. Anyway, a few things that come to mind:

-Ruember fluff
-What’s Coco been up to?
-Pokoni encountering Shooter outside of Tin Pin verse?
-Sota and Kya encountering each other
-Honestly I just want to see more of the Player crew how’s Ayane doing?

I’ll do my best to deliver when it comes to Muse S2, assuming this Promare fic doesn’t wholly consume me before then. I’m...not making any promises over there, heh.

I’ll see you at the epilogue, my friend,
She Who Loves Pineapples chapter 31 . 9/27/2019
It's always a nice surprise when a new chapter of this fic comes out! I guess I only have one more surprise of that variety to look forward, too, though. Congrats on coming so far!

I listened to this chapter read by Siri on my commute home from work, so I may have to reread to get all the nuances. Of what I did get, and what stood out, though, I really appreciated the Sanae POV. He's such an enigma in the games, not so easy to wrap ones head around or figure out what he really thinks and feels about things. Unsurprisingly, I really liked the way you handled his interaction with the Patron, especially how he thinks the light is repelling him but really it's his own... perception of himself. I think you can easily find parallels with human nature there, how people see correction from God as something to fear rather than something to improve you so they shy away from it and make things worse; or in a more secular light, how people get too caught up in their failures to see the room for improvement, and they just give up.

And of course, I appreciated your "bonus course" and the amount of thought you put into these things.

...That being said, I don't know if I understood how, on a level of basic-what-happened, Amber was brought back. Did Sanae give up part of his soul and imagination so the others didn't have to give as much? Did he give part of it up to the Patron and the Patron paid the difference in turn? Will the epilogue clarify any of this? Am I supposed to understand or is it supposed to be ambiguous?

anyway, thanks for the update. Looking forward to more.
Aviantei chapter 30 . 5/16/2019
Okay, it’s time for Hybrid::Mixed Loose Ends! After reading through all of these, I must say I like them a lot. I hope you viewed your Camp NaNo journey as at least productive when bringing these into the world. Also, I like the day by day sort of play through effect that builds a whole week towards whatever comes next. Much can happen in seven days, yeah?

I think it’s funny that you felt the need to defend Neku’s parents as you portrayed them, since I didn’t feel any dislike towards them at all. They’re human beings with some flaws dealing with a difficult situation (and a reasonably difficult teenager). Sure, Neku’s perspective on them may not be wholly positive, but that’s a POV thing and I can see the people they are. But, in any event! I like this little moment between them since it shows off a cozy and understanding relationship dynamic that we didn’t get the chance to see before. Plus pokes at Neku’s love life in the process, which is always fun. (I also see your cutekitty reference. Clever.)

And of course, we have our lovely processor crew! Thank you for indulging my request with this one. I promise that, even if you don’t know all of Suzume’s secrets, you do write her wonderfully. (We can work on the secrets part this winter, my friend) Also I do appreciate this slightly tweaked ending line. That fits Suzume well for where we’ll be moving next. Hm, now the question is where has our Coco run off to...?

Hey, congrats on your new last name Kaori! Welcome to the cool kids club! Or the club of trying to recover your school life after strange work hours! (Though quick note: putting exams in April doesn’t quire work for Japan school systems since that’s the start of their school year) I like this section for showing off Kaori’s wild imagination, as well as showing off a different perspective on good old Rueban. Look at you, starting to show your true self to others! I’m very proud of you.

There’s enough OC cameos for someone to swim in here! Nice to see the aftermath of events going on here, both for Mihael and Ryou. Also Hiro and Koushi! I know I already brought them into the game I’m FLaFS, but it’s nice to see them again since I love those kids!

...Have I ever mentioned how grateful I am that I have you to take care of the tricky work of building shopkeeper history while I just reap the rewards? I really do enjoy your insights on how these mechanics work out and seeing a nice arc. Also it’s fun to see more of the connections to the Kiryus, as well as the alien jabs. And Ayane has returned! Such yes.

Now this Producers section is quite possibly my favorite, and not just because it’s nice to see Sanae back in action. I like the tying in of some loose ends, as well as seeing more of Reiko when she’s talking to someone who knows a lot of the finer details in the situation. I’m also honored in that you chose to reference Kaguya and Narumi, even though I’ve only shown off like...five percent of what they’re about. I love everything you mentioned with them, though (and I promise you didn’t break anything). Also the Shinjuku reference. Yes, you’ve caught my interest...

Speaking of things to do with Shinjuku, I’m honestlu still reeling from that Sota sequence in the last chapter, holy crap. This sequence is also good, showing off a lot of the complicated emotions he must be feeling post Taboo Noise experience. Also him thinking he’s heard Nao when it was Kya is *ow*, but it looks like there might be hope for our lovely couple. Just gotta tidy up another mess first...



Well I’ve caught up once more, but this is certainly not the end. I look forward to seeing where the last steps of our journey take us.

I believe in you, hope still flies, for those who wait,
Aviantei chapter 29 . 5/16/2019
Okay, Outsiders finale review? I guess this is happening. Let’s roll.

Allow me to get in my first comment that this was a satisfying finale, even with the open bits (but I know you’re planning on filling those gaps in later with bonus content, so that’s perfectly fine), so you can rest easy on that front, Kay?

That in mind I’m very glad that you gave Rhyme her time in the spotlight, considering how she ties into everything. I like seeing her gorge her own path while everyone else has been running around and doing their own thing this whole week. It’s also a very Rhyme thing to do, sacrificing her dreams for the good of someone else, too. Bonus points for bringing in the RSL crew and giving those shopkeepers some screentime too!

Naturally, I enjoyed the rest of the gang in these sections, too. It’s nice to see Neku’s trust of letting Shiki know he works at Sunshine, and that morning scene with Beat and his dad punched me right in the feels. Additional bonus points go out to Eri’s “I trust you” line. Girl may not have been a Player, but she knows how this works.

I have no complaints about the traditional Hybrid rooftop climax, and this situation left a lot of blanks to fill in but plenty of closure for things. I was not expecting the Sota revival, so if you were hiding that one away this whole time, you have my utmost props. Also some Yoshiya content is highly appreciated. Hopefully Muse hasn’t made your life too difficult? Well, guess the ball is mostly in my court now anyways. Hopefully I won’t obliterate your hard work once I go for the finale...

Also closing scene. The Neshiki feels. Look at you opening up to people, Neku. It seems the character development is working.

So allow me to reiterate that I thoroughly enjoyed the Outsider’s Arc as an exploration of the side pieces of the seemingly ordinary fraction of this tale. Have more confidence, my friend. You’ve told a wonderful tale.

I’ll be seeing you in the next game of Fifty-Two Pickup,
Aviantei chapter 28 . 5/16/2019
Funny how I wondered if we’d see more Sakuraba Senior dynamic, and here we are at the beginning of this chapter with that! Then again, it’s a rational plotline to take on, so maybe it’s not all that surprising to see. Give it time, Neku; your parents will make sense someday...

You threw me for a decent loop there with the Shigemi arrival, but I do like this sequence a lot. Even if there isn’t a romance on the horizon for this pair, that doesn’t mean there can’t be a friendship dynamic slipped in there. Just keep trying, Neku.

That said, I like the slip into the Shiki POV with all sorts of friendship drama happening. There’s a lot going on for everyone to balance, but I think that’s kind of what life’s all about—finding the right mix of things that you truly love. In that way, it feels like a fitting next set of challenges for the canon cast to go through, which is my way of saying that you’re doing great with this more “ordinary life” type of drama. Yes, it does fit the spirit of TWEWY.

Beat’s mixed feelings about Amber (ba-dum-tsh) add an interesting perspective to these sequences. I know Beat doesn’t know what’s happening with her, but it’s not her fault she has Rhyme’s dreams mixed in, boy. Though the protective urge for his sister does give Beat a nice sense of agency that doesn’t feel forced and makes his narrative thread flow smoothly, even if you’re not convinced that you’re writing him well.

Though I do feel like we’ll have our handful of complications to put up with in the next chapter. But, hey, that’s what makes it interesting, yeah.

I’ll see you at the end of the Outsiders arc, my friend,
Aviantei chapter 27 . 5/16/2019
Okay, time for some lunch break reviews! I think it’s funny that you mention worrying about Shiki’s parts when I think I’ve been enjoying hers the most. Of course, it’s all enjoyable, but I enjoy the little discoveries in the mix of things. The fact that Amber shows up on the map as all the bits that make up her soul is an interesting tidbit to have. I also like the omake of Shiki hanging out with Eri. Shiki has her own balance to figure out between UG and RG, and it’s nice to see some girl power.

Rewinding back into the actual chapter we happen to have some girl power *and* Amber shenanigans with the Rhyme plotline here. It makes sense for Rhyme’s dreams to be part of Amber’s soul composition, but that’s still a tiny bit of a dick move on Yoshiya’s part (assuming he’s responsible for it). That brings up questions on what’s gonna happen when we reassemble Amber back together, but the benefit of being behind is that I can read through the rest that you’ve written already and see how things go from here, heh. Beat’s POV is once again good here, and he makes a good lens for the audience to discover and assemble knowledge through. Plus we get to see his loyalty to Rhyme come out in full force. Hopefully that brotherly urge doesn’t get him in too much trouble down the line...

So that leaves...Neku! (Who happens to be the protagonist here, whoops.) As someone who’s been on the end of getting slammed when workers become absent, I can say it’s not a pleasant experience. I do have to question why Neku would get shifted to the kitchen with next to no training in that area when there’s presumably someone else on the staff who is much better suited to that role, but I’ll chalk that one up to Mr. Angelo’s less than stellar management skills.

As you can see, I’m reviewing things way out of chronological chapter order, so I’ll backtrack again to bring up the matching phones scene with Mihael. I feel like that could lead to all sorts of trouble... Also Neku’s dad. Will we see more of that relationship come up in the next few chapters?

And speaking of relationships, RIP Konno Shigemi’s heart. Sorry that you caught Neku at a bad time, dear. That Neshiki tease going on there, though... I know it’s coming, since you mentioned the ship before, but excuse me if I slip ahead to keep reading.

Thanks much for the chapters, though I’ve been late to revive them,
Aviantei chapter 26 . 5/16/2019
There’s just something charming about a supernatural setting where the big dramatic cliffhanger is having your homework turned in incomplete. I like these sort of balances struck, but you probably guessed that, having read 1200.

Anyways, maybe it’s fitting that you were on a time crunch I’m writing this chapter, given that Neku was as well? While it feels a bit off balance given that other chapters cover almost full days, I think it highlights well what we need as readers: connecting scenes to Player’s arc, integrating Sho further into the scheme of things, and showing off our canon crew in different scenarios. A good use of how not following the exact established pattern can still work out.

Even though we only get to see Rueban’s presence for like 0.5 seconds in a text message, I still appreciate the cameo. Also time with Getotsu and Pokoni is also fun to have in the mix! You’ve been doing really great tying all the pieces of the days together, so know this is fulfilling to go through as a reader.

I’m fairly certain that this was the last chapter I got the chance to read before life got hectic on me, so I’m looking forward to entering unknown territory and see what the rest of the Outsiders Arc has to offer!

It sure feels surreal that we’re almost at the end of the journey,
Aviantei chapter 25 . 5/16/2019
What’s this? Two reviews in one day? That’s right we’re doing this—

I think one of the most interesting parts of TWEWY fics is seeing how people headcanon Neku’s parents. Oddly enough, I feel some vibes here that kind of remind me of my own relationship with my mom at times—the awkward tension of both not being socially active people so sometimes conversations just stutter, heh. Neku thanking his mom at the end is sweet, though. You’re learning, kid.

I also like how both of the opening sequences start, just because we start with thinking about Sho, then to Beat thinking about math, which is such a Sho thing. I know this chapter pulls together with bringing Sho into the equation (sorry not sorry for the math puns), but it’s a nice subtle addition that brings the theme together without blatantly being shoved in the reader’s face.

Aside from the fact that Sho is also one of my favorite characters in TWEWY, I like the Shiki POV section just because Shiki sticks up for herself. You go girl! It feels like satisfying character development to me, especially since Sho can be terrifying. I also like the lion metaphor you slipped in there. Very nicely done.

My other highlight for this chapter is the Sho omake, just because it’s fun to see what kicks around inside his head, especially in relation to Getotsu. Have I mentioned that I’m excited for From the Underground Up?

Also, if it’s any consolation, I think your Beat POV is excellent. A challenge to write, probably, but it’s those challenges that improve our writing. Embrace it, my friend!

In case you haven’t guessed, I’m getting back into the fanfic groove and Hybrid is my current target for completion. I’ll be around to drop off another review soon!

Aviantei chapter 24 . 5/16/2019
Holy crap CG. It feels like I’ve been trying to review this chapter for like...twenty years. (Either way, several months is just...unfortunate.) Let’s get to it!

This chapter I like a lot for the different day to day life angles, as well as just seeing our canon crew in action. Neku’s own life struggles come together in trying to balance out work and UG responsibilities, and we see that whole struggle of “I want to treat people like they don’t suck, but what do you do if they actually suck” dynamic with Ryou. Also Neku is so oblivious about Konno. Poor girl...

It’s also nice to see the parallels to events going down in the Player’s arc, just to connect everything together, but I feel like I’ve mentioned that before. Or did I just think that? Hm...

Meanwhile with Beat, Shiki, and Rhyme, we have the exploration of what Mr. H left behind for them to work with. The use of Sho intrigue has definitely piqued my interest, considering I was expecting him to show (ha) up in the Reaper’s Arc (which is probably for the best that he didn’t, what with all the existing narrative threads).

I also really enjoyed the omake at the end of this one, just for the slight fluff factor and also having Eri’s outside perspective on the matter. Lucky you, Neku, that they didn’t see you while on work duty, tho I don’t think you can keep that secret for long...

With all that said, I’m on my way to actually sitting down and reading/reviewing the rest of Hybrid! I ask for your patience with my potentially incoherent commentary.

Enjoy the moment,
kurapikachu chapter 17 . 5/1/2019
I know I've already said this, but Kariya is awesome. Tokai kind of reminds me of Demyx from Kingdom Hearts, but I'm not really sure why.
Guest chapter 16 . 4/29/2019
This chapter was pretty sad... I hope BJ gets some happiness or something eventually.
Guest chapter 15 . 4/29/2019
Kariya and Uzuki are SO awesome!
She Who Loves Pineapples chapter 30 . 4/24/2019
Huh, I thought the fic was over! It’s still not marked complete, so I’m assuming there’s still more to come?

I don’t have that much to say about this one (sorry), but I will say, why is Rueban going by a fake name? And, I agree that Neku’s parents are likely present and not evil; teenage boys don’t need to have horrible parents to act like Week 1 Neku. Also, Sota’s chater gave me feels, and your views on economics are quite insightful.
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