Reviews for Symmetrical Love
guest chapter 45 . 9/22
Awww I love this! Liz and Kid are so cute and good together :)
guest chapter 43 . 9/22
I love this!
guest chapter 38 . 8/8
Haha I love it! So happy they have their own family c:
Guest chapter 37 . 8/7
Love it!
guest chapter 37 . 8/7
I really like this idea! :)
guest chapter 36 . 8/6
Wow..this was great. Lizzy baby, Kid is your Kid. He'll never go insane anymore.
guest chapter 35 . 8/6
Haha love it!
I can imagine Patti doing that lol
Armina the Kid chapter 35 . 8/5
Lol, something about a groggy grim reaper and drunk Liz and Patty is cute! W
DancesWithSeatbelts chapter 36 . 8/6
Very nice! Loved the end bit. 'For Kid she was what made him feel human' - lovely sentiment.
guest chapter 34 . 8/4
Awww I really like this :)
I hope you write more family stories , maybe something Kid's friends meet his and Liz's kids? :3
guest chapter 33 . 8/3
I really love this!
I love how Kid was worried about the kids growing up but Liz calm him down and reassuring that their kids won't turn out like Asura and Kid was.
Lovely family! Omg Patti lol XD
guest chapter 32 . 8/3
"Sex smiles" LOL omg XD this is great!
guest chapter 31 . 8/1
Awww! Adorable! Baby Kid sound so cute .
Haha sneaky Patti XD taking a pic of the lovebirds.
Can't wait the next update!
Dtksgirl chapter 31 . 8/1
kai girl chapter 30 . 4/26
oh my god that funny its like ' hey just take my wallet and get out i wanna bang her already ' too cute
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