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Nora chapter 10 . 4/7
Grazie Mille! A new chapter. And so soon. I really love this story, Please continue!
Kira chapter 10 . 4/6
Absolutely in love with this story. More please!
Green Mustard chapter 10 . 4/5
You've been writing this for more than a year and I've been reading it on one sunny april afternoon. Robin is an excellent drawn character and Magua canny and complex; warrior, loser, winner, war chief, drunkard, ... An interesting anti-hero, who deserves this story.
How he tries to get Robin back after her escape - that's a so dark image of the character, and yet he's sympathetic, because you showed us he had his reasons. Like Robin says: "poor creature."
That's amazing work! I really liked the parallels you addressed between the two.
Update soon, please.
Tintenfleck chapter 10 . 4/5
many thanks for your comment about the native names and the gypsies. I'm a writer by myself (nothing published here) and I know, it's always difficult to write about a strong heroine in previous centuries. The gypsy-background of Robin did a good job, to give her liberties and experience, other woman of her time can't have because of the society rules. Besides, it's fuel to the relationship between the two of them. I'm only afraid, most people are incapable on reflecting their own upbringing and the rules of their culture like the both of them are doing in your story. That's a very modern feature of Magua and Robin, since you are writing for modern readers, it's alright.
And yes, the speech in the novel isn't really contemporary. I'm glad, you have chosen a more modern writing style ;) I read a german translation of LOTM years ago, and the translator defused the most tricky parts, I don't think I could read the original. Did you ever try the latest marvel comic? I enjoyed reading (?) it too and the drawings are very nice.

To this chapter: You did a great job with the conflict and interactions in the first part. Robin is very young, but doesn't fear to provoke more than she can handle. She is so brave and honest. And Magua didn't overstepping the line, as he really cares for her.
But I really liked the second part of this chapter. The duel with the indian girl in the water was very enjoyable, and Robin along the way in unfitting clothes and the reaction of the village folk show us something of how foreign she is in Magua's world. You also gave us an overviews of the rank and attitudes of Ji'yah, alone the reaction of the other women tell us a lot about this girl. I like that you introduced Yunyeno as Robin's Mentor. Most stories here zero in to only two or three characters and endless dialogues with no outcome, so it is good you give the plot more performers, and with that more conflict. So, no complaints about this chapter. I look forward to the journey you take us on with this.

At last I want to say, I'm not feeling pressed into reviewing. I like reviews too. Writing for an audience costs a lot of time and without feedback it is less fun.
Too bad, I can't help with the beta job. My English is not good enough to do something like that.

weekaa1313 chapter 10 . 4/5
Those're awesome. fight...
and I know who side I chose. Robin sure was a spitfire, wasn't her?
I love how you describe Magua dealing with her. Their relationship's very intriguing.

Juicer updates? really...pleaassseeeee...

bats13 chapter 10 . 4/4
I just finished catching up on chap. 9 and 10, and they were great, as always! I like how you've done the research for this story, it really gives the story substance, and makes it sound more authentic. I also really liked the fight between Ji'yah and Robin, it was pretty funny! I love how Robin does things her own way, and doesn't have a care in the world, you write her really well. Can't wait for all the juiciness coming up!
keykeybaby6 chapter 10 . 4/3
I love it! :)
AAA chapter 10 . 4/3
Although I have to confess that my primary reason to visit the LOTM section of this site is to read the many stories focusing on the Alice/Uncas pairing from the movie, reading yours is unexpectedly enjoyable. At first I was sceptical of the concept - introducing original characters and content into a pre-existing fictional world is usually disaterous (at least in my expirience) but you seem to pull it off quite well. Robin not only let's us look at the canon events from another angle but leads us into a different part of that world. She alone is a very unique and complex character, but her relationship with Magua and the perpective we are given in this story make for a great plot.

Everything seems well researched and put toghether, which I think is a key factor in making this great. Otherwise this whole new chunk of added material would just be chaotic. As it is now, everything feels well balanced, realistic (as far as I would know, anyway), things are progressing at a good pace, the writing style is beautiful... I don't have anything major to complain about.

Maybe sometimes the characters might have been overdrawn, either in general or in behaviour but perhaps that is necessary for dramatic effect.

I have never published anything myself but with time, lots of reading other people's stories and research to maybe one day have the ability to write something of remotly publish-able quality, I have come to understand that reviews and especially thoughtful ones are a writers lifeblood. So that's what I tried to do and I hope it even makes sense. But that is also where my biggest complaint comes in.

I'm just a random reviewer so my opinion doesn't have to mean anything and less to you, just to put a little disclaimer. Demanding rewievs is not the way to get thorough ones. While I appreciate your effort and think it's wonderful that you care about what the readers think, I don't appreciate being manipulated into reviewing. It's in bad taste and insulting to your writing ability. This story appears to be one of the better ones in this section. If people have something to say, they are going to say it of their own accord.

Sorry, that might have been a little harsh and most certainly overstepped a boundary but I've been wanting to say it for some time.
Nora chapter 9 . 3/31
I have been a fan of the LotM book as a child. And I always liked to read about Magua, the fox. Since W.S.s great portrayal Im absolutely convinced, hes the real hero of the book and the movie. And your story mirrors his tragic story and his background. Very much in character. I really like this. Robin and Maguas "Relationship" is so special. They are so different and so alike. I like the other characters to.
Thanks for sharing your story with us.
I hope, there will be more and soon.
Guest chapter 9 . 3/31
Finally another chapter! It's my favorite fanfic. I crave more!
Tintenfleck chapter 9 . 3/19
So, I will try to give you the review you want. But be warned, English is not my mothertongue and maybe the outcome will be a little bit greek or so ...

First I want to say, I really like this chapter and your update made my day. Its really nice, how you worked in the landscape and Robins footwear to illustrate the hardship of a long march. I like the camp-scene too. The interactions and dialogue between the hurons sounds quite authentic to me, although I dont know, how people in the 18th century talk with each other, let alone native americans. But it felt real. And the moment he noticed, that she is asleep is a very silent glimpse of care and emotion. I like this. Its not sledgehammer-romance with the common pattern, its more drama, I think.

Im not so convinced of the whole gypsie-thing. Im not sure, if they both can have the social skill to reflect about such things, but it did a good job in giving Robin a background, which makes her something special.

But the best thing was the arrival in the village. You did a so marveling job in giving Magua a plausible family, a home and a history apart from the movie and the book. Thank yours, I can even imagine the wife of his cousin. Her remark, that she will divorce from his cousin is gorgeous.
And Magua was such a plague to the Munro-sisters and Robin, cunning and scheming, but he almost pales in comparison with his brother, who is a bad*** in other ways.
You really have a way with characterization. Despite both brothers are not really likeable at a first glance, they are fascinating and I want to read more of them and Im curious how will Robin get entangled in their conflict.

At last, I have a question: Do the native names, you are using, match their english translations?

(And please let us not wait half a year again for the next chapter.)

Bye ...
weekaa1313 chapter 9 . 3/19
what a snake...snake-mischievous man that a half-brother indeed!

i really admire little bird character. she's strong, witty and prideful. magua is brave and hot-headed.
i would love to see much more struggles between these two.

wonderful chap, 'hon. big graciasss
Tintenfleck chapter 1 . 3/13
please continue this story. I like your portrayal of the characters. I wish to know more about their lives. So write on, please :)
Jordy Trent chapter 8 . 3/8
I hope you haven't abandoned this story - it definitely deserves to be continued. It's really different and the characterisation is great, Please write more!
DownPoorRain chapter 8 . 2/17
Please continue this!
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