Reviews for Perils of the North
JNSx7 chapter 7 . 8/19
"I've seen the movie too."
I busted up laughing.
Guest chapter 36 . 8/8
Okay, just like every other story about canines. Why are wolves punching each other and not using their fangs? Seriously, it's makes your story sound so stupid hearing wolves fighting with fists. Are these freak wolves? I know this was a cartoon but even in that they fought with like real wolves!
JNSx7 chapter 5 . 8/7
Yeah, I read that one Greek crossover you wrote, so I understood more than the average reader.
Guest chapter 36 . 8/1
Why are wolves punching each other? Do dogs even have fists?
supernt chapter 36 . 3/4/2014
Guest chapter 36 . 10/22/2013
Make more!
Guest chapter 24 . 10/16/2013
I never heard Lilly say such things to Kate before!
Guest chapter 13 . 10/14/2013
Good Story!
imjustlikehumphery chapter 36 . 9/24/2013
Great chapter gordon, keep it up! Well, well, well now that Tarquin knows that Lilly's alive cause of Mallt tellin him and that she's aligned herself with the rebels. What Tarquin didn't want to happen indeed has happened regardin Kate though. Cause of Humphery, she's got that fire that she once had and now even more so. She's determined to not give up on the united pack. Wonder how Tarquin's gonna react to seein the new part of her when they go to help Edgar out? Although this is all happinin I think the real danger here is Mallt and her plan for Lilly. If Tarquin attacks the rebels, it could give her and her sisters the opportunity indeed to capture Lilly. Can't wait for the next chapter!
Sergeant Sargent II chapter 35 . 8/18/2013
"We both know we can never be together," she sobbed. "I'm an Alpha, you're an Omega. It's the law of all wolf-packs since the creation of the world, set down by the goddess Aurora, that Alphas and Omegas cannot mate."
That's interesting, given previous details about lilly.

"You turned my daughter into a freak!"
Gee, what a wonderful daddy... although he redeems himself.

Savvy seemed to roll his eyes, quite evidently tired of this subject. When he answered, he did not answer the question. "You don't understand right now the great destiny that lies before you. You don't understand the miracle that spared you, the Power that willed you to live. If you did, you would not be asking me these questions."
Honestly, who cares?

also, "Killing Tarquin wont bring her back" so why live?
if you're not in a mood to help the 'greater good' then i cant give you much of an answer friend.

"to make you into the type of wolf who can stop Tarquin"
that it has...

"How dare you say that her only purpose in life was to die horribly!"
Nick has a point.

"God does not play chess," Savvy responded. "He plays solitaire."
o.0 ...

oh, come now, he was persuaded by that hero argument? he's not the type to fall for the 'greater good' sob story, as evidenced by his willingness to say 'screw the packs, call off the marriage.'
im also not a fan of this goddess. so far she has done nothing but use and abuse him, however good her intentions may be.
as for savy, he can rot. his intentions may be good, but Nicholas has a point, this wolf doesn't give a crap about him. he is so obsessed with the big picture he seems to have lost touch with the little one. at this point chronologically, what has he done to step up himself and be the leader he wants Nicholas to be? granted, he will do his prophet thing later, but dont bring them a champion, be one.

again, real or not, good or not, still not a fan of this goddess lady.

"But I'm sure, if I could learn to carry it, you'll be able to in no time. Then maybe you can carry it around for me someday!"
oof, bad foreshadowing... calling his death now.

and whats up with these 'sinister' looks by Savvy?

So, aroura and savvy have claimed the posts of "most disliked characters" for me thus far.
Rienzi was my favorite up until this chapter. his association with the above two sullied my opinion of him a bit.
as love stories go, his is a good one. very well done.
the detail where their paws never quite touch that last time was a very effective way to make the reader feel his pain.
He's awesome, and my favorite type of up from the ashes, hell bent on vengeance character, though perhaps not my favorite incarnation of the type. i don't like that he's letting Savvy use him, but he's awesome anyway.
would you belive that i guessed reinzi's identity back when we first met him? i wasnt sure, but i went back looking for a description of nicholas to compare.

i really want to see what happens to Lance... seriously, he could become awesome.


Ok, my opinion of this story as a whole, so far:
-i don't like the supernatural aspects as much, and so far i don't like this godess lady.
-the beginning was painful to read because i hate it when characters make foolish mistakes and walk into traps, but in hindsight it fits perfectly and makes for some interesting character development and change. i actually started and abandoned this story several times because of the beginning. honestly though, thats more due to my personality than any flaw in the writing.

-amazingly few typos. seriously, this is impressive.
-your bad guy Tarquin is awesomely devious.
-you've completely refused to pull punches when bad stuff happens in this story. some impressively painful chapters.
-the shear complexity and depth of this plot is great.
-the humor. and the dry humor of your writing style. i should go back and count the number of times ive written "lol" in reviews
-Edgar grew on me. i still want to hear more about him before he was demoted.
-You've used my name in this story. i about died laughing when i found it. the character was perfect.
-Lilly stood up for herself.
-your characters are awesome, both good and bad.
-I am now so entrenched in this story that i feel quite strongly about the actions of the characters i root for and against. well done.
-Eve humor. and im calling her personal drone strike being important later.

Originally, and up to about halfway in, not the kind of plot direction that normally grabs my interest, but the tone and direction it's taken lately and the war with Tarquin most definitely have my attention.
Also, the quality of the story is awesome.
so many of your characters are awesome.

this story will now go in my favorites list.
Sergeant Sargent II chapter 31 . 8/16/2013
straight off this mountain!"
Too Soon! lol

"Claw cleared her throat."
Hold it, is claw really about to start gold digging? really? and Now? say it aint so... please...
yup she is. *facepalm*

impersonation... well, i was close.
i did say if you're gonna fight dirty, don't hold back...
but expect no mercy in return.

And the next challenge will go to… him!"
ahh, now will we get to see edgar?

as for justin, just kill him. garth, you've now missed two opportunities to end him. you should have killed benny too for that matter. just drop him off the cliff.

"No!" Garth hollered, adjusting his paw toward the outside. "Up there! The sky!"
again with characters throwing dignity to the winds and telling true stories no one believes. oh well.

Kate nodded a little, causing more tears to fall down her snout. "I'm sure. Of all of us, Garth was the only one who really wanted to do right by Lilly. He's the one that was true to her."
well done, kate. amen.

ah, finally, a well thought out response.
"Pity for a poor creature who had unintentionally stolen another's life, a poor creature just like him.
But Garth would not allow himself to feel this way for long. Kate was still responsible for Lilly's death, he reminded himself, and that was something he could never lose sight of. "

"It's a real shame Kate had to blame her for killing Melanie," Can-do observed. "She might still be alive if Kate had been an Alpha about it and fessed up to the whole thing at once."
again with the facepalm...

now comes that time when there is nothing left to fight for but vengeance, and those who rise to deal it out are truly frightening.
Sergeant Sargent II chapter 34 . 8/16/2013
Arnold is awesome!

well, she was getting a little whiny.

"I should have known. You males are all the same!"

how many times are they going to go through the saying unforgivable stuff and instantly making up routine?
also the tarquin line wasnt far from the mark [the urge to destroy something beautiful, though it was less an act of violence as an expression of violent emotion. its just a flower, whatever it represents to him.] so quit apologizing. people are so horrified by destructive impulses... interesting.

"The mother you've since disowned?"
oh, dont go forgiving them, they really earned it. even kate only helped continue the coverup on their instructions.

"are you going to close your heart to yourself?"
that's her choice and no one else's.
also, knowing this, running from them is a pretty good plan if she does mean to turn her back on them.

just forgiving everyone seems wrong to me, but she should be a bit more clear headed in terms of who she's angry with and why.
Sergeant Sargent II chapter 33 . 8/16/2013
oh yeah... those two... that one...

well, it would be fitting in a way. one by accident, one by murder, one by suicide. one responsible in varying degrees for all three.

"I don't deserve to be alive," she said quietly as they sat together.
Oh come on. living is always worse than death in these situations. its harder. if you really wanted to punish yourself, you'd stick around to clean up the mess and get everyone home.
we learn the most from our mistakes... the greatest then must once have erred often and terribly.

suicide... in general, i can't really blame most of them, except in cowardly situations.
in most teen suicides, its always the family who suffer. i can't really be mad at them, or even blame them. its their life, their choice, and they had the balls to make it decisively. but the dying is the easy part. we all end up so attached to so many people in life that we cant just pack up our toys and leave with out hurting them. my sympathies tend to lie with the dead one anyway. its their life. their choice.
Kate has responsibilities here though; she cant justify checking out just yet.
give her hell, humphrey.

"to follow your heart or to follow a crummy law"
the issue wasnt the law, it was the political union with the purpose of saving lives. the omega thing didn't matter, it was the threat of war if that wedding didnt work.

well, kates out of her moping. now what?
reading on.
Sergeant Sargent II chapter 32 . 8/16/2013
a last stand. the last stand of the Gododdins... it has a ring to it. they have my respect.
"but they didn't go alone," Ha! 5:1 KDR!

"Yeah, that was my handiwork."

"Let's see, do I want to respond to that," Rienzi muttered, "or would I rather find out what happened with the ghost?"
HA! i have some other comments about Rienzi, but they will wait.

Savvy nodded in frightening satisfaction. "That's right. We have our goddess among us in the flesh at last."
ah, so she really is Jesus.

*Dark laughter* and here, we, Go!
Sergeant Sargent II chapter 30 . 8/16/2013
"Like I said before, the less said about the whereabouts of the Cambulac Pack, the better. "
Oh? what are they, spec ops? fugitives?

"I do really think you're going to want to move back,"
lol. a little slow on the uptake this time, lilly.

"a great fire shall come from the sky and strike him down in the very mountain which he thinks is so impenetrable!"
Ah, so eve WILL be involved. i assume she will inadvertently bring the american drone strike down on tarquin's head in hilarious fashion?

as for this prophet dude... hmmm.

and Lilly is taking the "you're dead to me" approach. cant say i disapprove, though garth and Humphrey weren't really part of it, not to an extent that justifies total disownment.
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