Reviews for Washed Away
smainart chapter 205 . 4/13
I loved this fic!
Ashmerlin chapter 38 . 4/13
I just want to say that the way you portrayed bella's emotions is somewhat similar to the way my mum acted when she had her head injury, hit in the head with a field hockey ball, but she was a tad more confused absent minded and rambled a lot more. It was really hard as she could be bitchy and mean one second burst into tears the next or be apologetic. What really got to me the most though was the way she went from being invincible superwoman and a very smart woman to someone who zoned out all the time, couldn't get to the point of any story, couldn't spell beyond a basic level, couldn't do simple maths and couldn't do her job writing education policies. So thank you for standing up for people with traumatic brain injuries.

Loving the story so far.

Ashmerlin aka Alia
lemonbutt chapter 57 . 4/1
Thats so awkward.
divyvicki chapter 205 . 3/27
This was a great story. I loved the short Drabble chapters. Great way to bring attention to a difficult subject matter.
divyvicki chapter 200 . 3/27
That was just great!
divyvicki chapter 199 . 3/27
Glad Jasper is okay.
divyvicki chapter 198 . 3/26
So happy he's dead.
divyvicki chapter 188 . 3/26
Yeah, skin officially crawling now.
divyvicki chapter 185 . 3/26
What an effen bitch.
divyvicki chapter 184 . 3/24
Boy, she sure is a piece of work.
divyvicki chapter 182 . 3/24
Yeah hate is too good for her.
divyvicki chapter 181 . 3/24
What a bitch. Feed her to the sharks!
divyvicki chapter 180 . 3/24
Seems like Angela isn't the friend that Bella thinks she is. Hope she doesn't lead them to her.
divyvicki chapter 179 . 3/24
Yeah, the army is preparing.
divyvicki chapter 178 . 3/24
Yeah, Edward. She needs u pronto.
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