Reviews for Daemons and Angeluses
Heliana chapter 30 . 7/27
I really love how you added the Junjou Romantica characters into this.
C'sMelody chapter 8 . 7/24
Somehow I feel I shouldn't feel *happy* when you make the twins kill someone, but I've got to give credit where credit is due, right? Killing and feasting on blood suits them just fine, doesn't it? And don't worry, I didn't feel Takano as being too OOC. Loved both of the twins stories, and I'm really eager to read more.
See ya!
C'sMelody chapter 5 . 7/24
I started reading this yesterday, and I feel I should say something. How rude of me to not have reviewed sooner.
This is a very interesting story. Well written (I only found some funny verb tenses and punctuation issues, but, mind you, nothing glaring) and well thought up to this point. I loved the way you incorporated the mythology, though I feel you are trying to give us a bad image of Heaven and God. I would go for a more impartial feeling, but that's me going Switzerland on you. I'll stop being nitpick now. I think you are handling Ritsu's voice just fine, by the way, and the detail in your descriptions makes me a very happy reader.
I'll keep reading now!
StainedSculpture chapter 30 . 7/4
is it just me or it really is getting shorter? hm that was a fine chapter, but it does not feel as strong as the other. thank you~
Visitor chapter 30 . 7/4
I wondered and somewhat had a feeling that death would be introduced in your story and I am glad of it. Thanks for the quick update again checked after I got off work. Whelp I know what I'll be doing in today other than playing Tchaikovsky 1812 overture and explosions of sorts. I really am anticipating what the next few chapters will be like. Have a good 4th again. Till next time
Visitor chapter 29 . 7/3
Nice edit it explained a few things and you are right. It was definitely a nice flow to it. Thanks it was a good read just before work. Till next time.
raiu.corvus chapter 29 . 7/3
Dear Visitor, I made a mistake, you read the original draft and not the final one. Not a lot of changes but it makes for a better flow. If you care to re-read, if you don't that's absolutely fine. Sorry about that!
Visitor chapter 29 . 7/3
No matter how long it takes. I will continue to read this story to its completion so please take your time in your formulation. So on with the review. I swear at the end of the chapter I could think of Lucifer just going, "I had it up to here with everyone's bullshit. Everybody calm the fuck down before I really have to bust someone a new one. And kids I am not beyond giving you both whoppins. Time out corner be damned." Random thoughts, I'm tired. (._.)

Yea Akihiko about the whole keeping Misaki safe thing. Ummm, yea. the thing about that...This will be interesting.

It will delightful to see more from this story. Please do not burn yourself out. Happy patriots day to you. And as always can't wait to see what you have in store. Until next time.
Visitor chapter 25 . 6/21
Just re-reading chapters and this chapter always saddens me when I read it. I wonder curiously if Ritsu will just be consider Oda Ritsu or will one of these chapters Ritsu confess that his real name is ritsu onodera. Very sad indeed. I wonderously await what you have in store. There are couple of theories that are just swimming in my mind at what may happen in all this. Anyway till next time.
StainedSculpture chapter 28 . 6/7
I just love how you wrote this fic. it's so out of this world and I want moree, so much more! is there gonna be more angles that will fall into oblivion?
I can't wait for the next chapter to come, thank you very much 3
Guest chapter 28 . 6/7
Wow, heaven's an asshole. Lol so much for being the good guys.
No offense to the religious people.
Heliana chapter 27 . 6/6
An update!
This is so awesome, I want it to be an anime
Yuuna Arashi chapter 28 . 6/6
Nee-sama, your story is pretty intense. (I haven't completely read every single chapter though, was just checking it out today and skimming through. Hehe. Will read some other time. Hehehe.)
ToktelasAndTea chapter 28 . 6/4
Why does it seem that for every chapter you leave the good stuff for next time. It's like you give use a cookie and then after we've eaten tell us there's a cupcake around the next corner. Why do you do this? Don't you love your readers?! I feel like I've been waiting forever for Misaki and Akihito to get together and I can go all see it on the horizon but no, there's a pesky ritual in the middle. Stupid ceremonial magick. Always sucks the fun out of everything. Although I enjoy the fact that Satan used, "What the Hell." That made me smile.
I love the description of the fall. I can feel the wind and taste Nowaki's desperation. It makes me want to scream in frustration but also joy because of the big step your plot has taken. Not big enough though! More please! Please! Please! Please!
Ugh! I could almost feel the gates shut behind Nowaki. I wonder if he feels free now. Like a burden lifted what with this short time where he will follow no one's orders. Misaki too. It's like the chains of serving heaven have been cut and I feel happy for them. And I hope they don't die.
Visitor chapter 28 . 6/4
Good evening.
Thank you for the chapter update. And now...with the review. Whelp, this is going just as well as things have been going thus far. What fate awaits these two angels. And I wonder how Akihiko may react as well as Aki for that matter. As well as Hiroki. So they have been cast into oblivion, So breaking into oblivion is a big no no from what I just read. I wonder what will be done with all of this. And with that i am done. Still a bit confused why they are opening oblivion if it is so dangerous. But this may just be my tiredness speaking. I'll piece it together later hopefully. Anyway thanks for the update. Till next time.
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