Reviews for Third Steet duelists
Higuchimon chapter 1 . 10/19/2012
To start with: script format isn't allowed. It's clearly stated in the rules you have to read & agree to before posting. Also, spellcheck is your friend. Do not ignore your friend. Punctuation is also your friend. Please, REALLY do not ignore that friend, because that's what helps the story be read and understood. The amount of missing periods alone is unbelievable. Not to mention, I lost track of how many words are misspelled and misused here at about twenty or thirty. Also, the game is called "Duel Monsters" in-universe, not "Yu-Gi-Oh" and those who play it are duelists, not "dullest".

You need to learn how to write duels and the proper use of the cards' effects, because this is messed up.

For where you have "Jar of Greed", I think you mean "Pot of Greed". Though it's interesting; Jar of Greed is actually that card's original Japanese name, with the trap card named "Jar of Greed" being "Bottle of Greed". Still, if you're using the English names, what you want is "Pot of Greed".

Also, Silent Magician's effect is that each *time* your opponent draws a card the attack goes up, not for each card drawn. Drawing two cards by this card's effect counts as one drawing of a card. So Silent Magician would only be at two thousand attack, not twenty-five hundred.

"too long to type down". Seriously. Why? This makes no sense at all. You have no time limit to write this fanfic in. Not to mention typing that is probably longer than typing the card name. What is the card, anyway? If it's original, it's actually not a bad effect. "Special Summon two tokens; your opponent can Special Summon one Level 4 or lower card from his/her hand". Probably one of the better original cards I've seen: presuming it is original at all.

You cannot stop Antique (Ancient) Gear Golem with a trap card. When AGG attacks, no spell or trap cards can be played until the damage step. White Magician Pikeru would be destroyed and your character takes either one thousand, eight hundred points of damage or three thousand, depending on if White Magician Pikeru is in attack mode or defense. If in defense, since Pikeru's defense is zero, then your character would take three thousand due to AGG's piercing effect. Therefore, your character also doesn't get a boost to his life points during his standby phase.

Again, Silent Magician only gets the attack boost for each *time* cards are drawn, not for each card drawn. There is a difference in the game. So, Silent Magician would only be at two thousand five hundred and only has three spell counters. Therefore, the next level cannot be summoned. Therefore, none of your characters' monsters can attack the still-existing AGG.

The effect of Ancient Gear Explosive is that the opponent takes half the original attack as damage. In the case of AGG, that's fifteen hundred. Presuming that Pikeru was in attack mode earlier, this brings your character's LP down to seven hundred. There's no need to try to double it, because he doesn' t need to end his turn: he hasn't attacked yet. AGG can attack either Ebon Magician Curran (it would still be capable of being summoned) or Silent Magician Level 4. Ebon Magician Curran would be the most likely target, given the low attack strength. And that would end the duel right then and there.

I strongly suggest learning how card effects work and not forgetting them in order to write plausible duels.