Reviews for Delivering Dim-Dim
TiaKisu chapter 1 . 12/1/2012
Wow, now that is what I call an exceptional story! The idea, as in all your works is truly unique, and the many topics you cover all at one time give me as a reader quite something to think about. I mean, there we got DimDim technically sacrificing himself for even though his soul will be reborn in the child's body he gives up on the life he knows; we have Sinbad and Maeve hoping to be parents only to learn their child is just an empty shell. So as if all what they have been through wasn't enough already they also have to deal with a lost child now.

It's truly a difficult setting you created there but you managed to stay quite true to the characters, had them struggle themselves. It is true, in a way they both accept quite quickly but then again Sinbad didn't have much time to get used to the idea of being a father so I assume it would be easier to accept the fact that he isn't. And Maeve had months to cope with the situation so yeah... It's all believable.
Aww, and what a nice moment between those two at the end. 'T was so full of hope. Really loved that! :D

Now, what funny enough I find almost more tragical than Sinbad and Maeve's part though is DimDim' and Caipra's fate. I know those two were presented as very strong and wise in the show. But at the same time they love each other, too. And it must thus be awful for Caipra to know the man she loved died and that she's now left to raise his reborn self - knowing that they can never be together again, not in the way they were before that is. That's so sad somehow.

But anyway. Another thing I wanted to comment on is the realism of this story. How you had Firouz act, what he had to do, how Bryn felt understandably uneasy about the whole snuggling up to warm the Celt thing. These are all things hardly any other author (me included) dares to talk about and it's something that would indeed appear to not be all to easy to match with a show that got called Disneyish in its first season. But you did really well with it.

So yeah, all in all this is a fascinating little story with a well-exercised and truly unconventional plot. Thanx a lot for sharing! And go on writing. Best wishes, TK. ;D
Anime Princess chapter 1 . 10/27/2012
An interesting way to go about Maeve going overboard, being pregnant, and returning to their home dimension...

Not to sure I like the fact that DimDim is technically the son of Maeve and Sinbad even if he has his adult ID.

Still, it is an interesting version of events.

Not sure Sinbad would have accepted it so quickly though...

All the same, I liked it