Reviews for A Fairy story
Tetisheri chapter 1 . 10/21/2012
this's so wonderful one,,, i felt really the 1001 Nights
this is amazing ff really,, i like it so much
and i like the moment Sinbad touched Maeve hand and how his hand entered the crystal in this moment and the crystal disappear

also like this one

Sinbad briefly wondered how Dermott would feel about being described like that- it couldn’t be much worse than ‘beautiful as the moon’…


this one with that one too

“You couldn’t come up with a more manly description?”

and i have to confess that i knew that the bird description was that of Maeve,, :) i just felt it

and hey, the idea of the separation of Maeve spirit and body and that her spirit was saved by Dim Dim who brought her spirit to where he is... but couldn't do the same to her body so she could return back,,,,,,, this idea is very new in AOS ff i guess and i like it too,,
well as i said before i didn't have chance till now to read 1001 NIGHTS book, you may be inspired by it,, i felt the spirit of the book in your story,,,, but i really like your story and you did good work here

Well done,
TiaKisu chapter 1 . 10/19/2012
Aw, I adore the idea of bringing the 1001 Nights into this, and the idea of having that storyteller draw Sinbad's attraction to what he would say. It had a pretty realistic and at the same time very fantastic feeling to it. :)
And the following line totally cracked me up:
"Sinbad briefly wondered how Dermott would feel about being described like that- it couldn't be much worse than 'beautiful as the moon'"

Haha, true that. I can well imagine Sinbad having quite some troubles with being described like that! ;D
As for Dermott's description though: I actually like that very much. It's rather poetic and quite frankly beautiful. :D
And as for the story the man told: Loved it! I have the feeling something like that was part of one of the old Sinbad-movies wasn't it (the thing about a princess that got turned into a bird), but maybe I'm messing things up here. In any case it was a great story, and an amazing twist to have the locals point it out that they do in fact have a sleeping beauty amongst them. :D

The way Sinbad got to rescue Maeve was just soooo sweet, and I love it that DimDim sent the story-teller to be there at just the right point of time. And everything worked out so very well. Now she's back with him and the two are just great together - as always. Her constantly interrupting him is just so her and it made me grin, really.

I wonder if you have written a follow-up to that, because I think it makes a fab start for a new set of stories, especially as Maeve now wears a rainbow bracelet as well. Hehe.

All in all: a really lovely story. You got a nice pace and a good style. 'T was a pleasure reading this.
Thanx a lot for sharing! :D :D