Reviews for Fire in the hold
Anandi chapter 1 . 8/11/2014
This is a very funny story! :D I like the idea of Firouz and Maeve pointing fingers at each other for the explosions on Sinbad's ship! Come to think of it, it would be really hard to tell actually.. if something was caused by magic or by "science" :P and both Firouz and Maeve were in a "learning" phase during the show ;) I've seen Sinbad go after Firouz when he tests his "relaxation tub" and I've seen him go after Maeve when she breaks the halliard with her wind :P Poor Sinbad! But both of them at the same time.. wow.. absolute hilarity :D Awesome! I luv it! :")
TiaKisu chapter 1 . 10/19/2012
Bwahahahahaha... this is soooooooo good. Had me crack up big time. Amazing!

Haven't read such a funny and yet so very much in-character AoS fic in ages. Awesome!
Honestly, this one's great. I absolutely love how Maeve and Firouz work together here, realizing that Sinbad can never find out just who set something on fire if neither of the two betrays the other (lol, and I like how Maeve seems to be most fascinated by that prospect xD ). And Firouz constantly mentioning that vein on Sinbad's forehead... I cried out with laughter at that! Brilliant! ;D
Haha, really though, if I were Sinbad I'd forbid Maeve to call a dragon, too. I mean, I love dragons but seriously... on a ship... what is she thinking? ;D
Oh, but how mean of Doubar to tease his little brother. But then again that's so very in-character for the first mate. ;D

All in all: an all around lovely ficlet that definitely belongs to the most funny AoS fics I've read so far. Well done! :D