Reviews for Fish
Anandi chapter 1 . 8/13/2014
I like the concept of the purpose of white-magic! You have correctly captured DimDim's way of speaking in riddles. I love this one "Why would a white sorcerer conjure a table if a carpenter could make it".. I was honestly trying as hard as Maeve to figure out the answer :P I guess Maeve learnt one of the very basic abstract concepts of magic. The why behind it all :) And its a useful lesson because it keeps her focus on the important things in life instead of feeling low when Rumina flaunts her magic. I always thought Rumina was a bit of a show-off! :-/

I love the "If you want a real conversation, I'll go get Bryn" :D It's soooo funny :D You know, it also reminds us that Sinbad is not exactly at his best when he's talking to animals .. or birds.. That's more of Maeve's department. I remember his hesitancy with the squirrel in the Vorgon episode. Hehe...

So, great writing! Awesome read. Thank you for sharing your lovely story :)
TiaKisu chapter 1 . 10/19/2012
Wheee, new stories on fanficnet! Awesome! :D
Aw, I absolutely love what you've done, MJ. :D This is such a cute happy ficlet, and yet very interesting as well because it covers something essential about white magic. :D

I totally love your idea that is has in fact been Maeve who saved Sinbad, and that she did so with unintentionally turning herself into a fish was great. I never read of something like that before. :D
Aw, but the poor one, didn't know how to reverse that! My gosh, it must've been hell for her to swim through the ocean, trying to get her real body back yet failing and only having DimDim's riddle as some means of help (btw.: this riddle seems to be so very him, well done! :D ).

Oh, and btw.: I absolutely adore this line:
"Two arms encircled her waist and though she couldn’t see him, she knew him. He was the only warmth, the only true thing right now."

This is so sweet. And heart-braking all at once! Such a simple sentence and yet ladden with a deeper meaning and such essential emotions. Amazing!

Aw, and so Doubar told Sinbad just who Mala was? That's lovely. I always wondered whether he would. He's obviously kept their mother's picture from Sinbad for all his life long, has never even told him that name. Meeting her in Hell House could well have been a turning point and lead Doubar to finally telling him. So it was a nice thing to add here. :)

Sinbad talking with the little fish was pretty cute, and his question whether she should go and get Bryn so that the little creature could have a proper conversation was just lovely. It seems indeed funny that Sinbad would talk to a little fish but then we can assume that even though he wasn't aware of it consciously, something deep inside felt there was something familiar about it? Something that made this little one be different from all other fish? :)

Ah, but finally Maeve understood what white magic was about (lovely conclusion btw! ;) ) and she is thus a fill-fledged sorceress now? Wow! That means she kind-of owes that to Sinbad because her wish to help him made her see and understand. :D
Oooh, and it was so cute to see them back together. :D I agree, having the two of them break down into tears would have been a possible scenario as well, yet I understand why you didn't go for it. And sure, after all Maeve had plenty of time to work on transforming herself back and ond now that it worked she must be overjoyed. And the same will affect Sinbad, too. So yeah, the two of them just being happy and hyper is quite a sensible version, too. Plus, "Yeah I think we’ve established that you missed talking," had me giggle merrily. ;D

Once again thanx for sharing such a goodie. Your fics definitely are very refreshing - cute and light. A pleasure to read, really. :D