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x Euphoria chapter 36 . 2/11
I love when I see this story get updated! So I read this when this chapter first came out but then I had to re-read the whole thing. It's been awhile and plus I needed something to read before bed x).

I always forget what happens to Ellone but NOPE not the case anymore. I made sure to read everything carefully cause I know I got some things about the powers mixed up last time _ . But I just really love how everything is flowing and how their relationship is building. It's so adorable and very natural.

You're doing a great job with this story and always I can't wait for more! :D :D :D
FF9Zidane chapter 36 . 1/28
Oh well now I'm hooked! Imma just plop myself here and wait for updates. :)
Summoner Luna chapter 36 . 1/26
I've seen some of the dialogue with Caraway before and of course heard you talk about it, but contextually, it really fits very well, and flows very nicely-particularly the lines I know you struggled with more than others, so well done on those! And it's just so *refreshing* to see Caraway in this light. It doesn't give the idea that this one conversation is going to resolve everything between them, but knowing what you were going for, you really did nail the "oh hey, he actually did have my best interests at heart" aspect of their relationship, and make him far less of the villain he's usually painted as.

As for the stuff between Squall and Rinoa...ahhh I thought we were finally going to get a kiss! So close! That first time she had her hands on him I really thought you were going to go for it, the moment was so perfect! Crazy kids and their over-thinking things.

And I did catch the Skye reference in this, and it was perfectly used. And awesome, because Skyenoa.
angelwingprincess chapter 36 . 1/19
So, I totally left this open with the review box zoomed in on so I wouldn't forget to review for this chapter, haha! Anyway, I absolutely love how you worked in the 'old family friend' being Raine. I half expected it to be Laguna but I like the way you made Raine and Caraway friends from childhood. It's interesting and makes me really curious about how he was before he went into the military.

I always get excited for your updates, even if there's not a lot of gush-ness, because I like seeing this slow build that they're having. Rinoa sitting on her hands to keep from hugging him was cute, and then he had to go and say she could as a return favor (which is kindof a hug buzzkkill) but UGGGGGHHHH I am SOOOOO excited for where this goes next! I might just reread the whole thing again just to re-immerse myself
siobhane chapter 36 . 1/18
Ugh. Feels, man. The conversation with Rinoa and her dad was really perfect for their relationship. For him to admit he not only made mistakes but also realized they were different people in spite of their similarities was a nice touch. And the fact that Rinoa didn't sugar coat things was on point-I know we sort of covered similar headcanon ground in this topic, but I really like how you presented it. I also liked that Squall instinctively knew Rinoa and Caraway needed to clear the air after his statement about being needed in a different capacity. That comment and Rinoa's response to it gave me feels in a big way. Ugh.

But on a lighter note, the banter/flirting/LIES part was cute. These two are just cute together. Squall's dry humor versus Rinoa's silly humor is so funny to me. Resistance is futile, Mr. Leonhart. You know you secretly like it!

More, please.
siobhane chapter 35 . 1/18
I can't remember if I said before how much I enjoy Rinoa's silly, derivative thought processes. I'd imagine, being in her situation without much opportunity for conversation or mental stimulation, surrounded by sick people who may or may not zombify, would lead to her having to entertain herself a lot of the time. Given the circumstances, I would say your characterization is perfectly reasonable. And hilarious. I love all the weird, circular reasoning and associations she makes. It's silly but oddly logical.

I found it interesting that though they keep agreeing to not connect mentally, Squall is the one that keeps breaking the agreement. It seemed out of character at first, but he's so nonverbal/reluctant to talk that it actually makes sense that this sort of communication would appeal to him, being that he's stuck in his head a lot of the time.

All the plot twists have been fun to read. Just when I think I have a handle on where this is going, there's a sudden left turn. Tricky to pull off, but it makes for a great read!

I also want to note that I do enjoy the slight role reversal. The idea that Squall's physical well being is linked to Rinoa's power is something you don't see. Usually, if he's dependant on her at all (guilty!) it's a mental health issue and not a physical one. I also like that Rinoa doesn't get her feelings hurt by his stand-offishness. I personally never saw her as being upset by that as writers tend to portray. She gets him, and she gets that it's nothing personal when he pushes her away.

So anyway, there's a new chapter to read (yay!) and I'm super curious about Raine's role in Squall's special snowflake mess, how Caraway knows her and why Caraway seems so suspicious of Jim. Ahem. I mean Squall.

Also, I thought I followed, but evidently didn't so I'm gonna fix that right now.
Ronin-ai chapter 36 . 1/17
yay! another chapter, and more revelations. I do love how gradually their relationship is building...being thrown together and more or less dependent upon each other can make things even more difficult. Can't wait to see where things go from here (sending creative juju your way).
siobhane chapter 9 . 12/30/2015
Well this just got dark. Oh, Rin. So impulsive. So reckless. So much Rin. I'm really loving your characterization of her. The thought processes and rationalization and willingness to get to the bottom of things is spot on. I also really enjoy all the moments of humor throughout all this. I am a big fan of that (as you probably know) and I've always felt that no matter how bad an IRL situation is, there are always moments of humor if you're looking. At least, in my experience.

But duuuuude! What is going on in this clinic?! Zombie vegetables or not, seriously not cool. Horrifying.

Okay, I really, really want to keep reading, but real life calls and I've spammed your inbox enough for one day.
siobhane chapter 8 . 12/30/2015
*flails* MY FEELS.

The discarded teddy bear analogy is just brilliant. Seriously hit me right in the chest because I was that kid. Couldn't stand to see a sad, beat-up, dirty, abandoned stuffed animal. So this seriously, kinda really hit home and it's the perfect analogy for Squall. Ugh. What are you trying to do to me?!

The part about Caraway making her take the pills-also some serious feels when you revealed the reasons why. I can imagine how sad and scary this situation would be all the way around. Either refrain from having children or be forced to wait until after transition, that is, if you don't wind up sterile.

I love all the detail and how you slowly reveal all the back story and history of the zombification -the risks, the way now two transitions are really alike but come with an almost predictable set of outcomes bases on symptoms. And how Rinoa has observed all if this and has seen so much that she can pick up on things that aren't normal. Also interesting that Squall let her stay. Almost felt like it was a passive-aggressive "get to know me" type thing. And of course Squall's a special snowflake. *grins*
siobhane chapter 7 . 12/30/2015
Oh, Cod, the puns!

Also, nicely played with the game reference, "Just stay close to me." Love that you inverted it. Very nice.
siobhane chapter 6 . 12/30/2015
Okay, I was going to review every chapter, but I kinda got caught up in the story and suddenly I was at chapter six.

I absolutely love this. The while premise is interesting, as well as the mystery of where Ellone went-did she die? Is there a big, weird conspiracy? Sick with something else? Ack! Must know! Good thing there's plenty still to read so I can chug the whole thing.

I'm enjoying your characterization of Rinoa, Zell and Squall a lot. Grief and confusion aside, I think you nailed his broody seriousness without making the AU also OOC. Very nice. And I love Rin's thoughtsamd feelings about things. I never personally saw her as a mother hen (that always falls squarely on Quistis in my head) but in this context, I buy it 100%. It can't be easy to watch people come and go (good or bad) or watch a friend die or even spend day in and day out waiting your turn for something to happen. That she's there voluntarily is interesting and seems to be mostly out of stubbornness/daddy issue related? Very interesting.

And oh, boy. Now Squall's (ahem! Jim? Hehe)going through it. Whew. Feels, man. Feels.

Something about this rinds me of the movie/book, "Never Let Me Go." That was about clones made for orgam donation, but the tone strikes me as similar. I like that.!
siobhane chapter 2 . 12/30/2015
Aww. TheZell-Rinoa banter was fun. Zell as a horror movie fan/zombie apocolypse theorist is also a fun idea. I can suddenly picture him discussing this at length, hyper-excited/slightly paranoid. Fun.

I don't see first person fics very often, and they're rarely Rinoa. When I do see them, I often feel like the characterization is way, way off, but I think you captured Rinoa's personality and spirit really well so far, and I liked the empathy she has for her new roomie (Ellone?). And naturally, her "Squall vision" is functioning at optimum capacity. Assuming, of course I have identified the mystery patients correctly. Oh, yeah. Liked Zell's little dig about setting Rin up with the guy/Squall that tried to punch him. *squee* I've got the feels already.
siobhane chapter 1 . 12/30/2015
I'm taking a break from my obsessive-compulsive writing habits to read instead. Boy I'm glad I did. I loved the beginning of this, told as a fable, and slowly come to realize that it isn't. It transitions nicely into the reality of this storyverse. It's a really good hook and I definitely want to read more. Fun that the narrator is unidentified, leaving me to speculate. Of course, I love the zombie premise. Brains! :)

So I'm officially intrigued. Apologies in advance if your inbox suddenly explodes.
x Euphoria chapter 35 . 7/25/2015
Wowowow what a great chapter especially that ending. Also holy crap the imagery of Caraway non-nonchalantly saying he'd make Squall strip tease with cartwheels was gold. Rinoa's eyes must have popped out of her head hehehe. Thanks for the update before you head into the Successor Challenge! I will be looking forward to it!
Ronin-ai chapter 35 . 7/24/2015 tell... I love all the twists and turns of this story. Keep it up and write MOAR STUFFS! :D
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