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nubsauce13 chapter 7 . 9/10
I don't know if you know this yet. I just found out about it myself but the guy you got this story idea from, Freedom Guard, apparently passed away due to a cardiac arrest on the 5th of August. Sorry about telling you through a review.
Guest chapter 4 . 8/24
That "religious rule" of the UNSC is pretty stupid, and doesn't even make sense.
Guest chapter 7 . 8/19
Just so you know you don't have to worry about copying freedom guard's work anymore. There has been talking amongs authors that he has passed away on august 5 2015 and it looks like it is the truth.
Rakaan chapter 7 . 8/9
I hope this chapter gets deleted when the real chapter comes out. It's a pet peeve of mine that the chapter drop-down box is littered with A/N "Update" and other such non-chapters. Other than that, this is a pretty damn fine story.
Rakaan chapter 5 . 8/9
The Chief seems to roll his eyes a lot at Cortana's comments. They'd been together for years, and if this is any indication, it seems he rolls his eyes like a dozen times a day. o.O
Rakaan chapter 3 . 8/9
I'm surprised John busted out some morphine for the first aid - they are not human after all, and for all he knew they might have had some kind of fatal allergy to it.
Rakaan chapter 2 . 8/9
As someone who has little to no knowledge of Warcraft lore and races, I am pleased to report your descriptions were good enough that I felt no need to go looking up the wiki and could just enjoy the chapter as I read. Well done!
Rakaan chapter 1 . 8/9
A damn fine first chapter!
FateBurn chapter 6 . 8/4
good so far.
Psp reader chapter 6 . 7/29
Freedom guard influenced a lot I see... nice to finally see more digergence happening, hope for faster updates though... good luck and keep at it!
HaywireEagle chapter 2 . 7/29
Honestly. The action scene comes off as kind of sloppy and wholely unbelievable at times. And repetitious. For example..

Without any insight or knowledge of the world. He isn't going to know who is fanatical or not. Regardless of any training. It doesn't work like that. He can tell refinement, skill, style. Not beliefs. Saying that it is training is just poor writing on your part.

The knife throw/weapon switch is kind of eyeroll worthy. You don't throw your knife in a situation like that.

How was he able to reload his rifle and unsheath his knife at the same time?

How are energy shields unknown to them? Many of a caster class can easily sport a magical barrier of some sort. Surprised, yes. Baffled, no.

Puking/Spitting your guts out is physically impossible. Minor nitpick. Unless you mean figuritively?

Also, Rocket pistol? I can think of either the Magnum or Sticky Detonator. Not a 'rocket pistol'

The elves also aren't going to just stand there with their jaws on the floor. They'll be surprised at first and freeze for a bit because of it, but they would save the awe and the like until after the fight. Especially if they are ancient veterans. Especially when it comes to Fel orcs.

The humans here speaking English comes off as a bit of a iffy moment given the world itself.
New Universe Returns chapter 7 . 7/27
I was wondering if you watch the tokusatsu series called GARO before? If so, them maybe you could do the GARO/World of Warcraft story if you liked to, an experimental fic will do.

GARO is a Japanese tokusatsu TV series notable for being targeted at an adult audience, as opposed to being a merchandise-driven kids' show. It is also noteworthy for being more horror oriented, it uses In the GAROverse, the Makai Knights are a secret order of warriors who hunt down the Horrors: monsters born of the darkness of human souls. The show focuses on Kouga Saejima, a Makai Knight who has inherited the title of GARO from his father. By thrusting his sword upwards and drawing a halo, Kouga can summon an invincible suit of golden armour that he can wear for precisely 99.9 seconds. With the aid of his familiar Zaruba, a magical ring, his day job is hunting down spare pockets of negative energy while he spends his nights hunting down the Horrors that have possessed humans.

The story also focuses on Kaoru Mitsuki, a struggling artist with a string of bad luck and an uncanny ability to cycle through different occupations incredibly quickly. In her first encounter with Kouga, she is splashed with the blood of a Horror, leaving her tainted and with one hundred days to live. The law of the Makai Knights dictate that she should be struck down, but Kouga decides to leave her alive as bait to draw out other Horrors.

Later, another Makai Knight by the name of Rei Suzumura makes his appearance. With the self-awarded title "ZERO" and the ability to summon a suit of silver armour, Rei has discarded his responsibilities as a Makai Knight so he can pursue a vendetta against Kouga, who he believes to be the murderer of his lover.

The original series became a success, and has since spawned an expanding narrative of spinoffs, movies and sequels.

There is also an anime adaptation of GARO called GARO: Honoo no Kokuin or GARO: The Carved Seal of Flames (a.k.a. GARO: The Animation) It is a dark fantasy anime series and the first animated entry in the GARO franchise, animated by MAPPA and written by Yasuko Kobayashi, and part of the Fall 2014 Anime line-up. It is a seperate continuity from the live-action series.

In a medieval European kingdom called Variante, a woman accused of witchcraft is burnt at the stake, but not before she can give birth to a child mysteriously shielded from the flames. A man clad in silver armor emerges from the palace and whisks the child to safety before the magic protecting it can wear off. The High Priest and Royal Adviser, Mendoza, who blames the witch and her people for the king's poor health, launches an extermination war against her people: The Makai Knights and Makai Priests. These magic wielders are all systematically hunted down, captured, tortured and killed. The people of the Church claim that this was a righteous extermination of demons. What the people do not know is that the people who were killed were a clan of warriors dedicated to sealing the true demons known as Horrors.

Over a decade later, virtually all of the Makai have been eliminated; the few who remain have secluded themselves from society and live in hiding. Two of them, however, still actively follow their duty of eliminating Horrors: GARO and ZORO. Every Makai Knight wields magical suits of armor and immense power. One of whom is Germán Luís, who holds the title of ZORO, the knight who rescued the baby from the flames. The infant turns out to be his son. The baby, now a young man and the current holder of GARO, is León Luís. León and his father embark on a journey to seek out their surviving allies, eliminate the Horrors, and exact revenge on those who hunted them to near-extinction.

A second season was greenlit not long after the premiere of the first one, and a movie have also been announced.. It was later confirmed to be unrelated to the first series and it is set in medieval/feudal Japan. It's set to air in the Fall 2015 Anime season.

As for the rest of the World of Warcraft: Fall of Dawn story, I do hope you get your permission from the original author of the other original Halo/World of Warcraft story; World of Warcraft Halo by Freedom Guard; to copy almost the entire story into this. Otherwise, you'll get sued and this story might get removed soon.
Mercenary X chapter 1 . 7/27
Stealing work from other people and calmly calling it your own as well as retailing it does not change the fact that this is from freedom guard. And you not even seen good material in the first place, at least he has the excuse of saying that English is not his first language. Hopefully you need correct some of the spelling and grammar issues, but that still doesn't change the fact that you're stealing from him. if there was a button I would press it and report to you immediately. no this you are not doing yourself any favors. I will however retracted my statements if you can show proof that freedom guard let you take over the story. If that is the case then I will let this slide mind you I am Telling You now that this is not very good stuff to begin with. And the other people who criticize and critique you stating that you are mischaracterized the Master Chief is valid.
link01742 chapter 7 . 7/26
ok thanks for telling us
kiddi chapter 2 . 6/24
bearly got started with chapter two but I just had to correct this horrible typo. I am almost certain you wanted the HEV to land 2 kilometer away, because each kilometer is 1000 meters. 2000 kilometers would be the the equivalent of 1243 miles, or half the distance across the USA. Unless you are planning on writing out weeks of travels, which I doubt, you will want to change this.
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