Reviews for Lost in Time
lilac-kat chapter 19 . 7/4/2013
This was great! Nothing to criticize. I actually kind of like them shorter, because it usually means then that the stories aren't repeating sooooooo much from the books that everyone already knew, as happened w/ your version of Flyte (though that did have more of the small stuff to it to consider than the other stories). On to your next one, now!
xxmelusinexx chapter 18 . 4/22/2013
I think that this was my favorite chapter in the entire story. Great job. I was wondering of your were planning on continuing I Need You Most or not.
Drimali chapter 17 . 4/21/2013
One more time how can you do that ? I was resignate to Odale death, in fact. Uh, don't mind. This switch off many of my interrogations.

I think this chapter was... Fast. Really fast. Almost too fast, sorry to say it. Just see : Odale's "resurection", then Alexander's attack (and death, I don't know how, but anyone seem to be shocked), then Alice's death, and then Marcia yelling at Silas just like if nothing happened. This seems just weird.

Anyways, can you remind me some thing about Alexander ? I remember he was one of the guys who wanted to kill Odale in Twist of Fate, but that's all. Hey, what was he doing in the past ? Sorry if you already say it, I don't remember.

Another thing, not really about your fic, most about Physik, the book. Why is it written "I.P" on the bullet destinated to Jenna ? I never read the English version of Angie's books, sorry if my question is stupid.

And sorry about sending you so much rewiew -Hey, you posted your last chapter when I was writing !
Drimali chapter 16 . 4/21/2013
Aw, how awful it is ! Did you really just kill your main character ? I couldn't help but having my eyes growing wet. In fact, I... Never really liked Odale. But now she's dead ! I would never have thought you'll doing that... Had you planned this since the beginning ?

Anyways, as I didn't remember where I stoped reading, I just re-read all your fic. Strange thing, I'm growing attached of Cashmére. But just a little. And do we, readers, can know who is the man who recognise Sep in the past ? I've tried to remember, but it didn't work well.

I was going to like (just a little !) Merrin, but after Odale's death... Maybe he will want to revenge her ? But (in my opinion) it's not Septimus' fault ! Or at least, not just sep's fault. It's just life. But I think Merrin will become the pig he was before. Such a shame.

It's great to see Snorri speaking swedish, in fact each time I see Angie speaking of Snorri's swedish accent, I think to you. And I do like language mixes (even with latin ! I can learn some things !). However, each time you write in swedish at the end of your chapters, I wonder how it would be to pronounce it. I really can't imagine.

If I read 10 first chapters of Fyre, it's thanks to you. But it wad really difficult to see about who you were talking, with her new shoes and her cups of coffee. Anyways, I'm getting Fyre this thursday ! And what about you ? Have you read the Darke Toad this last time ?

One more time, I just can't figure how Odale could be dead. ...Well, I was going to write many questions about it, but after it's just useless. Well...

See ya... Oh, and about your friend... I'm... With you.
EvaTheNymphe chapter 11 . 1/19/2013
Man , this gotta be your best story so far , althought I need you most is very good as well . You're really improving your writing style , so don't stop and continue writing in this category. Can't wait until you're going to reach Darke ,I'm really curious about what will your characters do then .
Anatshasia chapter 10 . 12/29/2012
Love this story! I especially like the moments with Merrin and Odale :)
Drimali chapter 2 . 10/20/2012
I had to read to read 3 times the A/N before understanding what was weird in it. And then I saw I understood perfectly one word ! This is a very strange feeling... But so, now I have a big (and stupid) smile on my face. Yes, I'm vanish cause I think this is for me, but maybe it isn't. Don't know...

Hum... I really don't like when someone is in fight with Marcia, because I do prefer Marcia, in fact. But this don't look like to Odale to be so disrespectful... And I like when she... Sort of cares about Marcia by wondering if she's okay when she's in front of her room. I like when you wrote little moments between both of them.

I won't say anything about the poem, I'll read it one more time tomorrow when I'll have a dictionnary beneath the hand, to be sure to understand all words (for example, don't remember what do mean "shuttered").

I'll read the third chapter of "I needs you most" tomorrow too (one thing, no 's' at first person, just at the third, so this is 'I need you most'), I'm going to bed now. Good night...