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Roscommon chapter 33 . 5/10/2014
This was one of the best stories I've read in a very long time. It has a great balance of action and character growth, and I felt like the changes that took place in everyone were completely "earned" within the story. Thank you very much for writing and sharing this.
writerdragonfly chapter 7 . 3/31/2014
/The older man sat down heavily. "You're right. You're right. I cannot turn into a monster. More than I have. Not again."

Wesley's chest loosened. "You're not a monster. You're simply not yourself."

Giles nodded, unspeaking. "Perhaps when we're desperate- we're more ourselves than ever. Ha. Sad. At heart, I do deals with devils, I steal cars, I fake deaths, I endanger youngsters, I consider ending the life of someone I once I tried to help..."

"You protect an innocent woman, the world's champion, and spare as many people as much pain as you can." Wesley moved into the kitchen, began searching out tea things. "You have dark thoughts, just like all of us."/ THIS. UGH.

/Shows what she knows/ /It only hurts for a moment./ HIS MUM.


/"Maybe we're more the same than you'd like to think, Slayer./


/She barely felt his fingers touch between her shoulder blades as he left the room, but she knew what it meant./

You are so talented. Ugh.
writerdragonfly chapter 6 . 3/30/2014
/"Nothing could be further from my mind." He felt a hot rush of anger inside him. She twisted a simple phrase and made it mean something more. He'd never be more, it was always only business. He had protested that fact to Drusilla so many times, that it was ever only a matter of business...

"Good. So drop the act."

"I will. You should've had your honey do this little job, Slayer. Ex-honey, that is." He turned his back on her, a sneer instantly forming when she couldn't see it any longer. "After all, you two were supposed to be such good friends nowadays."

He was. He was supposed to be my friend. And my lover. If he couldn't be one, he should at least try to be the other. God knows I tried to be everything he ever asked me to be. "You-" She seethed, she wanted words to hurl back at him, angry words, words that would sting like his did. They didn't come out, halted by a simple thought, He's doing this job, that he hates, so he can get something to heal Drusilla. Broken up or not, friends or not- man, he still would do anything for her./


Such pain. Ugh.

I love them so much, darling.

/"We will." They both lied. They exchanged a look that communicated effectively as any words. An almost conspiratorial look that meant "Nothing changes, but we don't have to tell him about it."/

/A distinctly odd feeling was coming over her, and she didn't like it. A feeling of something between feeling sorry for him, understanding him, or wanting to talk to him more. Clear proof that her brain was atrophying from lack of stimulation, and maybe dying from lack of protein. She could fix that./ ! ! ! ! Yes progress

/Some of the same stories. Some of the same abilities. Some of the same kinds of loves. Same desperation. "No." She said quietly, reflectively. "Totally helped."/ Ugh

You write so well.
writerdragonfly chapter 5 . 3/30/2014
/He stared after her. She did wait up for me. Well, only to make sure she wasn't next for the chop. Still. She did wait up for me. He pressed the wet towel to his injured eye, wondering if now he'd have a matching set of scars, one for each side.

Dru never waited up. Not once. He'd come home or he wouldn't, and the little pixies playing in her head told her it was all a silly game of hide and seek, waiting for him to pop up, like some lovesick jack in the box./

Spike, baby. *hugsquishes*

Great chapter, lots happening. (:
writerdragonfly chapter 4 . 3/30/2014
/"You so owe me a story about your misspent youth when I get back." Buffy crossed her arms, then let them fall open.

"I will talk until you tell me to stop." He leaned forward, hugged her hard, and shoved her into the passenger seat. "Drive!" Spike obeyed, quietly purring through the night- covered grass, down the semi-cleared path to the groundskeeper's equipment shed and then to the road./ *squishes Giles and Buffy*

Spike's attempt at teaching Buffy how to drive? PRICELESS.

/"See? Not alone. He's right, the old man is. You shouldn't be goin' alone, unless you wanna die alone."

She shut up. No denial, no reason to argue, nothing to say to that.

Beaten. But still won't give. Spike's sneer softened, very slightly./ Love this.

/I'm being hunted by the "good guys". I'm on a road trip in a stolen car to stay in a house in the middle of who knows where. I suck at driving, and I really want a shower. I have the "bodyguard" from hell, and he has the munchies.

"I wanna go home." Buffy muttered viciously./ Buffy, haha. You're so awesome.

Great chapter, my darling.
writerdragonfly chapter 3 . 3/30/2014
/"I said I can't do the self-preservation thing when it's family. You and Willow are totally sibs. Ah- no." She raised her eyebrows and put on her best imitation of the Willow resolve face. "You can't leave Willow here alone. Or Mom! Who's going to take care of all of you if I'm- busy?" Gone sounded like such a dirty word right now. "You have to take care of each other. You have to act like a family who's lost a member. Make it look real- or it becomes real."/ BUFFY. FAMILY FEELINGS. Ugh.

/"Yeah, the dragging on part? How long do you think it'll take before you can nail this guy?" Xander asked quietly.

"I don't know. Wesley's integral in that part." Giles sighed as the car squeaked to a gentle stop at the curb.

"Oh goody. We'll see Buffy when she's fifty." Xander groaned.

"Have a little faith in him. He's not altogether what he seems."/ Giles just ugh. He's seen Wesley for the first time, hasn't he? Seen the man outside the suit, for lack of better phrasing? He has faith in this Wes.

/Buffy'd be safe there.

If she can survive a seventeen hour drive with Spike...

If I can get her a car. What am I saying? When I get her a car./ Haha, go Giles.

/"What am I saying, not okay! Never okay! It's Spike! Evil vampire, me slay now." She mimed stabbing something.

"He's an excellent fighter, he's crafty, he has a century of experience in remaining below the radar, as it were, and he's got a chance to earn something he desperately wants and can't get anywhere else." Buffy remained unconvinced, and he couldn't blame her. "He also called me. To warn me. That you were in danger." He added quietly.

"Say what now?" Buffy's jaw dropped.

"He was approached by the Council to take you down. He refused. He called me, to warn me you were being targeted. He felt it wasn't a fair fight."

"He never plays fair."

"But he always fights. This wouldn't have been a fight, it would have been an assassination built to look like a fight, and he didn't want that. He, odd as this sounds, has some sort of respect for you, or your calling at least."/

Ugh, the feelings grah. The modicum of respect Giles has for Spike, for warning him, for doing this, and just ugh.

/"So let's ask him." Buffy studied his carefully averted face, set shoulders. Silence greeted her suggestion. The thudding in her chest seemed to stop altogether, then restart heavily. "You did ask?"

"I'm sorry." Giles nodded.

"He- he said no?" Tears sprang to her eyes. "Why? No, never mind, I know why."/ Oh, Buffy. *hugs*

Giles misplaced guilt! UGH.

/"You would have made a good villain." Spike rose and stalked back up to the loft, intending to exit the way he'd come, for the sake of secrecy.

"I know. I tried it a bit as a boy. Didn't suit me. But the skills are useful."/ HAHAHA.

/ But I don't even know the woman I'm describing. She doesn't act like my Dru. Doesn't sound like my Dru. Sounds like some dream woman./ oh, spike.

Lovely chapter, as always, love.
writerdragonfly chapter 2 . 3/29/2014
/Wesley laughed hysterically and loudly, eyes crinkled shut then opened wide. "Oh... oh you've no idea."

"Have you been hit on the head?" Giles took his arm and pushed him onto the couch.

"In a manner of speaking, I've had a bomb dropped on me." Wesley gave him a glassy eyed stare as the mirth dropped away. "Sit down, Mr. Giles."

"I'll stand."

"You'll need to sit. Rupert."

Uneasily, Giles sat, and listened in growing rage and horror as Wesley repeated word for word what Travers had said./ The hysteria in Wes, the standoffish-ness of Giles. It's perfectly in character and brilliantly worded.

/"You honestly expect me to believe this? Any of this?" Only Giles did believe it, with unpleasant certainty. "You're Travers' pet, a snot nosed little simp, hanging on every word and every rule ever issued. Why would he tell you, involve you? You're a coward, Pryce. You'd never lift a hand against a Slayer."

"He told me because I'm a coward. He knows what this job means to me, what my family would do if I was ever embroiled in a scandal. I stand to lose everything if I don't play along, and I told you- he doesn't want me to do anything but fawn over him." Wesley answered with honesty that bruised his ego and his soul, but he didn't care. "He thinks I'm too much of a coward to stand up to him. It's not me he wants to fight her, he'll have William the Bloody take on Buffy."/ The bravery it took Wes to do any of this, admit any of this-it's all stuff that even he didn't expect to have. He doesn't feel brave or heroic, but he just knows that he needs to do something. Anything. Ugh.


/Spike's smirk turned into a hideous smile, vampiric ridges doubly ridged as cruel fangs showed. "So funny when you're scared. All you are is big bullies. Eight on one." He shook his head and made a clicking reprimand with his tongue. "Love bein' a vamp. See, all the sudden, you only need to be one person and you can stand up to all sorts of bullies."/


/"Have a thing about bein' picked on." He told the still figure with an sinister leer. His voice became a mockery of explanation. "My therapist says I have 'emotional baggage'./

This is so Spike and grah feelings.

/"You know, forget about evil, people like you are the reason this world is such a bloody mess! No loyalty, no love! You take and you take and you get what you want, and you never have a damn reason to complain, and what do you do? You want somethin' new!" He rambled, beginning to pace among the bodies on the ground. "Oh the old one is just great, but a new one'd be fun, never mind the old one has devoted his entire existence to keepin' her happy and safe, loves her more than his own life, an' -you make me sick." Spike stopped abruptly. He was panting hard and he turned to calm himself, phone to his chest, taking deep, unneeded breaths, distressed, angry human face back to the forefront. He caught one figure with its eyes opened, but it quickly closed them. "Smart move." He muttered grimly.

He turned his attention back to the phone. "The answer is no. I hate people who do what you do. Go on, make me a target. You've lost eight people tonight. You can lose eight more, eighty more, eight dozen more for all I care, every time you send someone near me." He hung up the phone, and cracked his knuckles. "Sorry you lot. B'lieve me, you're better off goin' now, before you turn into shit like that."/ This is exactly the kind of reason I like Spike. He's such a dark character but there has always been this honor in him, this light. This inextinguishable part of William in him, that makes him such a great character, even when he's against Buffy instead of with her. He works so well as foil to Travers here, and to an extent also to Angel, who can only be heroic when supplemented with his soul. Spike is still part William while lacking the soul that makes Angel, Angel (and Angel is totally different from Liam, isn't he?)

I'm full of words tonight, I guess. (:

Continuing on!

/"I can't let you guys fight my battles." She shook her head.

"Why not? We ask you to fight ours." He summed up neatly. Eyes locked. Small, grateful smiles, going both ways.

"Thank you." Buffy whispered./ This is just so, ugh. Beautiful and ugh.

/"I owed her that much."

"I see, a dance is acceptable, but not saving her life? Small favors only?" The gall in his voice made Angel back up nervously.

"We- a clean break isn't always possible."

"No. No, see a 'clean break' would've meant she let you die when Faith poisoned you. Instead, she bloodied her hands and then when she failed to procure Slayer blood from Faith, she let you drain her to the point of near death."/ Giles and his fury, his anger. It's so canon and wonderful and ugh. He's so much the father that Buffy deserves, and he came to Angel with this knowing that he's going to the face that killed Jenny, tortured him, but also going to Buffy's best chance and *she's more important*! And Angel is so dismissive, it's all about making his penance and not about her at all.

/"Go on, mock. I deserve it. I may be weak, but I'd rather know my limitations than push to the point where she's the one who's broken."

Silently, Giles conceded the brooding vampire had a point. "Say nothing. When graduation is completed-"

"I'm leaving. When the battle is done. I won't say goodbye. I'm just going to be gone." Angel murmured.

The Watcher's tone dripped disgust. "You really are a priceless fool, aren't you? I think I'm beginning to hate you as much for what you're about to do to her as for what Angelus did to me." Giles stormed away from him, quiet genius already formulating a back up plan./ Angel can justify it all he wants, even if there IS truth in it, but it's about him not her and that just grah.

I absolutely love Giles, though.

/Strong. Fighter. Good. To hell with good, willing to defend her. A mercenary even. And pay him with what? And prevent Travers, with the huge pockets of the Council's trust behind him, from paying him more to be a turn coat? Unlikely.

Oddly enough, the only face that kept inserting itself into his mind's eye was Spike's. An amazingly ruthless fighter, and cunning, willing to make truces with the Slayer when it suited him. But only when it favored his own goals./ YES. Giles is so intelligent and just ugh.

/Angel's selfishly unselfish words were chasing around his mind, his refusals, his denials...The man who really loved her ought to protect her. I'd have bet money Angel would leap at the chance to protect her, if for nothing more than mere atonement for hunting her once. Giles found himself feeling a momentary comparison in Spike's favor. At least Spike stood by his woman. / ! ! ! ! !

/The fact that he didn't deny it made Giles continue, still treading carefully of course. "I would like someone with above normal strength, reflexes, speed, etc, to help me protect Buffy. Indefinitely." If Travers is there, mustn't let him know we're aware this is his pet project, not the will of the full Council.

"And you thought of me?" Spike smiled. Then sniggered. Then had to let the phone fall to the table as he laughed helplessly. "Me? Help her? "/ So much yes.

writerdragonfly chapter 1 . 3/29/2014
/"Now you hear me, Pryce. There's nothing in this world as dangerous as a rogue Slayer, and I won't tolerate it."/ Bastard.

I'm so glad I don't remember what happens (other than with Faith and Wes, for obvious reasons!), because it makes the reread 1000% more exciting.

/"With all due respect, Ms. Summers is more than capable of attending college and patrolling the Hellmouth. She's managed to make it through high school, more than most slayers have, unfortunately, and with the help of her friends has successfully-"

"I've heard about those 'friends'. No more. The title is Chosen One. She will be reeducated on that principle in particular. On all the principles found in the Slayer Handbook. She'll reread it, cover to cover, under my direct supervision if necessary."

The whiny Watcher was about to say he imagined it would be Buffy's first reading of the handbook, but didn't want to dig her in deeper. He hated her disrespect and the fact that she cast aspersions on his ability to do his sacred duty, but he admired her spirit, her ability to achieve the impossible. The handbook didn't have a section on that, nor did he believe you could "train" a young woman to believe so passionately in her convictions, to fight with all her heart. "You sound as if you want to break her, like a - like a willful horse."

"That's an appropriate comparison. Slayers like Summers get broken, one way or another." Travers sighed. "It sounds harsh. But look what happens to renegades."/

This whole conversation? UGH. Travers is such a nasty hateful man, and here especially. He's so narrow minded and hateful, and he doesn't understand anything about Buffy. He doesn't understand what makes up a teenage girl, but thinks of them as tools to be crafted into weapons and aimed at whatever he wants and just UGH.

Your depiction of him here, as villain, is wonderful. And we've barely gotten started!

/Travers showed a flash of a cold smile before his face set in its perfect mask of stoic emotionlessness./

THIS! (If I could double underline and bold that right there I would.) It totally emphasizes his entire character, as you've written him, in one sentence. Brilliant!

/Summers is commendable in her fighting abilities, her kill count, her resourcefulness, her ability to pass the most difficult of tests, killing or defeating several master vampires, and averting apocalypses."

"Impressive." Wesley choked out.

"Shocking, Pryce. All that- without being under control of the Council! All that under a disgraced Watcher, all that with the utmost disrespect for myself, and the Council. Unsuitable."


"She is the face of this governing body, and she ignores our orders, she exploits and flaunts the lack of control we have over her! No. No, I won't have it."

"What can you do about it?" He whispered, but in his gut, he already knew.

"We need a new slayer. One completely under our control, at our beck and call." Travers began speaking in slightly kinder tone. "One that we would entrust to you, of course, Wesley."

His given name. Wesley swallowed. "I'm not sure I follow."

"Summers is a liability to us, and by extension the world, Wesley, my boy. Don't you see? She has all the gifts but she is ruled by her whims. She's a danger. What we need is a girl who can be molded to fit the true expectations, the real forces for good. Of course, to be molded like that, she'd need a Watcher who embraces the Council's decisions and rulings whole heartedly. Someone with your excellent school record, Head Boy, passed the written exam with the highest percentage in forty years."/

He's so evil, ugh. And humanly so, which is what makes this so much better (well, worse, by all rights.) He's a human entity (though in a position of authority over a supernatural power) and he's worse than some of the evil incarnate Buffy faces on a regular basis. And that's brilliant, love. Just brilliant.

/"Of course, if you're not in agreement, if you don't want the chance to redeem yourself- and save your job, your family's reputation- perhaps your life..." The unspoken threat hung in the air. Wesley didn't rise to it. "I can only imagine those close to Summers come under the line of fire as well." This time the threat didn't hang, it dropped into Wesley's lap./

_FUN_. Threaten innocent lives if this man (who actually believed you were right at one point, believed you were on the honorable side) doesn't murder for your own twisted agenda. You're _so_ incapable of seeing that spark in people that makes them intrinsically good, but yet so good at finding the shadow in those that are not.

/Never in a million bloody years do you have my cooperation to become a cold-blooded killer. "Of course. How do you plan on, that is- how is this to be arranged?" Don't you dare ask me to do do this...

"I've been considering that for some time."

Wesley's mortification deepened. He's been planning this? It's not some sudden brain fever? Silently as he could, he began easing his way to the cassette player in the flat's living room. Damn- cord wouldn't reach. He couldn't put the phone down now. And no blank tapes. No chance to record this. Damn, damn, damn./

I adore Wes. And Travers is just so messed up in the head.

/"No, Pryce. Not just 'some demon'. William the Bloody. I believe he's also known as Spike."/ You're making such a huge mistake, dude. I can't even. Hah.

Wonderful, wonderful start. xoxo
Ironbear chapter 2 . 1/8/2014
Ouch. You're really not being very kind to Angel... not that he deserves it. He really was a putz all through BtVS seasons 1 - 3.

I'm not a huge fan of Spuffy, but since I really liked your Faith/Wes story that is the sequel/spinoff to this, I decided to back track and give this one a try. So far, I'm really enjoying it.

Nice work. You're a good writer.
sojuorsake chapter 33 . 12/21/2013
Perfect, perfect perfection! This is the best story in this fandom, and I've read more then I can count. Your warning on the last chapter scared me, though. A warning that was completely unnecessary because it gave complete closure.
This plot, your writing style, perfect. You kept everyone in character (a feat that's difficult for many authors). This story is simply beautiful and I haven't the words to express how much I loved reading it.
sjwheelan chapter 33 . 11/26/2013
Fantastic story! Thank you so much for taking the time to spin such delightful tales and to share them with all of us! You rock! :D
sjwheelan chapter 17 . 11/24/2013
Excellent! I so love you work!
TheScoobies chapter 33 . 11/17/2013
Dear sweetprincipale,

I know that it has been maaanny years since you wrote this story, and I missed the boat a bit on commenting. However, I desperately needed to tell you how amazing reading this has been :)

Over the past few months I have gotten so wrapped up in this. You have captured the characters voices and mannerisms perfectly. And although this is not the natural order of things in the show, it has all been written with absolute believability.

From a big fan over in England, thank you so much for this, I cannot believe it is over haha!

I so look forward to reading more of your stories now :)
All the best,

ScarlettDuck chapter 33 . 9/30/2013
Totally loved this story. Sorry I only leave reviews at the end, but it's all I really have time for... And I make myself at least do that! ) Thanks for all your PMs. I absolutely adore your writing; the dialogue is sparkling, as it always is. Loved their early chess games, and absolutely loved the bus with them watching the telenovella with the Spanish dictionary. Also so glad for the epilogue; needed to get the update on the Faith/Wesley situation at least. Only one glaring flaw that jumped out at me: since I live in Oregon, while I was thrilled to have them in my state, I was dismayed Buffy attempted to pump her own gas. Self-serve is not allowed in Oregon, and hasn't been for over 40 years. )
Breezy b chapter 33 . 8/30/2013
I have to eventually come back a give you proper reviews to all your chapters!
But I couldn't spare the minutes! I had to continue into the next chapter :D
This was such a fun adventure! Thank you thank you THANK YOU!
I'm actually new to the buffyverse, and am sure lucky to have found gold so quickly.
I stalked through other reviewers favorite list, which led me to you.
Now I'm stalking your story list and favorites, too! The possibilities!
:D :D :D
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