Reviews for Offers You Can't Refuse
writerdragonfly chapter 19 . 6/29/2014
/No one said it was only for now, only some until their individual somedays arrived, no one said anything about who they ought to be with or used to be with, or how things ought to be, full stop.

No one said much of anything./ Ugh

/Spike's hands slid easily under her shirt. He'd seen this body multiple times now, but he only enjoyed it more. Like he was seeing it through new eyes, not lust driven, or hidden in flickering lights, or through the pain and rush of injury then victory. She's just a girl. My girl.

When did the kissing get so... real? Buffy's tongue stroked his thoroughly, caressingly. All of their motions were caressing this time. Every little swathe of muscle and inch of pearl, just for her fingers. So much stress, or was it hardness? Layers and layers to this guy that she wanted to find out about.

Because I want him with me and I want him to be- I want him to be with me./ My heart *key smashery*



Awesome as ever.
writerdragonfly chapter 18 . 6/29/2014
/The glorious high of victory faded somewhat when Buffy realized the clouds had given away completely, and a blaze of sunlight was skimming across the water. She looked around frantically. Glory means nothing if you realize the one person you were fighting for, outside of yourself, is still in danger./ Wow. Just. Wow.

/He swooped her up and she didn't even care about the scars and the ugly skin she could feel pressing against hers. She realized her arms were blistered as well, wherever their blood had touched her. We're so messed up. But we're so incredible.

She didn't even realize it was the first time she'd ever truly thought of her ability as something purely good, even great./ this is just UGH

You leave me without words.

/Just like her. Small but mighty. The real Slayer. no wonder they want her under their control. No one ever owned such power.

She shares it with me./ Totally freaking gutting-in all the right ways.

/"Happy?" She asked, before she could stop herself, thinking that noise sounded like a sound of contentment. Oh no. No, no, no, that was so stupid, how could I think that, or ask that, everything is a mess and -

"Yeah." He answered, before he thought. Gut spoke for him. Gut was usually right.

"Strange." She squeaked.

"No kiddin'." He paused a second before asking nonchalantly, "You?"

I'm alive. I'm going to win.

I'm with someone who won't give up on me, and makes me feel... okay. Really okay. "Yeah." She smiled. "I'm good."/ eeeeeeeeeeeeee

Freaking awesome.
writerdragonfly chapter 17 . 6/29/2014
This is so freaking good. Intense and ugh.

Lovely work as always.
writerdragonfly chapter 16 . 6/29/2014

You killed me.

Wonderful chapter darling. :)
writerdragonfly chapter 15 . 6/29/2014
/Hesitant but graceful. They could reach out and hold hands now. I don't want just a hand. "Closer?" She asked.

"Together." He answered and closed the distance, giving up, giving in. Some./ *squeeeee*

/"So- technically- are we both single now?" Buffy whispered, voice shaking a little.

Anger washed away as he suddenly had to confront that question. "I don't know. Hearts say no. Don't they?"

"Yeah... But if you're starting over with someone new- someday, and I'm- I'm never starting again," she couldn't keep the bitterness completely from her voice, "then I guess..." It was too dangerous to guess, the night was so confusing.

"Then I guess we're just two people who don't have any reason to hold back. For now."/ My heart hurts for themmmm.

/Bad boy. Why do some women have a thing for them? Buffy smiled back, hesitantly. His face changed, lost the rough, ever ready leer, softened. He was up again, over her, resting on one elbow while his other arm reached for her, hand extending to cradle the back of her head. The "tough thug front" fell off all the sudden, just for a second.

Oh. That's why. To see the good guy underneath. Buffy had time for only a blinding sudden thought she'd only vaguely understand later. He was pulling her forward, this almost hopeful, quizzical look on his face as his eyes closed.

This is a real kiss. Oh my God. Everything else might be boredom, loneliness, and frustration, but- this is a real kiss.

His eyes blurred open. She'd gasped a little. Guilty as charged, caught red handed. The criminally sexual facade was about to be slammed back into place before she could call him on the rush of softness he'd felt.

Buffy swallowed, and licked her lips. What have I got to lose? Eyes met, danced away, and she lowered her lids as her face lost all tension.

Soft. Waiting. For me. With a rush of air into his dead lungs, he captured her mouth.

It's a game. Some. It's real. Some.

Some is better than none, at least for now./ They... And... It's real and Urgh. Brilliantly written.

/Oh. That's why we jump, why our whole bodies flex.

It's what fighters do- always try to catch ourselves before we fall.../ this is freaking beautiful. Seriously beautiful.

/Feels different this time. Buffy paid attention to him that night, really watched him, more than she'd ever watched him before. Paid attention to what effect her touches, even the smallest ones, had on him. This guy, this vampire, all hardness, and evil, and cockiness- acted so hungry for every inch of her skin, every tiny little caress.

Starved. Not just because he couldn't hunt, because he'd lost the one thing he'd been craving for years. Someone's love.

And I can never love someone like that.

But...I do want more. Give him more. Her heart thudded. She leaned above him, and kissed from his jawline, his throat, each hard, smooth tier of muscle in his chest./ I swear I fall more in love with your writing with every other line, ugh.

Amazing. Just. UGH.
writerdragonfly chapter 14 . 6/29/2014
Another great chapter. :)

Loved this: / Another one lets go- still leaves a little mark./

It's just... brilliant.
writerdragonfly chapter 13 . 6/29/2014
Excellent work, as always. :) You're such a talented writer. :)
writerdragonfly chapter 12 . 6/28/2014
This. Entire. Chapter. Though.


/"But we have a damn good 'anthem'."/ loved this especially.
writerdragonfly chapter 11 . 6/27/2014
Lot happening in this chapter. So good though. Great work darling.
writerdragonfly chapter 10 . 6/27/2014
/"I call white." Buffy put the cardboard box on the floor and pushed her cereal bowl over.

"Figures. Black suits me better anyway. An' white always makes the first move." His lips curled in unintentional seduction as he finished the sentence.

"Maybe I'd better be black then." I flirted. Was that a flirting? Shit./ Eeeee, I may be squealing.

/He threw another rock, then her, back and forth, watching each other from the corners of their eyes, talking away inside their heads.

Always had an eye for the pretty ones- like inspecting a lovely piece of veal in the butchers' window, but this is different. This is with the grunt and shove part, the want to get inside her part. Inside her head, her veins... her body. Just an urge, a different type of hunger. Yes, he'd had lusts, resentfully-driven cravings that burned brighter when Dru spurned him.

He watched her outdistance his last throw with narrowed eyes and a small, satisfied smile. This was the only time, he realized, that he wasn't just aware of some pretty thing. Some young, vital, powerful, not quite human creature. That he didn't just recognize the urges- he was thinking about acting on them.

It'd be the stupidest thing he'd ever considered. Drusilla was waiting on him, unknowingly of course, but waiting on him to come back and help her, as he always did. While she waited- didn't she always have her cake and eat it too?

But I'm not like that. I'll never be like that. He looked at the small blonde and black figure, hair floating in the inlet's breeze. She'd never want me to be. Heart whole, even if it kills her. Like me.

Prolly why I like her so much./

This is so pretty.

Love love love this.
writerdragonfly chapter 9 . 6/27/2014
/Dru always stayed pale. This one- this one had an interesting palette of colors she passed through in a day. Diamond, emerald, rose, honey. Quite the paint box./ this is gorgeous. Ugh.

/Something made a spark/ eeeee!

/"You don't believe me?" His voice lost the softness, and he scooted back.

"I do. I just don't get everything you say. But I feel like you know what you're talking about." Because the more I get to know him, he doesn't seem to have a human part or a demon part, or a cover or a secret. He just seems like himself. And God I would love to just be myself and not have to worry about hiding or controlling or secrets...

"Let me help you train with it, not against it?" He offered. Let me see the real deal, all of that power, watch you become it, not overcome it. Always wanted that. 'Specially for this one, she already had everything else right.

"Why would you do that? When this is over, we're still enemies."

He licked his lips, and thought fast- and told part of the safe part. "'Cause if I fail- not that I will, you'll still win, you'll still be alive. An' as long as I get back you alive, I still get Menfra's Eye. You're my back up- and I'm yours."

For Drusilla. Of course it was for Drusilla. You knew that. Don't be dumb. What were you thinking? She honestly didn't know, only that it was a new feeling, and it overloaded her adrenaline system. She shook it off. Besides, the whole "double knotted protection"? I can so use that. "Deal."/ This whole thing Urgh. You are such a great writer.

/"Don't need to understand stuff like that. Love transcends language." Spike also sighed deeply, black tipped hands resting relaxedly over his chest as he sprawled. "Love transcends anything."

Buffy's smile disappeared slowly. "Almost."

Spike tranquil position also faded. "S'posed to."

Why does he always do this to me? One little phrase and one of the best incomprehensible happy endings I've ever seen is ruined.

Such a downer, these goody-goody types.

"Yeah well, I guess it doesn't. Or I wouldn't be here, with you. And you wouldn't be here, with me." Love screwed us both./

Aaaaah. That's cutting.


Amazing work, as always.
writerdragonfly chapter 8 . 6/27/2014
/"Rupert! Rupert, what in the world?" Joyce, clutching wads of linen in each fist, the necessity of perpetually breaking into tears during this last week, marched over to him. "Who are all these people?"

"Just a few of the people she saved." He murmured, adjusting his tie with one hand, finding it too big to rest on the lump in his throat.

"There are a hundred people in my yard!" Joyce gasped incredulously.

"Yes. Like I said," he didn't know if tears or proud smiles would come out. It was the smile. He was beaming, never more proud in all his life, "just a few."/


/For one of the few times in her life- Buffy sat back, on the sidelines, and watched someone fight a battle for her.

She hated it. It was one of the worst things she'd ever seen. She'd seen Angel killed by her own hand and dying by Faith's, seen Giles taken, her mother taken, all of them taken and hurt, and yet this made her stomach twist in a completely different, unsettling way.

Never seen anyone fight like him.

The two forms churned the ground to a mass of claw marks and mud, with bites and blows. No matter what- Spike didn't quit, didn't even slow down.

He smiles. He smiles through it. He's laughing... He's nuts.

Or maybe he just loves to fight.

Maybe he knows he's going to win?/ I love this. Ugh.

/Spike didn't make the same mistake of getting relaxed twice. He learned from his mistakes- all of them except the ones involving women, it seemed. "Mine." He growled, snapping fiercely in its face./ Eeeee, I love this. You're so brilliant.

/She pushed Spike's hand away softly, and he placed the phone on her knee.

He felt her shoulders twitch once, twice, and then just keep shaking.

She felt the pressure of his hand increase, moving her forward, forward, until her forehead hit his sternum.

He didn't dare move.

She tried not to cry.

Didn't work. She couldn't stop. He rubbed her back.

Fucked up day she's had...

He's the only one here...

Won't hurt. Just for a second, 'til she pulls herself together. Part of the job.

He's a murdering, maiming vampire. But he's a damn good partner. He does have my back.

She bowed more deeply. He rubbed more gently.

They stayed like that for almost an hour- mainly because neither one knew how to let go./ *keyboard smashes*

My heaaaart.

Brilliant work.
Roscommon chapter 33 . 5/10/2014
This was one of the best stories I've read in a very long time. It has a great balance of action and character growth, and I felt like the changes that took place in everyone were completely "earned" within the story. Thank you very much for writing and sharing this.
writerdragonfly chapter 7 . 3/31/2014
/The older man sat down heavily. "You're right. You're right. I cannot turn into a monster. More than I have. Not again."

Wesley's chest loosened. "You're not a monster. You're simply not yourself."

Giles nodded, unspeaking. "Perhaps when we're desperate- we're more ourselves than ever. Ha. Sad. At heart, I do deals with devils, I steal cars, I fake deaths, I endanger youngsters, I consider ending the life of someone I once I tried to help..."

"You protect an innocent woman, the world's champion, and spare as many people as much pain as you can." Wesley moved into the kitchen, began searching out tea things. "You have dark thoughts, just like all of us."/ THIS. UGH.

/Shows what she knows/ /It only hurts for a moment./ HIS MUM.


/"Maybe we're more the same than you'd like to think, Slayer./


/She barely felt his fingers touch between her shoulder blades as he left the room, but she knew what it meant./

You are so talented. Ugh.
writerdragonfly chapter 6 . 3/30/2014
/"Nothing could be further from my mind." He felt a hot rush of anger inside him. She twisted a simple phrase and made it mean something more. He'd never be more, it was always only business. He had protested that fact to Drusilla so many times, that it was ever only a matter of business...

"Good. So drop the act."

"I will. You should've had your honey do this little job, Slayer. Ex-honey, that is." He turned his back on her, a sneer instantly forming when she couldn't see it any longer. "After all, you two were supposed to be such good friends nowadays."

He was. He was supposed to be my friend. And my lover. If he couldn't be one, he should at least try to be the other. God knows I tried to be everything he ever asked me to be. "You-" She seethed, she wanted words to hurl back at him, angry words, words that would sting like his did. They didn't come out, halted by a simple thought, He's doing this job, that he hates, so he can get something to heal Drusilla. Broken up or not, friends or not- man, he still would do anything for her./


Such pain. Ugh.

I love them so much, darling.

/"We will." They both lied. They exchanged a look that communicated effectively as any words. An almost conspiratorial look that meant "Nothing changes, but we don't have to tell him about it."/

/A distinctly odd feeling was coming over her, and she didn't like it. A feeling of something between feeling sorry for him, understanding him, or wanting to talk to him more. Clear proof that her brain was atrophying from lack of stimulation, and maybe dying from lack of protein. She could fix that./ ! ! ! ! Yes progress

/Some of the same stories. Some of the same abilities. Some of the same kinds of loves. Same desperation. "No." She said quietly, reflectively. "Totally helped."/ Ugh

You write so well.
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