Reviews for Offers You Can't Refuse
hbmckidd chapter 14 . 11/16/2012
I've never liked Angel. He is such an idiot. Now because of his slip, Travers wants to keep a closer tab on Giles. Thank goodness for friends and typos. I'm enjoying the slowly evolving Buffy/Spike relationship. Your doing a great job with this story and I hope what ever is going on in your "real life" works out ok. Thanks for writing and sharing.
ShyL chapter 14 . 11/16/2012
"This was the absolute best feeling in the world. Buffy sighed in her sleep, felt warmth touching her through the window's filtered sunlight, and felt coolness under her cheek. Spike responded to what he felt in his semi-hibernated state. Warmth. Life. Familiar aromas. Smirked a little in his sleep and held it closer."
...Ahhh this was so giving me the warm fuzzies...and then Squick! Angel and Dru strike again. Lol.

"I guess not. Or I would so flick the Angel switch into the off position." "Not me. I'd flip Dru's switch instead."
...YES! Yes...flip those switches off! In fact, don't stop there...Go out in the garage or down in the basement, find the circuit breaker box and just go ahead and flip the whole main breaker while you're at it! Please.

Loved the whole phone conversation with Joyce! So funny. "Have you- have you done a perimeter check?" Lol.

"I'm now a vegetarian. I can be a vegetarian. Pasta, pizza, veggies, bananas, salads, peanut butter, chocolate, eggs- oh no, that's unborn chickens...Oh no, does pasta have eggs in it? Flour, water-" Lol.

Loved the chasing and playing around in the woods at the end.

Very sorry that you are going through a rough patch.
The Three March Hares chapter 14 . 11/16/2012
Oooo...close one Angel-cakes. He really is a forehead. I do love how Travers was sputtering at Spear's news, but feel oddly sorry for Spears. Quentin's a dick and needs to be castrated. Quickly.

And I love the chasing in the forest. And anyone who makes a Twilight reference should go choke on some glitter. (Only fairies and barbie dolls sparkle!)
omslagspapper chapter 14 . 11/16/2012
uhu! the conspiracy is getting out of travers control! he's putting his head in his hands a lot! i hope he gets a mystical karma ulcer that can't be fixed by doctors!

poor xander getting the boot out of the basement!

are xander and giles really going to live together? LOL

that last bit was rather steamy except for how cold it was!
those flannel curtains will probably come in handy now
Rachel chapter 14 . 11/16/2012
great chapter! read your authors note about not being able to update as often [. very depressing but i do hope you're able to get another one up soon!
cavemenftw chapter 14 . 11/16/2012
Something that screamed "danger" and "enemy". Something that had been muted to simply "caution advised".

I like that description of The Slayer tinglies reacting to a familiar, but still demonic presence.

Petulant Buffy is always fun.

There was a sort of subdued haze settled over the first 1/2 or 3/4 of Buffys' parts of the chapter, sorta a dulled pensiveness that really worked well for me.

The plot was dense, but still very enjoyable in this chapter. Travers is starting to have trouble keeping all his balls in the air, and this specialist he's calling in seems like maybe too big a risk for such a hush hush, low key project.

Excellent job slowing things down over the last couple chapters. I feel like the slower more introspective tone is only going to help once the story ramps back up again.
ginar369 chapter 14 . 11/16/2012
Angel is an idiot. Travers is trying to kill her you moron! Of course him and his goon squad are going to lie! So you lie right back, start bawling your eyes out and blubbering like a baby! I think all the hair gel has damaged his brain cells.

OMG! Joyce was too funny. Check your perimeter! I love her. Xander's gonna be homeless? I guess it beats what really happened that summer!

Hmm, Spike and Buffy are cute as hell when they're half asleep. They are getting awful comfortable sleeping next to each other. Plus the sparing sessions look more like slap and tickle than actual fighting.
Marandakay24 chapter 13 . 11/14/2012
Loving this story! Looking forward to the next chapter! : )
cosmiclove chapter 13 . 11/14/2012
I love your stories and this one is great too!

The chess part is great and funny

Keep writing! Make happy people :D
SeaPea chapter 13 . 11/13/2012
They are both so darn cute!
Sirius120 chapter 13 . 11/13/2012
First off, thank you for posting so early yesterday! My plane finally arrived though, so I still had to wait till I got home to read this chapter. And once again, you've totally surprised me (in a good way) with certain aspects of this story. Killing off M was very cleverly done; I love to see Spike wearing his white hat with the villains! Such great banter. I guess this means we have to look out for a vengeful mate in the future, whether she is hands on or just pulling the strings on Travers.

Hopefully, being in a one bedroom cabin will heat things up between Buffy and Spike. For a moment, I was going to say "speed up", but the truth is, I don't mind at all if you drag out these scenes a little bit! I hope you find lots of excuses to keep them indoors ;-)

I love that they are growing so much closer so quickly; those little moments they share convey so much depth of emotion, what they crave to find in a kindred heart. Buffy was at first disgusted at the idea of Spike's trophy collection; now here she is adding to it. And Spike isn't even sure which woman he was fighting to protect. I can't wait until he figures ou the truth!
Guest chapter 12 . 11/13/2012
Uh-oh, the voodoo vamp is on the trail! Again, love the suspense, and the Spuffy "smut," although it is really so lovely that I hesitate to even call it that. The motel scenes are really creative, very tender, and definitely not what I was expecting. Favorite line: "Here. You drive."

Sigh. Wish I had a Spike of my very own...

Can't wait to see what happens next!
ammuna chapter 13 . 11/13/2012
Why does he ask her to promise him that she will stay in the bathroom?

Had to laugh so hard when I read this: "Oh shut up you, Mr. Toffee La Fancy Pants, or whatever it is."

I like that you don't neglect building up the characters. For example, you make Spike say something he knows is false to force a reaction out of Meph, to make him talk, which shows that he's smart and that as a vampire and fighter who has lived more than a century and gotten himself in all kinds of trouble should have a whole arsenal of tools and tactics to turn fighting situations to his advantage and to obtain information.

Really enjoyed all the fighting scenes between Spike and Meph. Those two totally different characters make for a great contrast and Meph really makes it fun because he's not really the fighter guy and so proud of his image and his way of life, which Spike obviously finds ridiculous. The again, they have common ground, which makes the situation even more interesting. I thought/hoped they might team up against Travers.

It's amazing, I can actually see what happens in my head when I read your stories. You really know how to write the action. I've often thought your stories are written like a TV show or a movie and you make it easy to imagine the shots and angles too.

Once or twice I thought the commentary rather interrupted than helped the action like here:

Spike spat blood from a split lip. Lips. That little skull made a nice big "brass knuckle", and Bayou Boy seemed to prefer using his slippery and gaudy accessories more than his at least in conjunction with them. Big ruby rings soddin' hurt. And it would be a radiant cut, all those pesky corners.

However, if you've only got yourself, you're much more resourceful. Spike slammed his opponent into the sliding side hatch door of the dumpster and slid the lid into a tight steel pinion around his neck, tore the cape down and pinned his arms, knotting the silk behind his victim's back. "There. Christmas come early, an' given me a trussed up little turkey."

But I also think that the information that Spike was being resourceful in that situation is important and I don't know how else it could be included.

It really made my heart ache how Meph was about to tell her he loved her and then suddenly ran out of time. This was so sad: "He had more to say, and so did she, but he was gone, borrowed form combusting in white ashes."

I like Spike automatically reassures Buffy this fight was important, without even realizing at first why he does it. It's very sweet.

Laughed a lot about this too: "Who in the world would make plaid curtains? I wonder if that's a sign of mental illness, like wanting to be a florist?"
Buffy and her strong attitude about the weirdest things. Is that a valley girl thing or just a young people thing?

I love how they can't help but to get close again, finding their routines and being drawn to each other. Only talking about it makes them freeze. I wonder if that's going to go on for a while or if they are going to address their many, many issues. I mean, the nice thing about this couple was always that they were drawn to each other against all odds, that they fit together on deeper levels, based on some instinct and because they actually are so much alike. Which is what makes it easy even though in their heads it's wrong.

Well, I think I should stop now. This review turned out far too long and I'm sorry if it's not half as interesting as it's length suggests, hehe. Thanks for writing, Sweet!
cavemenftw chapter 13 . 11/13/2012
"I call this one for mine. Unless the other one is better."
I have had two separate female room mates through 6 different places. I have heard this phrase, or some variation of it all six times. I had a big nostalgic smile for a good 20 minutes. Ahh, Good times.

Oooooo, voodoo mama is comin' for Travers.

That was a nice bit of tension there after the "incident" in the motel room, and I loved that it was the spanish Soaps/movie that ended it. (Buffy's excitement about the sequel was also ridiculously endearing.)

Very good chapter for advancement of the Buffy and Spike relationship. They're still fighting it, but there was some nice movement there.

Another pretty quick chapter, reading wise I mean. Great job.
mike13z50 chapter 7 . 11/13/2012
On re-reading I had a thought. Canonically, no new slayer was called when Buffy died in The Gift. Buffy has already been replaced by Faith. So for Traver to assume that because a new slayer wasn't called that Buffy was a sign of his irrationality in this story. It all hangs together!
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