Reviews for Welcome to the New Mutants Cypher,hope you survive
Nelja chapter 1 . 5/17/2010
I adored this story!

It's so funny, and everyone is in character! Of course, I love how Doug has the occasion to be brilliant, and his friendship with Kitty is adorable.

Te collective dynamics of the New Mutants were exactly this. The bets are especially funny.

Xavier's reactions are perfect too. I love as much how he's worried, how he finds it funny and still gives a punition.

I'd never have guessed that Cypher would manage it, and it was delightful when he first activated his backdoor! And it's so cute when he talks about being a part of a team!

My favorite parts:

- Doug's internal monologue especially "All right so the sphere freaked you out, the aliens whupped your butt, and you found yourself getting in touch with another guy's feminine side... Okay, note to me; devise new pep talk!"

- Xavier liking when the students try the non-violent approach, and rewarding it accordingly... the first time

- Dani reassuring Rahne about her appearance.

- The illusions which frighten the androids. Even if I'm not sure that at the time, Microsoft was a synonym for bad programming. Indeed, I'm not even sure it exists in marvel Universe whan they have Stark Industries... still, it was hilarious.

- Kitty and Illyanna having a serious moment about Illyanna's black magic.

- The dance at the end and _quoting Stevie_ !

- All the technical points well explained.

- "I believe I might join you later but don't wait to order on my account. Mine, Douglas, will be a very large Chocolate Spectacular."

And well, there was really a lot of lines which were funny, or cute, or interesting continuity nods (Arcade, for example)!

My only very slight criticism is that there are not enough Warlock interventions to my taste when the New Mutants talk about Doug, but it's me, I have a weakness for Doug and Warlock interactions.

Thanks for writing it!
Protector of Canon2 chapter 1 . 5/2/2007
Ah yes. Unusual ways to pass the danger room... Well Kitty knows all about those... Great story.
Digicowboy chapter 1 . 1/26/2005
I'm really glad I found this, I truly am. It was funny, well written, and in character. There was even some humour and one bit of foreboding... Well, that's what I thought. Doug was always one of my favorite mutants, along with Warlock, and this was a masterly portrayal. Well done!
Joey1 chapter 1 . 1/30/2003
Hilarious story. I'm almost dissapointed to see that there aren't any other reviews for it! It's a very nice look back the original New Mutants, and I think ou did a great job coming up with the scenario for Doug to pass his first test (plus you made a good explanation for Doug's codename as well.)

Oh yeah, in case your curious, I finally uploaded the new chapter in my own New Mutants story.