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mariaguadalupe.escutiabelmonte chapter 143 . 2/1
I don't k is why but laughed way to hard then I should when she yelled at all of them because they wanted to escort her to the bathroom lok XD
Praegressus chapter 296 . 1/30
How does one go about reviewing over a million words worth of story? The devotion itself is admirable, but word count isn't this tale's sole quality.

Let me start with the good:
-Consistency. There are few plot holes you left overlooked. Sure, some things get swept under the rug too quickly, but for a fic this long, it's fascinating it didn't fold in on itself thrice over by now!
-Worldbuilding. Not the best I've seen, but it's still very well done, smoothing the at times rough outlines of the original work's premise. The best moments are the details you brought up every time Noatak angsts about his former extremism; how non-bender life differs and thrives in a world where people move mountains and part seas on occasion.
-Avatar's Troubles. The Korra of this fic is scarcely the Korra of the original (more on this later), but the change is natural and always just barely on the side of tasteful. You run the whole gamut, from discrimination to suicidal fantasies, slavery to rape and back again; for all that, you managed to always cut it off right at the last moment, just before the angle would get too dull. It's a testament to either your skill, or your luck.
-Liu. I will bitch about your obnoxious OC's later, but Liu is a savage. The Avatar series are both filled with surprisingly deep characters, and Liu is the one sole character with whom you truly pay homage to that quality. Well done!
-Pairing Lin and Bumi was fresh, I'll give you that.

And finish with the bad:
-Warped Characteritzation. It isn't in Korra's nature to be so completely dependent on a single person (even if he's the love of her life) that she can't have a normal night's sleep without him.
Also, I'm under the impression that this Korra would throw anyone and their mothers under the train if it would save her partner and daughter, and that you have to actively reinforce the necessary selflessness by Avatar-Ex-Machinaing the cataclysmic events that would otherwise kill everything.
-Underused cast. Asami not as much, but Mako and Bolin have definitely been demoted to extras. Especially beyond chapter 200 or so, where neither one did anything more significant than speaking. Poor guys have taken a back seat to Korra and Noatak's reassuring of one another.
Same goes for the other two of Aang's kids, Varrick, any Beifong except Lin, and the cabbages guy (who merited a story arc of his own, at least).
-Obnoxious OC's. Mei and Lisu were ok, but pretty much everyone else is a flop. The tattoo pair seem especially pointless, seeing as their perceived roles as 'family friends' could've been filled by original cast members. This Chiyo chick counts too - the only fun part of her chapter was the worldbuilding regarding the Agni Kais!
-Mediocre Villains. Ummi was cool, and it's with her that you get super-close to the DEPTH of a true Avatar villain, if not the impact. Sukuda and Koh, however, were frowny faces that kicked the dog and had rape and murder listed on their bad guy resumes as weekend hobbies. Sukuda had the one good play with the two-way mirror, and then... predictable and dull.

That's my rather extensive two cents. Hopefully this long tale lives through 2016 as well!
RashestRumble16 chapter 296 . 1/28
... Your still alive right? I find it a little troubling that we've gone without an update since late July (life getting in the way?... Writer's block?). If it wouldn't be any trouble could you shoot us readers a quick author's note to let us all know you haven't vanished into thin air?
LilithiaRW chapter 179 . 1/7
I really liked this story. It helped to solidify Noarra as my OTP. The previous arcs were exciting. But I am afraid I have to stop with this chapter. I am no stranger to violence, but rape is something altogether more repulsive. This chapter was simply disgusting, and I will not be reading any more of this. This is not a comment on your writing - you are a talented author for sure - but I cannot stomach this.
Desiree chapter 296 . 12/5/2015
I. NEED. MOOOORE! I started reading this like... 2 months ago because I stumbled across it by accident and I read it at work. It keeps me company on very slow days and I get so into the story I have panic attacks with Korra lol! I might as well put a review for all chapters here! But this story was amazing and I hope you continue with it because I LOVE it. The Ummi section and Sakuda sections drove me insane! I could not stop reading. OMG and don't even get me started on when Korra went into labor! I almost died! Lol. ARRRGGHH THE FEELS! My phone doesn't say when this was last updated but if it's been a loooong time then I hope you at least continue and finish the story. Because how it left off here in the last chapter is suuuuuch a bummer! I pulled a Zuko and was like "Where's the rest of it!? That can't be it!" haha. BTW those sex scenes are my favorite lol!
Sarit chapter 148 . 12/4/2015
So...we know that Noatak has had mostly male partners in the past...and Liu seems oddly jealous of his relationship with Korra (on top of the expected resentment he has over Amon's betrayal) can only wonder. xD

Amazingly epic story, by the way. :)
urbiggestfanever chapter 158 . 9/11/2015
This fanfic is insane! (In the best way possible) I literally went from laughing to bawling my eyes out to being freaked the fuck out in 5 minutes... I have read so many fanfictions in my lifetime where if it goes longer than say 35 chapters i give up but I just can't seem to stop reading this omfg... I wish I could write like you, literally the best fucking writer ever.. :))
Barleyguy chapter 92 . 9/5/2015
Wow chronic tenitis? Is that why Nayak himself has tenitis, passing a bit of yourself into the characters, or simply you know that'd be a side effect of the explosion, one that you yourself understand all too well? For that matter I thought his explanation of his tenitis was very detailed huh. Enjoying this bigtimes, but am nervous for what follows in all honesty but owell. Friggen liking this so. Keep updating eh.
Barleyguy chapter 75 . 9/2/2015
As I e stated for the later chapters and am redeclarin gin the earlier. I love it when the chapters are in noataks point of view, the way he sees the world is eye opening, despite him enjoying his time he still looks at things so logically, and his having an issue getting familiar with team avatar is adorable, and I can't forget to mention the rivalry between him and the ex, frigg I've always liked that little piece of your fanfiction bigtimes, and I know things are gonna get dark fora while but I'm enjoying the light hearted ness while it lasts. Loving this bigtimes so. Keep updating eh.
Barleyguy chapter 54 . 8/29/2015
I completely forgot how this part went about honest to god, to be honest I thought the gang meeting them wouldn't happen for quite a bit. This also marks the point where things get dark eh, frigg tho I even gasped out loud when Noatak says his name is Noatak, cause like I said I forgot how it all went down. Frigg I'm loving this bigtimes and its my second time around eh. So. Keep updating eh.
Barleyguy chapter 40 . 8/29/2015
Fuck I forgot how early things get heavy. Frigg I hate Ummi, *sigh. Owell ah and I still find it amazing you turned a side mention of a almost unknown character into one of the craziest villains I've ever read about in fanfiction, not to mention bringing Koh into this eh. Frigg ah. So. Keep updating eh.
Barleyguy chapter 27 . 8/27/2015
Hmm I feel like that guy just broke some kind of honour code or something, aren't doctors not supposed to say anything or something like that? Either dick move on his part. And here we have the groundwork for the future rivalry between Noatak and Mako haha love their squabbling. Frigg I forget how Noatak responds to this. Well pretty sure I'm about to learn. Also I hate sukada. So. Keep updating eh
Barleyguy chapter 20 . 8/26/2015
Lol so that answers my earlier question, so after this point somewhere is where it took off eh? Awesome, frigg I've forgotten quite a bit so it'll still be a surprise as I go on eh. Also I've forgotten how they were in the beginning of their relationship, and I still find it funny how horrible she was with Rohan given what eventually happens, or rather what is happening currently. Frigging liking this the second time around so. Keep updating eh
Barleyguy chapter 17 . 8/26/2015
Wow the research you put into this is amazing... And also quite random. Haha! And I have to ask, at this point korra is pregnant right? Cause it kinda seems like she's pregnant with e mood swings and whatnot. I don't quite know for certain. And at this point I'm going to go with yeah you knew how big this would end up getting absolutely. So. Keep updating eh
Barleyguy chapter 13 . 8/25/2015
Ok at the end of your first arc I just have to ask this. At this point in the fanfiction, just north of a dozen chapters, did you know it would become the massive piece of work it'd eventually become? Also korra does know she's currently cheating on mako right? I'm almost sure that comes up soon but I'm curious. Friggen rights ah! I'm getting giddy thinking of the roller coaster I've decided to go over again, from the touching sweet moments, to the parts that had me shaking in anger, and everything else in between. So. Keep updating eh
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