Reviews for The Castaway
Empire chapter 128 . 9h
I loved the back and forth between Korra and Chief Beifong.

Especially the fact that Korra was defending Noatak when Lin wanted to arrest him. Loved this chapter so much.
emerald.girl.13 chapter 82 . 5/20
3rd paragraph 2nd sentence it says blooding instead of bloodbending...just wanted to let you know
anonymous chapter 57 . 5/18
He should know she can't dance by now
Empire chapter 119 . 5/17
I could just picture it. This whole chapter I was able to see Amon trying to get to Korra. I could hear his pleading voice and sense his emotions. Even I was begging for them to grant Noatak permission to see Korra.
Empire chapter 116 . 5/15

Simply amazing.
asdfghjkl chapter 293 . 5/8

one question. When is the update o.O
Empire chapter 105 . 5/5
This chapter was AWESOME!

I loved the thrill! OMG! Yes!

And the little fight scenes between Noatak and Mei! Damn! And then Naga went over to protect Noatak! Awwwww! I almost shed a tear.

I felt the tension in this chapter and it was remarkable. Excellent writing.
Empire chapter 98 . 5/2
Chapter was basic Lol. But yeah...
Empire chapter 96 . 5/2
Nice and easy chapter. Liked how Tenzin didn't freak out or lash out at Korra. I was expecting the White Lotus members to be dead, but having them missing was a big plot twist for me Lol.

I love the fact that Tenzin saw glimpses of Korra's rescuer and now knows he's the father from that day at the festival.
O.o chapter 94 . 5/1
Going to be real honest, not a fan of the bdsm.

I like how Noatak was/ is a really jealous person, especially with the Sukoda accident. But I just don't support this activity with my OTP.

I'm still a fan of this story though! Getting close to chapter 100 and pretty soon 200.
Empire chapter 27 . 3/20
OMG I just realized that everyone knows EXCEPT for Noatak!

Empire chapter 24 . 3/19
OMG I LOVED THIS CHAPTER! There was so much info and upcoming suspense! This whole chapter was on edge and I feel stress about the new pieces of information and events.

I'm also glad that Korra was able to at least tell Asami about her pregnancy; since she couldn't tell Noatak.

Can't wait to read more!
kill3rdarren chapter 251 . 3/16
Haha, Nilak would be going like ," EWWWWWWWW" in her mind haha. or "Mama, why do you want to get into daddy's pants?" LOL
kill3rdarren chapter 253 . 3/16
well, i wouldn't mind if the story is centered around Nilak. i mean, korra and Noatak will still be there and it'll be funny to see how Bolin, Korra and Noatak reacts to a growing Nilak. Imagine the Avatar giving "the talk" to her kid etc. and i guess you could alter the POVs. like some chapters could be about Nilak while others could be about Korra and Noatak. I guess, if you have Nilak growing up, she'll have to leave her parents' side sooner or later and you could write about that. Or maybe Korra training Nilak? Nilak undergoes the rebellious stage and runs away? Or she pulls a Korra and goes to join probending? i mean, it will be interesting and i guess a new villain can arise, maybe the ones from Book 3 and 4? And Unalaq and still about, doesn't he still want to merge with vatu? Also, Korra may be learning how to be a better avatar? Accessing the state at will much more easily, getting counsel from her past lives? i mean, there seems to be much left to write about. I mean, if you very roughly follow canon. but if you don't it's cool cause your story is awesome as it is, but i think it'll be a good idea for a sequel and to see some progression with Korra and her whole family including Nilak. I mean, come on, how oftem do you get to read about the life of an Avatar's child? The expectations, the protectiveness she'll be under by the white lotus as well as korra(cause she seems like the protective type) that might make her feel like escaping. Another thing that may be considered is how Nilak moves out of her parents shadow. And of course, how can she make friends. It will be difficult as people would use her to get close to Korra, also, her uncle is the only airbending master at the moment, she has an aunt who is a successful business person and a ex-councilor. Her grandfather is the chief of the southern water tribe and well, you get what i mean, Nilak may have a great childhood, but she will be under a lot of pressure when she gets into her adolescence years. honestly, if she turns out like korra, i wonder how korra will handle her. haha. in any case, thank you for a wonderful story.
Forest-Trees chapter 13 . 3/7
Short chapter but to the point. Can't wait to see Korra return to Republic City and for Noatak to his mom.
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