Reviews for Flying Dutchman
excessivelyperky chapter 1 . 4/11/2015
Oh, my. This is lovely. My dad used to have a mix for his pipe with a base of Kentucky Club with various additives, including, I swear to God, a tobacco called Danish Fruitcake (it smelled like it too).

But yes, this is a fine mix, too.
the real snape chapter 1 . 1/15/2013
/Aberforth knew a thing or two about appropriate charms on goats (and inappropriate ones, too, if it came to that, though it rarely did)/ A great nod to canon, and a lovely reminder of one inappropriate charm done in Canterbury. And Aberforth's reaction is perfect - the students would do just that, of course.

iHe turned to find her leaning on the fence, one sturdy, trousered leg propped on the bottom rail, the ever-present pipe stuck between her teeth./i Wish I would find that on my fence. Wilhelmina as a woman with whom men feel perfectly at ease is perfect. She would have just that effect.

/Wilhelmina had used the same tobacco back then that she used now, and the scent of it could still make Ab almost instantly hard, even nowadays, when all he usually wanted out of bed was a good sleep./ Such a great way to show at the same time the long-established relationship, their aging bodies, and the fact that there's still quite a bit of fire among the ashes.

/It was just a fun way to. . .er, get her goat./ I can see how the pun is irresistable, dear Aberforth.

/"And here I thought you were my own kind," she'd said. "Thought you were a human. But apparently you're an ass."/ Still one of my all-time favourite Wilhelmina lines. If only more people could see things this way.

Aberforth's dream is such a poignant reminder of what's always at the back of his head. It's good to know that he occasionally has Wilhelmina to snuggle up against.