Reviews for Muv luv-The last moment miracle
Guest chapter 51 . 9/25
This story is freaking amazing. I love how you have aĺl your facts straight and even feature in content from the other Muv-Luv games.
tsun chapter 51 . 8/5
I actually liked both. I liked this anger full takeru more than naive full takeru. the only thing I didn't like here in TDA is the characters I loved aren't there. only takeru, takeru, takeru I hate yuuya, takeru. as much as I love taker and his badass side. need more of the valkyries, sensei, and the others. you can't have too much depression. but for stress. but still, I liked this takeru more. I liked him more when his fighting than the fool takeru. awfully reminds me of cry baby takeru from alternative, man, as much as I liked the guy, his full of inconsistencies for me. it's like he didn't learn from all his mistakes and need to return to zero with future knowledge.

liked the story. hate yuuya.
tsun chapter 50 . 8/5
full on TDA in the past few chapters, man, I can't hate your story but I can't live it too but I sure am can like it. nice story bro. now, if only there was a story that has more sumika screen time, being the main heroine of alternative but still mostly left out. sigh...
tsun chapter 39 . 8/5
sigh... I feel that a lot of things was said but the plot didn't move much. I can't say if it's masterpiece or good. it's not bad but it's kinda slow for me lack of battle too, the battle feel more of an art than adrenaline fights. still, nice reading and will still continue on this one.
tsun chapter 22 . 8/3
no figts... sigh... :(
DarkManta chapter 51 . 7/20
Thanks you very much for update. I really love your story. I guess the next operation. the Operation Iceberg really destroyed what left that boy's hearth. Thank. I love this OP Shirogane Takeru too ha ha
REVANOFSITHLORD chapter 51 . 7/20
is this mean you will not update story on this site
DarkManta chapter 50 . 7/1
Damn. Who was cutting that onion right beside me! So this is your version of the Operation Babylon's aftermatch. Damn i wanna cry. in Canon, at the beginning stage of Operation Babylon (last shuttle lauch) Meiya was already pregnant. If it was applied in this story too, that means Takeru had lost both his wife and unborn child /daughter. Damn this is too cruel.
I wish you could pair him with Marimo. Takeru needs someone to cure his broken heart and there is nobody else except his former mentor (all his harem members are death or missing and Kasumi is still a child). I am sure they would be a cute couple.
Thank you very much for this emotional and wonderful chapter. I hope you won't abandon this great story.
REVANOFSITHLORD chapter 50 . 7/1
thank you for update
Faker chapter 50 . 7/1
Keep it coming
DarkManta chapter 31 . 6/19
Hmm remind me of Girge when he was facing several Golems from athen with his bathered and broken artemis-type golem and emereged victorious. Girge is my fav too.
DarkManta chapter 29 . 6/16
Hmmm... his turtle like Shiranui remind me of Delphine first fortress from anime Break Blade mode when Rygard faced his former friend and his squad.
REVANOFSITHLORD chapter 49 . 6/9
thank you for update
DarkManta chapter 49 . 6/9
Oh god. I couldn't belive my eyes when i check out my updated fav story and saw this story on top in the list. Thank you very much to not abandon this wonderful story. I don't care how long you update this story, but please keep writing. I will always waiting as long as i live. Thanks you very much.

By way, This is really sad chapter. I wanna cry.
DarkManta chapter 1 . 6/3
ahhhhhhhhhh pleaseeeeeee updateeeeeeeeeee
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