Reviews for Magical Origins
Dissenter chapter 2 . 7/14
This story seems very interesting. However, the grammar makes it too difficult for me to read. I usually ignore minor mistakes that people make every once in a while. But, I couldn't get through two paragraphs of this chapter without finding a bunch of errors. I skipped to see if chapter 67 was better, but the improvement was marginal. Opening the reviews affirmed that the grammar did not improve that much. Now, I'm not saying the story is bad by any means. It's just that I can't read a story with so many grammatical errors. For this I have a suggestion to make: Find a good beta. That will ensure that future readers don't encounter what I did.
ItsReaper chapter 60 . 7/11
Why did you have Harry exclaim Voldemort is back. He is a Slytherin, which means he would go about it carefully not to ruin his place. Now you have him acting like a rash Griffindor in canon. This chapter contradicts the character you have built up.
xXLolzManXx chapter 67 . 7/9
Story is great, the grammar is shit
Fireguy892 chapter 67 . 7/8
is this gonna be finished
Ralph chapter 67 . 7/7
I’ve read the whole story in a couple of days and I was wondering if you would ever finish it considering the hiatus and move to different stories. Please don’t give up on it! It is an amazing story
Fireguy892 chapter 67 . 6/23
please update
the silver-eyed knight chapter 66 . 6/23
So before i ask my question all i want to say is that this story is simply FANTASTIC! Not only have you made Lily and Harry powerful and intelligent characters but you also bring up equally challenging obstacles that help them improve and feel challenged This is in my top 5 favorite Harry Potter Fanfics of ALL TIME 10/10! But i only have 2 problems

1. Harry seems to be a bit of a dick. I mean granted , he's kind to those that he cares about but he sleeps with multiple women, threaten the Weasley's for stuff that Ron has done, called Hermione a Mudblood (Which in my opinion was too far) and more.

2. The relationship of ermione and Harry. I'm a HarryxHermione fan but in this story i like LilyxHarry more because of their opposite personalities. However, Harry seems to HATE Hermione with a passion because she is a know it all. I'm also a Hermione fan in general (along with Snape, Harry and Voldemort) ad i'm hoping that their relationship becomes more friendly. So my question is basically:

Will Harry and Hermione ever be friends? Or at least on friendly terms
mikocritter chapter 67 . 6/22
Please make another chapter
AlphaTuck chapter 67 . 6/1
Good god I’ve fallen in love with this story. I only wish I could have found it after you finished it so I could binge the whole thing in one go. You’ve made Harry and Lily powerful, but you’ve put proper challenges in front of them. I am truly impressed and eagerly awaiting more.
david2299 chapter 67 . 5/26
I'm excited for the next update to this amazing story.
Boomshanka chapter 11 . 5/14
Oh fuck, don't make Harry and Lily twins and then fall in love, please don't... I've read enough incestuous fics to last a lifetime, and it turns my stomach each time I continue reading them assuming good story...
rich.salber chapter 67 . 5/4
update please great story
kei shiramine chapter 67 . 5/1
me encanta no se cuantas veces me lo he leido, pero lo que mas me gusta es la union de harry y lilian o lili jajajajajaja sigue asi espero con ansias el siguiente capitulo.
Blazeemperor chapter 67 . 4/25
update please
Guest chapter 67 . 4/20
Nice story
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