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1sunfun chapter 19 . 6/22
uwishuwerecool chapter 1 . 6/5
i adour this story sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much love love love
Harry's.Harem chapter 19 . 4/12
So awesome I'm in love with this story. Can we have a one-shot plzzzzzzzzzzz
Bunnyguest chapter 19 . 3/3
Years later this is still one of the best go to kakanaru out there. This and teacup tempest are really great in that you can reread the stories and still feel the same love that you had for it the first time. Apart from the smexyness that goes on, what i think really sets these two fanfics apart from others is their ability to show the vulnerability of a young naruto's mind and his ways of making his life better
GalanthaDreams chapter 10 . 2/27
I'm not sure if I can look at their relationship the same-it was already complicated but now it feels incredibly unhealthy and damaging and I just want Naruto to run away now... :(
GalanthaDreams chapter 9 . 2/27
This is really f*****g bad, not the story, but the situation. I'm on pins and needles fearing how this will all come apart.
apeljohn chapter 19 . 2/16
...OK, so it turned into mild yaoi at the end. But still! Brilliant concept!
apeljohn chapter 13 . 2/16
I love two things about this fic.
1) You've managed to construct a KakaNaru relationship that's *not* *frickin* *YAOI*
2) Your spin on several parts of the Naruto saga (3 year training trips, Kakashi's willingness to continue the Wave mission) actually makes substantially more sense than the canon version.
Good work :)
Baelia chapter 19 . 1/19
I love your story :)
I would have liked a little bit more kakanaru lemony goodness!
But I still loved your story!
If you consider writing any more kakanaru, let me know because I will be all over it! :D
MadaMag chapter 19 . 8/22/2014
A story story that followed me some years already. And you wrote id down...
And I found it only now...
Well, better late than never.

Very good written and thought out story!
Though, I thought at the end we would see reactions of team 7 to Naruto going out with Kakashi. Did they suspect that the tension is because of the love squabble, or was that a total surprise for them?
BelleArcher chapter 1 . 7/20/2014
This got a little muddled and convoluted towards the middle so I skipped to the end. I went back and read what I missed and am glad I did. I couldn't really see how a happy ending was going to be pulled off but you did it very well. This is a lovely story but it makes me ask a question that will forever be a plot hole in the canon - why didn't he just henge?! Anyway thank for writing and thanks for the great read. :)
Cadel chapter 19 . 6/26/2014
Love the premise for the story and i'm always happy to read some slash, i liked the rounded plot too.
That being said, the characterization was off and even the psychological process of the characters weren't very realistic. Dialogue was lacking smooth rhythm and most of the time juvenile - far too many exclamations and superficial conversations that I felt was trying to be deep and emotionally strung but couldn't quite get there.
I think Kakashi was probably what I couldn't take seriously. He was unrecognizable as a character, he said things he wouldn't and emotionally reacted to things that I couldn't quite believe. There was no subtly to his personality and despite already having known both Naruto's and Kakashi's background story, their characters fell flat and somewhat superficial.
This isn't a personal attack, I just felt oddly compelled to give you my opinion that it could have been great but fell disappointingly short. I just think it could have been executed better, it didn't hit it for me.
But this is fan fiction: nothing is right or wrong. I'm a poor writer and hardly know how to spell so my thoughts might not have any weight.
Deducing from your review count though, i'm sure many people have enjoyed this fic so that's a great accomplishment.
Despite everything I've critiqued, I read it to the end and even spent time to review it, so that's got to say something right?

Thanks for writing and good luck in your future work.
Shae Vizla chapter 19 . 6/17/2014
An awesome story, very believable (always a positive quality for me). It's very well written and the emotions feels right, the characters are consistents as well as the actions.

Kakashi is a good shinobi but he's not really a teacher material for 13 years old new genins. He graduated at 5 and was jounin at 13. He can't identify with them and he's more suited to work with better rounded ninja. He also lost too many people (his father and his team) and was in ANBU ranks for a long time. He's socially ackward and emotionaly challanged, lost in his grieve.

Hisoka made him realize he was only surviving, not living and I think the fact that she reminds him of one of his loved ones, Kushina, helped too. Because she wasn't a complete stranger, she had a feeling of familiarity and it helped him to open his heart. And realizing she was false, that she was Naruto, his sensei's son, who he had failed so many times and that he had stolen again his innocence (first by the slaughter in Wave and second by having sex with him) made him snap. I don't think he really wanted to kill him, it just the truth was too much and he couldn't accept it.

It was pretty smart of Naruto's part to create Hisoka. It give him the way to live better, but also a soupape who avoid him to drawn in hate and sorrow, and perhaps to find an equilibrum during his puberty. Naruto though he prefered sexually to be a girl and I think it was perhaps because he didn't have anyone to teach him things and that hs inconscious sensed he didn't like women. After the confession and during his travels with Jiraiya, he experimented because he missed the sex with Kakashi and that he needed to understand that he missed exactly.

Hisoka made Naruto mature more rapidly and I'm not chocked that he had sex with Kakashi despite his age because he had always take care of himself alone and was used to behave like an adult. Some persons are mature at 12 and some are still children at 18. He loved sincerely Kakashi and the separation was a good things. They are old enough, they know that they feels and they don't have secrets for each others.

I also loved the fact that Kakashi's depression after the breakup was positive in a sense for his team because they learned to work as a time and took their training seriously. The Wave Mission had a very different outcome and at first I was a little chocked because Haku and Zabuza had an important role in Naruto's nindo but I realize that he didn't need this lesson in this story because of Hisoka. The three genins acted like a team and even if it was brutal, it cimented their link as their rejection of Kakashi as a sensei. In the manga, they didn't really learn of their errors : Sakura is still a fangirl and Kakashi still didn't train them. Naruto and Sasuke got along better but it's practically all. Genma was a great teacher and his teaching helped them to avoid Orochimaru. Sasuke let go his hate and realized he wasn't alone and that the others wasn't useless.

So I really loved this story but I must admit I regret you didn't write a sex scene in the end and I would have loved to see the others reactions to their relationships. I'm sure Anko would have asked if they wanted a threesome...
Teacuppy chapter 19 . 5/7/2014
I adore your story, it ended perfectly, you are amazing, this is really brilliant, thank you for writing this and sharing with us. :-)
Nightoflight9 chapter 19 . 3/21/2014
Hot holy damn.
You wrote one hell of a story. Plot, characterization, descriptions, emotional input, and the switching perspectives were all executed wonderfully. This was simply a pleasure to read. I love, love, LOVE the last two chapters. I'm so happy I finally read this story. Keep up the good work- it's incredible.
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