Reviews for Strangers Lie
IrishMaid chapter 1 . 10/23/2012
Loved it how Britain was able to keep focus on teaching the boy's about strangers, unlike a certain trigger happy Swiss man and his crappy er "cute" drawings. When you brought up the Netherlands I was thinking about that season 2 episode where Finland was worried about him finding chibi America, cause we all know he's a scary dude. Hey as a request, maybe do an alternate ending, or extra chapter where Arthur tells the boys how to defend themselves when a stranger is too grabby (not in a perverted way, but like "your coming with me kid" ), and like have France suddenly show up after their self defense talk, then America screams pointing at France "Stranger" then maybe smacks him? I love reading about the kid nation's smacking France because it's a) funny as hell and b) that's what he get's for doing his head smack smack smack thing to other nations that are already beaten.