Reviews for Tricks and Treats: The 2012 Halloween Collection
Thisisfunwhattooksolong chapter 6 . 11/29/2012
I don’t often look in this fandom (Suite Life fandom is one of those things I’m always going to look at but rarely do) so finding something like this is a true gem. I always like reading collections I come across but I’ve never reviewed one before so this might look a little strange.

Chapter 1: Wow, Ilsa’s gone up in evil. She was never nice but...
What’s the original collection’s name because I searched “Halloween Collection” and while a result referenced a 2009 collection in its summary it didn’t appear in the result list?

Chapter 2: Francesca, as in the most snooty and conceited of all London’s friends from the healthy eating episode? And she was with Esteban before being possessed? I’m confused. Aside from that I liked this, especially the excerpt from the broacher at the end.

Chapter 3: I’m curious as to why Moseby views Bailey as ‘a generally reliable young person’ given he spends most of his time moaning about her (though as that’s usually only when she’s in the presence of the twins or London I guess it could just about make sense). Emma annoys me here but then, I think this would have been OOC if she didn’t so well done.

Chapter 4: ‘"Could things get any worse?" Maya asked, getting her answer via a bolt of lightning striking a nearby cactus.’ I always love it when characters tempt fate and get a swift response. I know it's cliché and I shouldn’t but I just do. Also, I liked the twist ending (well, appreciated - liked seems the wrong word in these conditions).

Is Kelsey an OC? If so, top marks for not launching into a page long description of what she looks like and what she’s wearing. I’ve seen too many a fic (and indeed book) ruined by that impulse.

Chapter 5: Aw. I’m no expert on Marval (I’ve watched most of the cartoons and some of the films but that’s it) but being possessed by Red Skull doesn’t sound fun to say the least. I felt so bad for Bailey, and Cody, and London and pretty much everyone.

Chapter 6: So I got the feeling this was intended to be like Silent Hill for some reason, but I’m not sure why. Well, I liked it all the same. Just for the sake of it I’m guessing the monster actually was Cody (or at least could take his voice).

Since this isn’t marked as complete does that mean there are more to come?
SilverTurtle chapter 6 . 11/13/2012
I'm so confused, but that's not a bad thing. I might not have any idea what's going on but I'm sufficiently creeped out.
Lodylodylody chapter 6 . 11/12/2012
Super super creepy. Not crap at all. I don't know what's going on...or know the anime catchphrase...but that DOESN'T matter! This is a perfect example of how to write a story that gives the reader everything they need to know...even if they are left with many questions. Great job.
Lodylodylody chapter 5 . 11/12/2012
Magnificent. Now if only London has Tipton Industries make her a supersuit or special formula to make her a superhero too. Could you imagine her and Tony at an Avenger's meeting? should make that into a series. London jealous of the Black Widow...flirting with Thor, Captian America and Hawkeye, etc.

Anyway...loved Patrick as the undercover SHIELD agent. Too bad Arwin died though because his inventions would have worked well in a Suite Life/Marvel crossover. And Cody as the super Nazi so bad that even Hitler was scared of appropriate. :P

Could go on and on about how well you did this. (Bailey's characterization for example...awesome). Can't wait for more fics from you in any genre.
Lodylodylody chapter 4 . 11/12/2012
I enjoyed this. Nice concise set-up and surprising but logical payoff. Exactly the kind of tale you could see on a classic Twilight Zone episode. Thanks for adding to this year's collection.
SilverTurtle chapter 5 . 11/11/2012
Nice! Wasn't expecting a Marvel-crossover but I think it worked out well. I liked the idea of Cody being possessed by the Red Skull and still fighting for control but ultimately losing. I also liked Bailey summoning up the fortitude to do what had to be done. I love the idea of Tipton Industries being in competition with Stark, Tony and London would have some very interesting interactions over the course of their association.
Boris Yeltsin chapter 5 . 11/11/2012
Most impressive. Didn't know you wre a Marvil Comics fan. Awesome crossover idea.
Poor Bailey.
SilverTurtle chapter 4 . 11/7/2012
Weird little story tiger, but fun. I liked that you pulled a switch on us at the end making us think they were safe and then apparently killing them anyway.
Lodylodylody chapter 3 . 11/4/2012
This is fantastic. Sometimes people don't realize how great a nice well-consturcted piece of fluff can be...or how difficutl they cna be to write. Here you've written two characters spot on...with just the right amount of 'wacky' in Tut's personality. You could totally see this whole scene playing out on a good episode of the series.

Also nice to see Tut's kitties getting respect for the job they do...even as we laugh at the indignity they have to face with thier costumes.

Speaking of costumes...hooray for Black Widow Emma. :)
Afraid of Login chapter 3 . 11/3/2012
An unusual story to be sure. No one would ever expect the creepy things in a Halloween fic to be the ones scrambling for their lives (I have come across such fics before but they're a rarity).

I can't fault the spelling or grammer which is a rarity. The only real fault I can find is the near complete lack of Halloween elements to it.

Bailey was well written. I don't know Emma well enough to judge.

I'm curious about how you would make a cat look like say Quicksilver or Wasp. And presumably Cody would know that Sugar Highs are effectively a placebo (it would almost certainly work on Woody though).

Overall I'm not too sure about this one. Whilst it boasts a great writing style, not enough happens to make me feel anything. I'm just not getting an emotional response from this story. This was not bad in any sense, it just felt more like the beginning of a fic than the whole thing. I hope that makes sense and I really hope you don't feel too offended by it.
Boris Yeltsin chapter 3 . 11/1/2012
How interesting.
James Doyle chapter 1 . 10/31/2012
You've written a lot of good fics in the past, and it's cool to see shout-outs to so many of them. Moseby's zinger at the expense of the Beltway Gang was classic. So Zack and Cody need to stall for time in order to survive? Sounds like we have work to do.
James Doyle chapter 2 . 10/31/2012
I have to admit, you had me set up good at several points throughout the story. First you had me thinking Francesca was simply a...sensual woman. Then you had me thinking Carey and Esteban would triumph. Both times, you caught me completely by surprise.

Skippy was hilarious, and he's such a little perv. At least he'll die with a smile on his face.

Solid work.
SilverTurtle chapter 2 . 10/31/2012
As I said before, I was not expecting that ending but it fit right in. Having a succubus be the main monster isn't something you see often, it was a refreshing break from all the vampires and werewolves. This was a good, dark Halloween story. Well done.
BsBLady chapter 2 . 10/30/2012
That was very well written! I never would of thought of Carey & Esteban together, but after reading this I could totally see them as a couple. After all, they did look good together in Loosely Ballroom. I hope there are more stories to come!
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