Reviews for Request Denied, Captain
Blue Raspberry Boy chapter 1 . 11/1/2012
Poor Rex. I always enjoy me an unrequited love story between Rex and Ahsoka, even though they're so sad.
Brilliant kept them all in character so well. I loved the use of repetition, especially towards the end.
Great job! :)
Falkenauge chapter 1 . 10/29/2012
I loved how you protrayed Anakin and Rex. Honestly, I haven't read either Attachment's Forfeit or Soldier's Sacriface, but I could still easily follow along with the story.

Your grammar and phrasing was crisp, and I only noticed one typo: "I'll talk to Ahsoka, Rex, but I not expecting..." you forgot the apostrophe 'M'

A really good oneshot! I enjoyed every bit!

spikala chapter 1 . 10/25/2012
I liked your take on what Anakin’s office might be – great insight into the character with droid bits and mess everywhere.

I think you did a fantastic job of showing the tension between Anakin and Rex. There was so much going on here emotionally; Anakin’s pain about losing one of his friends, balancing out the superior officer dynamic, the friendship and respect between the two men, and Anakin’s protectiveness of his padawan.

The brief comparison between Krell and Skywalker creeped me out... "Request denied" *shudders*

Poor Rex. The whole paragraph that started with “His heart sinking…” just made me feel so bad for him. The pain of knowing the one you love wants nothing to do with you… waah! :’(
laloga chapter 1 . 10/23/2012
Ah, lovely angst. I was glad to see this up! It's been a while since I read it. :)

Love this piece, especially the relationship between Anakin and Rex; it's casual, but not overly so, and I really got a sense of how well these guys work together. Loved how it was set up almost like a game of 20 Questions, with Rex so unwilling to say *her* name, but unable to let his request go unsaid. Poor guy.

*Somehow, he was going to have to bury the hurt and anger and become a cool, detached soldier again. Somehow he was going to have to forget everything he'd learned before his injury, before she'd come into his life.* It's alright, Rexter. You'll figure it out...maybe even find someone else...perhaps in another place and time... (Couldn't resist! :P)

Wonderful one-shot! :D
emjalen08 chapter 1 . 10/23/2012
I like it! It's a nice in between piece for that saga, and I think it follows a line of events that is definitely in character, but no one necessarily (well, except you of course) thought would happen. Of course Rex would want to transfer- who wouldn't?

The little bit of humor about Anakin and his office was a nice touch- I imagine Anakin has probably gotten even more messy since his padawan days, since Obi-Wan isn't there to keep him in line. I really can't see Anakin reacting very well to someone having romantic feelings about his padawan- protective older brother/mentor Anakin is something I like seeing.

The conversation between Anakin and Rex was handled very well- since Rex won't tell Anakin just how serious it is, Anakin is treating it like a conflict between two people who respect each other- much to Rex's frustration, but very well crafted!

As for this quote... "She's female," Anakin remarked, obviously trying to suppress a grin. "If there's a problem, it must be something you did. Or she thinks you did."

-Why Anakin, is this the voice of personal experience here? Snickers.

A very eloquent ending and a very nicely written piece that reflected both Rex's character and just how much Ahsoka changed his life- both positive and negative.
sachariah chapter 1 . 10/23/2012
It's been a while since I read this so I'm not sure I can spot what - if anything - you changed, but this piece still has all the gut-punching force I remembered it having. I'll be honest, I don't usually enjoy angsty/tragic pieces with no closure - although I suppose I could just fit this in right before "Enough" in my head to fit in a quasi-happy ending :P - but this one delivered not only on angst, but a painfully honest look into a man who's just been robbed of his one, sure reason to press on and make something better of himself.

On second thought, that might just be a definition of "angst", but whatever. ;)

There's definitely some differences in Rex from how we see him on the show - to be expected given this piece's backstory - but I could just picture him and hear his voice as he tries to reason with Anakin; behind the professionalism and his soldier's edge there's such raw pain and regret. I just wanted somebody to give him a hug - ideally Ahsoka but I guess that's the problem, isn't it? :P

Loved Anakin's portrayal - caring, a tad oblivious and too self-confident, but genuinely wanting to help his Captain, albeit someway selfishly perhaps. He seems to take it for granted that whatever Rex and Ahsoka once had - not that he has any idea just *what* that actually was - is over, and that the two will just have to get over it and go back to being Jedi and clone like they were supposed to be. Ironically, Anakin might be one of the few people with *any* appropriate experience to share with Rex, though I'm not sure how helpful it would be - and as Rex notes, Anakin is probably not going to be thrilled to discover his Captain and his Padawan had a "thing" going on. :P

Sigh... Rex's thoughts at the end... just so sad. I don't really know what to say, except... now I really need to read some fluffy Rexoka. :P Maybe I'll go read "Enough" again; not terribly fluffy, but at least they get back together in the end. ;)

Fantastic peice!
LongLiveTheClones chapter 1 . 10/22/2012
Oh, the angst! I love it! This has to been such an amazing series!

Of course, now, I have to go back and re-read the previous two stories because the angst in this one is just so lovely that it makes me want to re-read the previous two in the worst way... And, now I am just begging you for a sequel...