Reviews for Second Chances: The Life of Raditz
RP12 chapter 76 . 2/18
so are you continuing because last update was Aug. 2013, and this is a really good fanfic, and its clear you had more ideas, sometimes you come across a fanfic that has potential but dies early, I don't want to see that happen to this one
dragonfox123 chapter 6 . 2/15
Great chapter
Arrzl122 chapter 1 . 1/17
This story is great, hope you haven't given up on it
The Boss chapter 76 . 1/10
I never said that GT was bad. Just that there wasn't anything good about it either.

For me a show, especially one that picks up where another left off, has to offer something new. As good as GT was, it just offered nothing to the table. I do agree that Pan was pretty cool though.

As for your question:

Screw the galaxy! The entire Universe would be torn apart if those two ever got into an argument.
gamelover41592 chapter 76 . 1/10
this has potential hope you have not abandoned it
Jack chapter 76 . 1/10
I'm gonna have to disagree with you on this one Boss. I thought GT was amazing. It was nice to see an actual female character in a leading role for a change. And the parts with Bulla and Vegeta were hilarious!

By the way, seeing as you bought it up, who do you think would win in a fight between Omega Shenron and Beerus?

Personally I don't think the galaxy they were in would survive much less the planet they were on.
Guest chapter 76 . 1/4
When will you put Chapter 77 up because its been a while since you put up Chapter 76
Circe and Breach chapter 76 . 12/21/2014
Remember me?

Sorry I haven't reviewed in a while but things have gotten pretty busy. They'll probably get even busier soon, but I figured that I should get this done before Christmas Eve.

I hope you don't mind but I was going through some of your reviews when I came across this little gem.

I really like the idea of Colonel Violet and Hasky sharing a flat together presumably somewhere in up-town West City.

I have a good reason for it to. Wanna hear it? Here it is anyway.

Something about what General Blue said. About how the Red Ribbon Army doesn't need female soldiers got me thinking. What if most, if not all, of the other male soldiers thought like that as well?

By this logic, Colonel Violet would've either had to kill every male in the group or befriend the one person who wouldn't be against her because of her gender, Hasky, who probably had the same problems.

Since there was no shortage of male soldiers for Goku to beat up it can be safely assumed that Colonel Violet chose the latter.

Anyway now that that's out of the way, it's time to get to the real reason I'm reviewing regarding Zangya and Colonel Violet.

When it all comes down to it, I believe that they could both easily irritate 18. Though for different reasons and extents.

We'll start with Zangya.

Imagine for a moment that Dragon Ball is like a big high school. 18 is the hottest most popular girl there and she's dating a jock.

Now what would happen if someone just as hot, if not hotter, came along and started flirting with her boyfriend?

Answer: One jealous bitch.

I do think that if Raditz was taken out of the equation then 18 and Zangya would probably get along well and spend most of their weekends at the mall or on the beach.

Colonel Violet would irritate 18 as well, but on a much more personal level.

Colonel Violet is, or was, a member of the Red Ribbon Army. I think due to 18's own background with the organization (Dr. Gero was one of their leading scientists before he turned himself into an android after all) that would be enough to cause some problems in the future.

Alternatively it might actually benefit 18 to have someone around who shares that life experience.
Misty chapter 76 . 12/19/2014
Damn. Gine might just have taken Raditz's place as my favorite Saiyan.

I understand how busy life can get. I've got two jobs and bill the size of a small book that needs taking care of. So you can take all the time you need.

I honestly think that both Zangya and Colonel Violet would be good in this story, but if I had to choose just one then it would probably be Colonel Violet. Simply because of her more interesting background and her sexy appearance.

Also I wouldn't call Nappa stupid. Granted he's not the most intelligent of the four Saiyans. But we've already learnt from Goku that it's dangerously stupid to underestimate someone because of their supposed lack of intelligence.
Nyssa chapter 76 . 12/19/2014
I'm not sure 18 would be jealous of Colonel Violet. I always sort of got the impression that she was gay. But I can certainly see her being jealous of Zangya.
The Boss chapter 76 . 12/18/2014
Well, I'm probably going to be the only person here who thinks this. But I'm really glad that Dragon Ball GT isn't going to be included in this.

I mean Syn Shenron and Omega Shenron was pretty cool I'll admit, but that's it.
Faith and Willow chapter 76 . 12/16/2014
You should definitely pick Colonel Violet.

Maybe you could have her living in a flat with Hasky (as far as I know Hasky was the only other female member of the Red Ribbon Army aside from Colonel Violet).
Storybrooke chapter 76 . 12/16/2014


"Master Thief, Hasky"

Appears in

Dragon Ball








Red Ribbon Army


"At least you'll all get to die while having fun at Dream Land. Later, dude. Aha. Don't die too hard."
— "Danger in the Air"

Hasky (ハスキー) is an anime-only character who is a master thief that is occasionally employed by the Red Ribbon Army.


She has made a career out of doing the most impossible tasks. After she accepts a job, her abilities are such that not even the tightest security can stop her from making off with her prize (one million). Once more, she has accepted a lucrative, lofty assignment from Commander Red: steal the Dragon Balls and get rid of Goku.

To get in Dream Land, an amusement park in West City, she steals tickets from a few kids and gives it to the ticket lady. She then disguises herself as a fortune teller, and tries to get Goku to give her the Dragon Balls by telling him she knows he has two balls hidden in his clothes. However, Goku misinterpreted her reference to "two balls" and when she asks to see them, he drops his pants to reveal his testicles (this scene is edited in the censored version of the anime, and only shows Goku wearing boxers with a Dragon Ball pattern). When Hasky's followers blow their cover, Goku leaves the Dragon Balls with Yamcha and runs after her thugs. Hasky tries to tempt the shy Yamcha out of the Dragon Balls; but after the real fortune teller comes in, she attacks him with a blade. While Yamcha holds Hasky back, Bulma knocks him out as she thought he was making out with Hasky. Hasky takes this opportunity to tie up Yamcha and steal the Dragon Balls. Hasky reveals to Yamcha that she set up a time bomb in Dream Land and mockingly says it is too bad as she thought he was rather cute. As she is escaping in her Jet Squirrel, Goku manages to catch up with her and attach her to a wall with the Power Pole. Though Hasky resists, Goku gets the balls back by tickling her until she releases the Dragon Balls, and disarms the bomb in time.

After that, it is likely she was turned in to the proper authorities.

Weapons and vehicles

Gun – Hasky uses her agility and her skill with a gun to keep enemies at bay. One of the guns she uses is a S&W Model 29 .44 Magnum revolver.
Sword – Hasky has shown to be skilled in combat with a scimitar-like sword.
Jet Squirrel – A flying jet scooter.
Hovercar – A burgundy flying car.
Storybrooke chapter 76 . 12/16/2014

Anime name

Alternate names

Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound

Appears in
Dragon Ball Z

Race of Hera


Date of death
Age 767


Galaxy Soldiers

Bojack (boss)
Bujin (partner)
Bido (partner)
Kogu (partner)

"The universe is littered with the bones of those who dare to think otherwise."
— Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound

Zangya is a character who appeared in the movie Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound. She is a female member of the Race of Hera, with long curly orange hair and pointed ears. Her name is derived from the Japanese word zangyaku, which means "cruelty" or "brutality."

Zangya has long, curly orange hair, bluish skin, blue eyes, and pointy ears. She wears a white jacket and pants with gold buckles, a gold, pointy necklace and earrings, a blue undershirt, black pull on sleeves, a purple sash, and yellow and black boots

Bojack Unbound
In Bojack Unbound, Zangya fights Krillin at his battle zone, which is full of lava, and easily defeats him. Later, Gohan and the other Z Fighters fight Zangya and the rest of Bojack's henchmen.

After Gohan turns into a Super Saiyan 2 and kills Bujin and Bido, Zangya backs away in fear. Then Bojack attempts to distract Gohan by pushing Zangya in front of him and shoots an energy sphere through her at Gohan, killing Zangya.

Like the rest of the Galaxy Soldiers, Zangya is extremely powerful. She, Bujin, and Bido are able to overcome Full-Power Super Saiyan Gohan by ganging up on him, and she is briefly shown fighting evenly with Future Trunks.

Techniques and special abilities
Flight – The ability to fly with the use of ki.
Ki Blast – The most basic form of energy wave.
Finger Beam – Zangya, Bido and Bujin used this on Gohan in Bojack Unbound, right before Piccolo's arrival. Zangya also uses this technique in Dragon Ball Z: Super Butōden 2, and in the Budokai Tenkaichi series as a normal Ki Blast.
Psycho Thread – Energy needles capable of ensnaring victims, and at the behest of their struggling, begins to drain energy from their body. It is also one of Zangya's Blast 1 in the Budokai Tenkaichi series.
Quick Revenge – A counter rush attack that Zangya uses in Dragon Ball: Raging Blast 2. She punches her opponent, and then sweep kicks them.
Shoot Blaster – A variation of the Full Power Energy Ball used by Zangya in Super Butōden 2, in the Budokai Tenkaichi series and in Raging Blast 2. Named Beauty Trigger in Dragon Ball Heroes.
Sky Zapper – A rush attack that is Zangya's Ultimate Blast in the Budokai Tenkaichi series and in Raging Blast 2.
Sliding – A baseball slide attack. Zangya's signature attack in Raging Blast 2.
Spark Laser – Zangya shoots a laser from her forehead. Used in Super Butōden 2.
Trap Shooter – Zangya releases a massive barrage of ki attacks at her opponent, inflicting great damage. She uses it only in the Budokai Tenkaichi video game series and in Raging Blast 2.
Vicious Drive – A rush attack Zangya uses in Raging Blast 2. She punches her opponent and then kicks them three times.
Wild Sense – One of Zangya's Blast 1 in the Budokai Tenkaichi series. It is also one of her Super Attacks in Raging Blast 2.
Storybrooke chapter 76 . 12/16/2014
Colonel Violet


Manga: "Goku's Charge"

Anime: "Confront the Red Ribbon Army"

Appears in

Dragon Ball








Red Ribbon Army

Commander Red (boss)
General Copper (superior officer)
Three henchmen

Colonel Violet (バイオレット大佐) is the only confirmed female officer in the Red Ribbon Army, although her appearance is very brief.

Dragon Ball

While Colonel Violet was briefly seen in only two panels in the Dragon Ball manga, handing a Dragon Ball to Commander Red, her role is somewhat increased in the anime, but not enough for further consideration. Though she valued the money she received from the Red Ribbon Army for her services, she frequently demonstrated a callous disregard for the army's goals and soldiers. An example of this is when an alligator was harassing Colonel Violet and her soldiers when they were hunting for a Dragon Ball, she throws two of her soldiers overboard as bait while she escapes to shore. Another example is when her pilot is killed by some angry natives, the Peck Peck Tribe, she does not seem to care in the least and takes off though as nothing had happened. However, shortly later, she shows concern for a baby monkey that got hit by an arrow and fell out of a tree and into her arms. She consoles and helps frightened baby monkey escape the melee.

During Goku's invasion of the Red Ribbon Army Headquarters, instead of fighting Goku like the other soldiers, Colonel Violet runs to the vault, blows it open by pulling a piece of chewed up gum out of her mouth, and placing a bomb on it, which she sticks to the safe, resulting in an explosion. She proceeds to steal all of the army's valuables (except for the Dragon Balls, which were in Commander Red and Staff Officer Black's possession) and escapes the base in a private aircraft. She is later seen when Goku's friends, who had been flying a plane to see if they could help Goku fight the Red Ribbon Army, she opens fire on them from her jet to get past them, though they manage to avoid her blasts.

She is one of the few Red Ribbon Army members to have survived the events of the Red Ribbon Army Saga (with General White, General Copper, and possibly Colonel Silver). She appears briefly in a flashback in the Androids Saga in filler, as Master Roshi is telling Maron the story of Goku's battle with the Red Ribbon Army.

Power level
The movie pamphlet for Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Might states that Violet has a power level of 150.

Special abilities
In Dragon Ball: Origins 2, Violet is shown to be quite agile and is capable of moving at superhuman speed. She specializes in bomb, firearms, and high-tech weapons.

Gunfire – Violet uses her agility and her skill with a gun to keep enemies at bay.
Two Handguns – Violet wields two automatic handguns in battle.
Grenades – Violet is as skilled at using grenades and other bombs as she is with a gun. She even used one to open the army's vault.
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