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ValeriNeria chapter 80 . 8/3
Cant wait to see raditz and 18 dating CX
Blazingwaffle chapter 80 . 8/2
Will you continue to the buu saga at all
Mara Fernanda chapter 80 . 7/31
Will Raditz and 18's child be Marron or are you going to change that fact? Because remember that 18 is not going to end up with Krillin as you warned us in the first chapter, so I ask you because it's possible you use an OC who may be a boy or a girl to be their child
Some person chapter 31 . 7/23
Hi, so, just gonna say that I LOVE your story. I'm only on chapter 31 so far, but it's really good! In fact, I thought it was good from the beginning on!

I do have a little criticism, however. I noticed that, since the beginning of your chapters, the chapters contain really long paragraphs, more than five lines, the longest I've seen being six or seven.

I don't know if it's just me, but when I see that, I kinda start skipping over a bunch of sentences, and then I miss something, and start reading back. From my viewpoint, it makes whatever is in that paragraph look really boring and dreadful, and just makes me want to skip to a shorter paragraph, like as if I'm reading an encyclopedia.

If you made the paragraphs a little shorter, I think it would be more enjoyable to read, because it wouldn't feel so long, even though a lot of chapters are long.

(FYI, not all your paragraphs are really long, it's just that I've seen a lot that are more than four)

Best of luck in finishing your awesome story!
coldblue chapter 80 . 7/23
This will be a short review.

I'm in the UK and the internet not working.

This chapter!

It great!

Mirai Trucks killed Cell, trained with Mirai Raditz with Altnerative Future Bulm Gravity Room, and is living his life.

Mirai Raditz and Mirai Bulma are having a child! That is outstanding and amazing. I hope it little Bra Briefs.

All in all, a lot of love in this chapter!

I can't wait for Chapter 81.

I'm not going to write Questions/Suggestions, because I felt that I touched on the Topics: Raditz life with Gohan, Chi Chi and new baby along with training with Gohan to master his Super Saiyan 2 form, Raditz and Vegete fight, Raditz achieve Super Saiyan 2 and inspiring Vegete to continue totrain, Mirai Trucks coming back to tell them about how his Time Line going, Android 18 finds Android 17, and the start of Android 18 and Raditz romance.

Keep up the good work and thanks for updating!
Zalgo's Jinchuriki chapter 80 . 7/22
And so, Cell is finally dead. I can't wait to see what will happen next :)
trebeh chapter 80 . 7/22
Great chapter. I can't see Raditz warming up to Vegeta either ; he spent years along with Napa deriding and belittling him and never showing him any respect.
fieryfoxpaws chapter 80 . 7/22
well that was a good chapter, but seem like the next chapter will be heavy in drama.
gamelover41592 chapter 80 . 7/21
that was very awesome
coldblue chapter 79 . 7/16
Great chapter and thanks for updating!

Mirai Time Line and the chapters:

Not bad. It sort of is rushed, but in a good way. We don't know how long you have to update this story, so thanks for putting the time in to update "Second Chances: The Life of Raditz". Honestly, I think it going nicely and your giving us detail on how Mirai Raditz and Mirai Bulma relationship is going is great. It seems you have been reading my reviews and I'm glad that they can be helpful in a way. I love the progress. You even put in Mirai Chi-Chi, even though you did not have to. Overall, I'm satisfied and keep up the good work.

Mirai Raditz and Mirai Bulma relationship:

Love it. We are reading a possible SIDE Pairing or HINTS of a possible pairing. I want to read Raditz/Android 18 romance, but reading Mirai Raditz/Mirai Bulma relationship is interesting and very dramatic. It even got to the point in which Mirai Bulma associated Mirai Raditz as Mirai Trunks 'farther/dad'. Wow, even though Mirai Bulma and Mirai Raditz are in new waters of their relationship they are progressing nicely. Nothing against Vegete, but he got to show that he cares more about his wife and daughter. Mirai Vegete did not get the chances, BUT in "Dragon Ball Z" in the Majinn Buu Saga, Vegete redeems himself by self-destructing and trying to take down FAT/Childish Majinn Buu.

By the way, thanks for answering/responding to my Review at the BOTTOM where you write the Author Notes. I like that way and it save space for OTHER Reviewers besides me.


1) Will you consider going into the Majinn Buu Saga, even if it takes a LONG time or are you determine to FINISH this story?

2) When it the 7 year Time Skip leading to the Majinn Buu Saga, then could it be possible to have Piccolo, Vegete, Raditz and possible Tien as sparing partners to PUSH themselves to get stronger?

3) Are we going back to the ORIGINAL time line or are we going to have ONE more chapter where Mirai Trucks FINISHES Mirai Cell or will it be a little of both?

4) Will Android 17 and 18 train with Raditz, since if they did train they could get stronger? Maybe for Raditz to find out more about Android 17 and 18 origins? Also to possible get romantically closer to Android 18?

5) Will Raditz try to compromise with Chi-Chi that while he helps support the Son family that Gohan continue to train and at least maintain Super Saiyan 2 incase something happens to him, Vegete, or Piccolo?


1) Honestly, if you decide to update ever Summer Break with just Four or Five chapters in July of the WHOLE year, I would feel satisfied. As long as you complete "Dragon Ball Z". Why? Well we been waiting along time for you to get to Raditz/Android 18 romance and I feel that it could be develop MORE in the Majinn Buu Saga.

Reading about how Raditz and Android 18 establish their relationship/romances, their roles as Husband/Wife and Father/Mother, and how those feelings go on in the story. Personally, if I felt that "Dragon Ball Z" showed a emotional maturity with Vegete actually willing killing himself to save his family, friends and adopted planet was touching in the Majinn Buu Saga; even if he a asshole some times. I want to read that. I read Raditz grow as person and fighter, BUT now I want to read the romantic side of things and I fee the Majinn Buu Saga has untapped potential there.

2) This sort gives us idea on how Raditz and Vegete relationship after their FINAL fight to settle their past disputes. Not only that, BUT gets Piccolo stronger which he deserves. Let not forget Tien Shinhan who is the MOST disciplined and passionate fighter.

It would make since for Raditz and Vegete to spar to catch up with Goku along with making sure they can take on WHATEVER threat comes to Earth. Plus, it would make sense for Piccolo and Tiend Shinhan to get stronger. In "Dragon Ball GT", Piccolo able to hold back or submit Cell and Frieza at the same time, so he at Super Namekian 2 level. Tien Shinhan in the Majinn Buu Saga continued to train until he was at Freiza level or that what the "Dragon Ball Wikipedia" site can agree on. I just don't agree with Krillin being the STRONGEST Human warrior or whatever. Krillin looking more for a love life than being a TRUE Martial Artist. It just a idea, plus I want Vegete to get closer to Super Saiyan 3 and Raditz not to far behind, but has not achieved it yet.

3) I figure the last one. That way you have ONE chapter that FINISH off what happens in the Mirai/Alternative Time Line and goes back to the ORIGINAL Time Line that "Second Chances: The Life of Raditz" takes place. It could a LITTLE Longer than normal or you could just do ONE FINAL chapter of the Mirai Time Line, then go back to the ORIGINAL time line of our story. It just a idea.

4) I figure Android 17 and 18 would consider training with Radizt, especially with Bulma NEW Gravity Room she gave to Raditz. Android 17 always looked to me like the type person that HATES being weak and liked to strong. Android 18 is the same way, BUT she more balanced out with being a Human and Warrior. They both can grow stronger through training. Check out "Dragon Ball Wikipedia".

I figure this could be a way to shed LIGHT on Android 17 and 18, so that we can find out their Origins from "Dragon Ball Z" or those who have not. Like their Human names and possible way how they got mixed up with Dr. Gero/Red Ribbon Army. Sounds kind of dramatic and angst if you think about.

Also, a way to a Saiyan heart is through his FIST! I mean, Raditz could be considered NORMAL to Vegete and Goku, but he still a Saiyan. I figure maybe some Training with Raditz and Android 18 can put them in intimate situation or for Android 18 to take advantage of Raditz embarrassment and beat him since he STRONGER than her.

5) All I'm asking is for Gohan to train two or three hours of the day. Chi-Chi and Raditz should compromise on that and it sort helps get Gohan exercise/physical education. I HATED how Gohan got so weak as a Teenager compare to his more BAD ASS Pre-Teen self and only got stronger through Kai Magic unleashing his Potential. Seriously, gay and weak plot right their. Raditz should have some logic on his side, like in case ALL the other stronger fighters die the Earth has Gohan to Protect it. How could Chi-Chi argue with that and she gets Gohan for MOST of the day, while Raditz TRAINS Gohan 3 hours at MOST out the day. I just hope Gohan is at least a LITTLE stronger than his Super Saiyan 2 pre-teen self in the 7 year Time Skip, BUT is still more focused on being NORMAL and going to school.

Keep up the good work and thanks for updating!
gamelover41592 chapter 79 . 7/16
great work on this chapter
Kaioo chapter 66 . 7/16
Y'know, after Vegeta ripped off Raditz's tail, I don't want Vegeta to get any happiness. He's just a grade a cunt.
Rings of fire chapter 25 . 7/14
nice job
Kaioo chapter 48 . 7/14
This.. has just made me curious as to why Raditz hasn't considered resurrecting his parents.

If I recall, if there is a time limit, it's only on the earth dragonballs..
Robynhood13 chapter 78 . 7/14
Can you have this go through buu saga and battle of gods
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