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CjBeast3000 chapter 87 . 8/17
If I remember correctly thischqpter had a plothole because on Namek Raditz got impaled on a horn.
SaiyanPride30 chapter 105 . 8/12
Hey Man, Congrats on completing the story after 4 long years. It great to know that your thinking of doing a sequel, that'll be intresting. It's funny how Lazuli made Raditz cut his hair. To be honest that was the smartest idea since his hair would have been wayyy to long as a SSJ3 if he hadn't cut it. I don't know how short his hair is now but I doubt it's shorter than the long hair Yamcha used to have. Raditz has affected so many things in so many different ways, he's come a long way. No longer is he one of the weakest warriors in his race, now he's one of the strongest warriors in his universe.
gamelover41592 chapter 105 . 8/12
awesome job on these chapters you wrote an awesome fanfic my friend and I am glad Gohan did not slack and if you do a sequel let me know buddy thanks for giving an awesome fanfic :)
Superbluebop chapter 105 . 8/12
Wow this was the best Dbz story I have ever read. I hope you don't give up on writing.
coldblue chapter 105 . 8/11
I hope you do the Sequel during Winter or Summer Break!

Raditz reaching Super Sayian 3 and Vegete is CLOSE to that level.

I love that Vegete is training Trunks and Raditz is training Marise. Love the meaning behind Marise name

Taro and Marise, being twins that look like miniature versions of there parents is nice. I'm rather curious of what there personality like. Marise seems eager to train and Taro seems be very social with hanging out with his cousin.

Goku informing Vegete and Raditz about Super Sayian 3 is nice and sort of shows that Goku views them as equals/rivals.

I wish I knew what Piccolo power level is at.

Krillin marrying Maron and Yamacha marrying Marie Susan Taylor. Seems to be going good for Krillin and Maron, even after they're fight.

Yes! Zangya and Android 17 are dating and their tensions with Zangya and Android 17. Boy, it going to be interesting to read that in the Sequel, if it ever happens.


1) How strong has Piccolo gotten in Seven Years? Has Piccolo reached Ascended Super Namekian level or at least more powerful than Perfect Cell?

2) Will we get a chance to read the Twenty Fifth World Martial Artist Tournament where the Z-Fighters, Superme Kai, Hercule, and Babidi minons?

3) Will we read more about Taro and Marise personalities, skills, and power they have in the Sequel?

4) Will Majinn Buu, Evil Buu, Super Buu or Kid Buu still be a threat now with Raditz, Vegete and Goku around Super Sayian 3 levels?

5) Are we going to read what happen in Raditz and Lazuli/Android 18 lives the past Seven years? What jobs, fame or changes happened in "Dragon Ball Z" in the Buu Saga?


1) I hope so. Sort of making Piccolo the NEW Legend among the Namekian culture and something to look up to. Super Namekians were not exactly great role models, like Super Sayians such as Lord Slug or Brolly. Anyway, I already mention this in PAST reviews in Questions/Suggestions and I hope you don't forget about it.

2) I love that saga before it went into the Majinn Buu Sagas. Anyway, it would be great to read the build up read your interpretations. Sort of would be interesting to read how Supreme Kai sort grossly underestimates Piccolo, Gohan, Raditz, Vegete, and Goku power levels. Though it just interesting to other characters such as Hercule dealing with the Z-Fighters return, Supreme Kai and Kabito gauging the Power levels and searching for Babidi, and maybe Babidi perspective of the fighters.

3) Have fun with this! Sure, they will be Three or Four years old when Buu Saga starts, but still they are your Original Characters. Taro probably would be kinder than Raditz yet have some sense of Responsibility and Respect for family like Lazuli/Android 18 and Raditz, so he could be training and be more aggressive than Gohan or Goten. Taro would be more of the Martial Artist and maybe study Martial Arts to open his own Dojo one day. Marise, I kind of hope she becomes a Kick Ass warrior that wants to be as powerful as Gohan, Piccolo, Raditz, Vegete, and Goku. Marise has powerful warriors in her family and probably looks up to them, so it rather interesting that Marise becomes more powerful than Zangya and her mother. I see Marise as this rogue, bad ass Warrior that can take the challenge to anyone.

4) My answer is yes. The Buu's, of any kind, can regenerate better than Cell ever could because of Magic. The only way Kid Buu lost to Super Sayian 3 Goku was because of the Spirit Bomb actually be more powerful than Kid Buu, BUT being the polar opposite Kid Buu being pure Evil. Super Sayian 3 Goku could not keep up with Kid Buu, so I don't think Super Sayian 3 Raditz or Vegete will be over powering. It just that the Buu's have GOD-like Regeneration going for them and can out last Raditz, Vegete, and Goku at Super Sayian Three level.

5) That something to think of in the Sequel in "Second Chances: The Life of Raditz". Maybe Lazuli/Android 18 has a job as well. I could read Lazuli/Android 18 being a Bartender and working at the SAME club as Raditz bounces. Sort of show it a bit of family business. Plus, female Bartenders attract more people or really more stupid/drunk guys for eye candy. Boy, they get there asses kicked by Lazuli/Android 18 or Raditz. Raditz, well I kind of hope Raditz is a well wanted Bouncer that wanted by everyone. That maybe Raditz knows Hercule Satan and possible Videl Satan. It would be sort of sweet that Videl Satan was trained a little in Ki by Raditz and is a little powerful by knowing how Fly and possible FIRE Ki Blasts. It just a idea of how Raditz changing the "Dragon Ball Z" Universe in a Alternative Universe. I never knew what Android 18/Lazuli did, so it bothered the HELL out of me that Android 18/Lazuli was a House Wife and could of been something MORE with all the power and possibilities she could learn like Raditz.

One day I hope to read the Sequel "Second Chances: The Life of Raditz".
fieryfoxpaws chapter 105 . 8/11
Well that was underwhelming ending but still you finish it thank you
Dragoon of Kaos chapter 105 . 8/11
great story shame to see it end but least it got a end and a great one at that great work
gamelover41592 chapter 104 . 8/11
Awesome work on this chapter I look forward to the epilogue and I hope Krillin feels better
Superbluebop chapter 103 . 8/10
Wow thanks for the update. I guess power levels aren't the only things rising. Anyways thanks for not giving up on the story it's really come a long way. I also have a suggestion for the epilogue chapters can the first one be when Goku returns from the other world for the first time in seven years and the second one be when Vegeta Goku and this time Raditz are preparing for the multiverse tournament? Raditz could be reminiscing on how things changed over the years. Please tell me what you think on these suggestions and thank you for this story
coldblue chapter 103 . 8/9
We are getting close to the end, so sad and satisfying.

The Lemon/Sex scene was tasteful on the Adult Fan Fiction. Not bad and what you consider with first time actually having sex would be like.. It seems that Raditz and Lazuli have reached the height of their relationship that they are now CONNECTED to each other as Sayian relationships go. The only thing that would bring there love closer is having children to be reminders and source of pride/achievement they have.

Tarble and Ranfan relationship is interesting with Ranfan actually asking out Tarble. Nice and in the character nature.

Zangya dealing with betrayal from Bojacks and hating Android 18. Man. That going to be awkward falling for Android 17, since he is Android 18 twin.

I can't wait to read Chapter 104-105. I do want to read Krillin and Maron relationship along with the START of Zangya and Android 17 relationship.


1) Does Raditz having his tail back have any uses in or if the possible future sequel to "Second Chances: The Life of Raditz"?

2) Will the Epilogue have Raditz and Lazuli with children, possible twins?

3) Is Tarble closer to Super Sayian level or Vegeta level was on Planet Namek?


1) That would be interesting in the Sequel. Maybe with Raditz transforming into a Giant Ape and controlling it to fight Majinn Buu or Evil Buu or Super Buu. It would be rather interesting to read what a Super Sayian 2 level Sayian giant ape form can do against a almost unstoppable Demon/Magical being. Just a idea and I know that the sequel would not come for MANY months or even years.

2) It would be nice. Both Raditz and Lazuli with a children, A boy and girl being twins. It would be interesting to read the Sequel of these Original Characters personalities. Maybe the girl wants to be a Great Warrior. Maybe the Boy just wants to be a Protector. They don't have to be anything at all. Now it is interesting to read what personalities they have. Anyway, it just would be sweet to read some descriptions of the children.

The twins could have Brown hair, with Sayian eyes and have Lazuli looks. Kind of a fun idea. They would be similar to Baby Trunks in looks, but look a bit like Baby Goten as well.

3) I figure Tarble being constantly trained by Vegete, that Tarble is around Vegete power level on Planet Namek. It would be rather interesting to read how strong Tarble got, BUT I just hope to remind you on some minor characters like Tarble. Chapter 104-105 focus more on Krillin and Maron along with Zangya and Android 17 relationship/characters. Again, whenever this Sequel to "Second Chances: The Life of Raditz", it would be great to know that Tarble reached Super Sayian level and maybe a little stronger than Super Sayian when Vegete starts focusing on Trunks more than Tarble.

Keep up the good work and thanks for updating!
gamelover41592 chapter 103 . 8/9
excellent work on this chapter and when you bring up the sequel let me know :)
SaiyanPride30 chapter 102 . 8/6
I wonder how Zangaya and 17 relationship is going to be. I'm glad that Raditz and 18 have gotten so close. Seeing as how 18 got jealous was quite funny, I wonder how Bulma felt when she heard that from Trunks. Good Chapter keep it coming.
Guest chapter 102 . 8/4
Great chapter and thanks for updating!

We got a idea about Tarble relationship with Ranfan as they been dating for possible three months.

Android 18/Lazuli relationship with Raditz is going to achieve intimacy.

Tien and Launch are a couple.

Don't know what going on with Krillin and Maron. It would be good to look in on Krillin getting over Android 18 and read how Krillin and Maron have a actual relationship with each other.

Yamacha probably a great time with Susan Marie Taylor.

We have a idea of Zangya staying at the Brief's place for Medical attention. We have to focus on that relationship a little between Android 17 and Zangya. How they start and possible read how long they been dating.

This chapter is good.

It just sad the story almost over, but it is fulfilling to read how "Second Chances: The Life of Raditz" has come a long way.
gamelover41592 chapter 102 . 8/4
awesome work on this chapter and that was very sweet :)
Superbluebop chapter 101 . 8/3
Hey it's me I'm to lazy to login but great job this story really has come by far. thank you for not giving up on it
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