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Axe Smelling God chapter 2 . 2/24/2015
That's was terriable who would riff the games like that, A sociopath that's who. Which Esmerlda is guess a trait that's passed down. It sucks for many of the tributes were actually forced the go by the president herself and they don't even know. It just sucks in my opinion.
Axe Smelling God chapter 1 . 2/24/2015
This was a great introduction to what will seem like to be a great story and I can't wait to see what wil happen with the tributes. Esmeralda I like the name and the spin of the legacy rose is a nice touch.
Emberwind8 chapter 2 . 5/3/2014
Another great story!
Guest chapter 8 . 12/23/2013 killed Chip...
Clove'sAllies chapter 4 . 5/23/2013
Found this story a few days ago but am finally perusing it now. I really like it so far! The Quarter Quell twist is definitely interesting and I can't wait to read more about the tributes, also I wanna look at the blog but don't wanna know who died...Wah. #fanfictionproblems
writinginpen chapter 19 . 5/21/2013
-Who you thought would win Blood Thicker Than water, at any point?
Ajax or Honor

-Your favourite character(s) (despite your own, and no matter their final placement)?
Ajax, Cyra, and Nomen

-Are you happy with who won (going by realism and favouritism)?
Yes, I rather liked Ajax. I'm satisfied with this victor. :)

-The most shocking death of this story, to you?
Cyra, I wasn't expecting Azolla to straight murk her that early.

-The most jaw-dropping moment (or, in other words, the scene that captured you the most)?
When Milo went cannibal and ate Noelle that was CRAZY!

-Your favourite chapter?
Chapter 18, because I always love the final battle scene and finding out who is declared victor!
please-delete-this-accountt chapter 20 . 3/30/2013
Another amazing ending to a perfect story, Jay. :') Everything about it was so brilliant; the arena, your writing, the characters and character development are a few. I was so emotional reading the last three chapters - especially this chapter, I was dying. Just... I'm kind of at a loss for words. I think this is my favorite story from you, but I'm not sure 'cause they're all so wonderful. :))

-Who you thought would win Blood Thicker Than water, at any point?: Near the beginning, during the Capitol chapters, I saw Twill, Dagan, Ajax, or Kieran winning. Near the middle of the Games, I saw Azolla, Honor, Ajax, Dagan, Hayl, or Twill winning. And near the end, I 100% thought it would be Honor winning.

-Your favourite character (despite your own, and no matter their final placement)?: Let's see...
1) Azolla. She was meh at first, other than her relationship with Marlin. I thought her ditzy, bubbly personality was okay, but as the Games progressed, her real personality started coming through and we saw that the whole thing was a facade. I just really liked her after that.
2) Evy. Evy was meh at first as well, just because she seemed like the typical tough, fiery girl from District Seven (although I've used that before myself xD). But as the story progressed, her personality started becoming more unique and interesting. It was still that tough personality type, but it felt like it had some sort of twist on it and I really liked that.
3) Honor. Again, Honor was meh at first - before we got her backstory and saw that she was capable of emotions. I loved how she had a mask up pretty much all of her life and Ajax was able to take it off, even if it was a little bit. After that, I really liked her and out of the final three, I wanted her to win.

-Are you happy with who won (going by realism and favouritism)?: Yeah. I would've been happier with Honor, but Ajax is amazing too, especially after reading this chapter. And based on realism, it makes sense that he won.

-The most shocking death of this story, to you?: Hacket's or Danielle's. Hacket because I expected him to get a lot farther and Danielle, not because she died, but because how she died was just so disgusting xD.

-The most jaw-dropping moment (or, in other words, the scene that captured you the most)?: Hmm... one was Aspen, Evy, and Danielle dying because their entire alliance was wiped out in less than an hour. Another was the meaning of the wall being revealed because I had been freaking out about it for a while, aha.

-Your favourite chapter?: ALL OF THEM, again. But that's a lazy answer and if I had to choose - Happiness, Over My Head, Black Chandelier, Keep Holding On.

-Thoughts on the obituaries?: They were so sad and perfect, at the same time. They also gave a good sense of closure and wrapped up the story nicely. I'll go over a few:

Honor - Aww, this one line: "She would always realise that the butterflies were love, and love needs to be set free." I loved it. :')
Milo - ;_; I can't
Nomen - His mother's name is Flagella? lol ok
Evy and Aspen - "She would never tell him that he was always more than a friend to her; even if she never acted like it," and "Oh, and Evy was there, ready to hit him once more." oh my gosh i cant even i loved their relationship so much one of my favorites ever jfhjsdf. thank you again for writing Aspen so perfectly. :'D
Otto - "He would forever hate the fact that he was on level with a female." Ha, typical Otto.

-Did you enjoy Blood Thicker Than Water overall?: Of course! It was perfect in every way, shape, and form. :')

-Thoughts on the writing, plots, characters in general, arena in general, basically anything?: Your writing is perfect. You make the most realistic and interesting plots ever. The characters were all unique and likeable in their own ways. The arena was wonderful and one of my favorites from you. I loved how almost everything in the arena tied to the title and the concept of the Quell, specifically how the blood represented family and the water represented strangers. This was just brilliant and wonderful when I realized/read that note at the bottom, I was speechless. The coffins were also great, along with the bodies of the tributes coming back at the end and the evil crows. Every aspect of this arena - in fact, all of your arenas - are genius and tie together so nicely. Everything just plays out so well and smoothly, it's literal perfection. I could go on and on, I love it so much. ;_;

Fantastic job with the story, as usual. :) Looking forward to what's next!
smyle chapter 20 . 3/26/2013
Good lord this was amazing. Just everything about it and everything that Ajax has become. His development in this story has been great and I loved it. He seemed so typical when I first saw him on the blog and I didn't think that I was going to love him like I do now, so yeah. His thoughts are so perfect and I like the way he processes pain and how he fainted on stage and I just gahhh. Okay, so, erm that was pretty much a brilliant last line to end this brilliant SYOT.

Thoughts on obituaries: Omigod I'm crying. Like really what the hell these all hurt a lot. ;_;
"she would always realise that the butterflies were love, and love needs to be set free." Like, that was beautiful and everything about her obituary was beyond perfect. Milo's was so sad and Noelle's as well. And HOLY CRAP Nomen's mother is named Flagella. Okay. Um. Yeah. Cyra's was great and the Danielle's was... well... the relation of her death to her father was also sad. OH GOD LAMONT. I never really liked him and that was painful to read which of course means you did excellent as always. As for Hacket's the part about Margot made me physically cringe because it makes sense and it was like the perfect addition. And then that little shit Otto. And his lovable father who didn't deserve any of this even if his son was a dick. :'( "he would forever hate the fact that he was on level with a female." That is the PERFECT end to Otto. 'nuff said. So yes, basically the obituaries are all amazing, wonderful, heartbreaking, detail, and perfect and I love them all so much. asdfghjkl

Did I enjoy it: Yes.

The arena was perfect and ironic, it was creative and I loved it. I loved it down to the blood river and the coffins and the crows. Because the details of this arena really made it special. Your writing is absolutely fantastic. And some of the bits were heartbreaking, but that means you did a great job. So, I loved this story and all the characters that contributed to it. Maybe individually, the weren't my favorites (I'm looking at you Otto, you little bitchface) but all together they worked so well and stufff. So yeah, sorry for the crap review... I look forward to seeing more in the future...? :)
Cashmere67 chapter 20 . 3/26/2013
...I hope you're happy...

okay well i liked ajax not just because he's my character but either way i did because at first he was all rrffggg arrogant and then he was like XD cyra is dis biddy kidding me let me go sulk and then was like honor lemme smooch you and then after he won he's like wtf is the capitol what is life what is love why am i living what am i u feel ok wow great character development and just you made him something i never expected him to become and something that never seemed like would happen by him winning ok now u feel me on this one i like him

this chapter
brought out emotions i dont have im a brick at first i was like yeah hi ajaxxy-roguey but like as the chapter went on he just made me so like reflective about everything and how hard he was trying to get honor out of his mind and everything not even just honor but people in general and winning and the OTHER VICTORS I LOVE THE NAMES YOU PICK AND YEAH OK JUST SAYING and how different they all are and then the interviews came and the recaps were my favorite things and then he passed out and then it was him and amity and they are just life and then came the end and my heart was crying because this story has been ********one of my favorites********* i admit ok and i really liked it and then came the training center with THIEF DENVIR! and Tarzana and her name is perf too
and tarzana wins
which means that ajax is doing something right
so good job A
ugh and his last line ;_;

but ok question time

Thoughts on the obituaries?
what are thoughts
what is life
honor's was just a beauty
and so was cyra's
and margot and hatchet LMFAO omfg them
and milo
and noelle?
and i liked lamont's for some reason
and wow
good job with these these really hit my heart right in the place where the blood goes in ok
that's a good thing yes sure

Did you enjoy Blood Thicker Than Water overall?
yes i did like x10000 a lot this is one of the first SYOTs that actually finished

Thoughts on the writing, plots, characters in general, arena in general, basically anything?
*grammar comes into place here*
I like your writing a lot. A lot, a lot, and even love your writing ;o? The way you write seems so natural and it flows so well and I love the words you use and it isn't pretentious or over-the-top. I like the dialogue, since some people can't write dialogue as well as others, and I like the way everything played out. The arena was perfect and you described it so well and then the plots and sub-plots of this wow just perfect ok

and we met through this SYOT
so like
that's good
for you mostly
but i suppose meeting you was nice
Nrrrd-Grrrl-Meg chapter 20 . 3/20/2013
Stupid phone! I have been trying to review this since yesterday after work, but because I chose to download a cd and it refused to allow me to down just the few songs I wanted from it, my internet was all sorts of screwy. Anyways, lets get the review of one of your best stories to date.

While I have said in the past that Glasshouse is easily my favorite story of yours, this is a very close second. The Esmeralda-Verse is officially underway and I am loving every minute of it. The Quell's Twist was different and worked perfectly, especially with the in-canon pick of Milo's Uncle being Titus. The arena was like nothing else in Fanfiction, the mutts were scary and real. You also made each tribute seem like average kids tossed into the fight of their lives, instead of all of them being specially trained and unrealistic. Your writing is, simply put, beautiful and genius.

The ending was sad and actually made me tear up. Then, when I finally got myself together, I read Remember, Remember and cried just a little. Especially over Noelle and Milo's obituaries. Even Dagan and Poppy's got to me. Less parents forget about their kids and their remains shipped back to the Capitol. The saddest one of all had to be little Sawyer's body coming home in a smaller casket than he should have. That ripped my heart out, then fed it to mutts.

I can't express how much I love your writing in words. Gosh, I am such a fangirl. Lol. ;)
nb1998 chapter 20 . 3/20/2013
This was such a great end to an amazing story. Definitely one of the best syot's I have ever read, if not the best. The writing was absolutely great as always and I liked this chapter as it gave Ajax even more of a character and even in this last installment we got to find out even more about him. I like how he isn't spiralling into nothingness like other victors but in stead he is helping others and I liked the little glimpse of that at the end. And you managed to get in one of Ransom's brothers which is cool. The interview was probably the best part of the chapter. It was really interesting to hear how the games went quite quickly and it makes you realise how gruesome the games actually are. I liked all the little details like the constant reminder of Honor and then at the end when he blacked out was cery unexpected as he is meant to be so strong. I think you've gave him a great character and I like how he regrets it, he never was the horrible career type and I think the last line was brilliant.

-Thoughts on the obituaries?: I thought they were so unique. All of the characters had their own little stories and some of the plots were actually quite touching. One of my favourites was probably Dagan's and I really liked all of the ones where they were buried along side their family member.

-Did you enjoy Blood Thicker Than Water overall?: Is that a joke? I enjoyed every minute of it.

-Thoughts on the writing, plots, characters in general, arena in general, basically anything?: I think I summed up how much I loved the writing but the tributes were so original and I think you did really well to get in so many plots. And the arena was fantastic, so unique.

I'm so glad I randomly chose to read this, great story.
jakey121 chapter 20 . 3/20/2013
I can’t believe this is my last ever review for this story :’( It’s the first one I submitted to and I just love everything you do! You so amazing ;D

Normally my reviews are kinda long because there are multiple POV’s to comment on, but I’ll do my best xD

With this chapter Ajax really has developed from that arrogant generic career we all saw at the beginning and I really can appreciate why you chose him as victor because with his victory there is so much you can do with him.

I thought it was tragic him trying to forget Honor but then the confliction of him wanting to actually remember their moments together, I still adore the fact that two careers who never had love and were urged to become killing machines found each other. It’s literally heart breaking :’(

It was good to see a little insight into the way the training centre works in Two and how each mentor handles what happened in the Arena. We all just assume Two is brutal and bloodthirsty but you’ve given it depth and I like this side to everything that happens. They train the trainees and push them hard because they can tell themselves they did everything… it’s just brilliant yet tragic.

The recaps killed me… to see his thoughts on each tribute and to see all the deaths again through his eyes… god that was so sad. Even sad for those tributes I was indifferent on or despised, it was still sad to see them again. His thoughts on Honor… it’s just… ugh so beautiful and then he fainted after she blew up :’((((((((((((((((((((((((((((

I can’t put into enough words just how well those two worked together, I just wish they had met outside the Hunger Games, they really could have been together, like Hayl and Dagan :’(

Overall, although I stand by the fact that out of the final three you chose Ajax was my least favourite, I think he really did deserve it but his victory has changed him so much. I like this side to Ajax, he feels so much more human and both you Corey, and Teddy well done on Ajax!

-Thoughts on the obituaries?- I dreaded the obituaries but also couldn’t wait to read them. Hayl’s parents finally realizing the error of their ways but the fact it was too late… that is literally so sad :’(

-Did you enjoy Blood Thicker Than Water overall?- No, of course not, all my reviews were lies Corey ;) KIDDING! This is one of the best stories for me personally on this site and I can’t thank Olive enough for introducing you to me because I never would have met you and submitted to this. I’m looking forward to more Wild One and future stories planned xD

-Thoughts on the writing, plots, characters in general, arena in general, basically anything?- I really saw throughout the Games how much thought you had given into the actual use of the title implemented into the Arena. It truly was genius and I really am amazed at how brilliant it all was with the crows and the dead bodies of the tributes, the coffins at the bloodbath the flood at the end. Each little twist in the Games was gruesome yet fantastic. The two romances, Dayl and Hajax were my personal highlight because of how beautiful they were together yet how sad it was when Hayl and Honor died… and then Dagan.

To finish my review I’m going to rank the tributes (not including Hayl since I am too biased) it may seem pointless but you asked for thoughts on characters so I thought I’d actually show you who I hated the most to who I loved… although I’m sure you know those I despise :P

23) Nomen
22) Otto
21) Ambrosia
20) Lamont
19) Sawyer
18) Kieran
17) Marlin
16) Danielle
15) Aspen
14) Hacket
13) Margot
12) Noelle
11) Poppy
10) Chip
9) Ajax
8) Twill
7) Nate
6) Evy
5) Cyra
4) Azolla
3) Dagan
2) Honor
1) Milo

That was actually quite difficult, well to begin with it was easy… yeah go away Nomen and Otto but the rest were difficult to rank. Yeah that probably was pointless but whatever.

Amazing story, I know I say it all the time but you are one of the three or four people I literally obsess over. I can’t wait for the next chapter for Wild One!

truces chapter 20 . 3/19/2013
Ajax, Ajax. This chapter really expanded his character, I thought, and I enjoyed it. I loved that he fainted in his interview. And the volunteer is Thief /Denvir?/ Does Ransom have a relative? :o

-Thoughts on the obituaries? Brilliant. Touching, sad, sweet, and perfect.

-Did you enjoy Blood Thicker Than Water overall? Yes! Of course.

-Thoughts on the writing, plots, characters in general, arena in general, basically anything? Just... asdfghjkl.
sailorblaze chapter 20 . 3/19/2013
¡Me gusta el cuento! I love how Azolla was sent out to sea with Coral. And Thief Denvir... a reference to Ransom! Seeing as Ajax won, I'm figuring Ransom's not going to make it. Time will tell...
The Light Holder chapter 19 . 3/16/2013
yes yes I know that I have like seven other chapters to review but I feel this one is most important ok

I was very very very glad to see Honor's name, since I do like Honor a lot more than Azolla but I really expected Azolla to win the fight. It was a bit sad that Honor died nearly five minutes after she won the fight, but ah well. She was a good character, just never really one for me. She was different, and grew quite a lot along the way of the story. I adored her relationship with Ajax, and I did like her, but I could really never see her winning.

I sort of expected Ajax to win once I saw how insane Dagan had gone, since crazy tributes usually don't win.

ok tbh ive never liked dagan that much at all and hes never really stuck out to me except for being a really really sappy guy that had an oh so discreet crush on hayl
oh and hes the bitch that was suPPOSED TO PROTECT POPPY

ajax *virtual hearts*
I love him so much legit
cassie's best tribute tbh

-Who you thought would win Blood Thicker Than water, at any point?
Throughout pre-Games I had been thinking Chip, Nomen, Evy, Aspen, Twill, and Hacket
I kept going with Aspen, Twill, and Nomen for a while
and then Milo and Ajax popped into my head
and my guess was Milo up until his death
then I basically figured Twill eh

-Your favourite character (despite your own, and no matter their final placement)?
okay can I just say that Nate was my favorite character in the entire story
despite the fact that he only had two povs
after Nate died, my favorite was Aspen and then Milo but Nate is my all-time favorite ok
his positive attitude was so lovely and his happiness was legit just vibrant and wonderful

-Are you happy with who won (going by realism and favouritism)?
Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
Ajax is fantastic legit

-The most shocking death of this story, to you?
Hacket. I really really really wasn't expecting him to go that soon omg
I thought him and Margot were going to meet up and everything but nope he goes and gets himself killed so easily

-The most jaw-dropping moment (or, in other words, the scene that captured you the most)?
i mean like i wasnt sad that she died or anything but wow um
go crows (y)

-Your favourite chapter?
Black Chandelier erhgh
not as much as what actually happened in the chapter, but THE WRITING
killed me legit

wow like
I can't believe this is basically over like
wow omg
i'll save my other thoughts for the very last chapter ok
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