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Guest chapter 41 . 11/15
Heheheh, by the time Perfume gets there, she might not even be able to hurt a fly! Not sure how I feel about Ranma 'ending things' like that, but I guess Ryoga is a lost cause. Great work!
shugokage chapter 41 . 11/16
Cool chapter and nice story once again!
Jhotenko chapter 41 . 11/15
Amazing really, how fast his problems are solved once Ranma makes his choice. Especially if he chooses Shampoo. Those Amazons are ruthlessly effective. I'm envisioning his troubles vanishing one by one.

I love your companion to the canon reversal jewel. Makes sense, and gives Ryoga a legitimate reason to have been so over the top with his hatred.
Hiryo chapter 41 . 11/15
lord Martiya chapter 41 . 11/15
An interesting chapter. And I wonder what Akane has in mind.

Just one nitpick: Nerima Ward borders with no town since the sixties, when the last towns bordering it were elevated to cities.
Kitten Arina chapter 41 . 11/15
This is all very interesting I kinda hate that you ended it here with how long it does take you to update some of these stories.I do want to thank you for the update though as I have come to enjoy some of your stories. Thanks for adding all of them even if some of them are not my type of stories.
Meech Macko chapter 41 . 11/15
With that ridiculous curse gone, Ranma's and Xian Pu's life can be ...less chaotic and more stable. The manga canon even had a cure for it, but somehow due to some other pointless plot twist he lost it again. The curse was just a punishment to his egoistical male pride and for Genma laziness, being a panda...

Almost all other fics have the curse not gone or Ranma surrendering to it, by spending more time in his curse form and in the end relinquishing his true gender.

Now, he'd have no problem meeting his mother, but she'll have to be very convincing to explain her reasons on why she held him to a seppuku contract, which made no sense at all and the promise was done by Genma too (How a shady character like Genma ended up with Nodoka...remains a big mystery).

Akane pretty much fits great with Ryoga and she did trust him more than Ranma.

Tsukoblue chapter 41 . 11/14
Excellent chapter!
goddragonking chapter 41 . 11/14
great chapter , love the way this story is going, keep up the excellent work! Keep the good writing and hope for more update soon can't wait to read more)
VFSNAKE chapter 41 . 11/14
Well that takes care of the Lost Boy. Now they just need to track down his Mother and get things squared away with her. Soon Ranma will be free to pursue Shampoo without his asshole Father standing in his way.
Malix2 chapter 41 . 11/14
Nice to see a new chapter. I assume we're getting close to the end. I'll be glad to see it. Many fics in the ranma category haven't been updated in a while and are left incomplete. It's really the same in every category really, at least the ones I've seen. Lots of people start fics, and either don't plan them out enough to have an ending, or real life gets in the way until they just give up. So the vast majority of stories on the site are incomplete. It can be really frustrating when you find a really good story and read it to the last posted chapter then realize it hasn't been updated in years, and thus probably won't ever be updated again, I suppose it's not completely impossible, but not likely. I think every fanfiction reader has felt this frustration before. But it's especially bad for old classic series that haven't been showing for years, it doesn't matter how incredibly popular they were while they were showing, after they end the fics just die off. Probably a good deal of inspiration is drawn from watching them every week or something.
Ranmashampoo chapter 1 . 10/16
Vaya que te haces el importante (es broma) xfa no la dejes inconclusa es una de las mejores historias que lei
Meech Macko chapter 40 . 10/16
I wonder how they're going to keep a tiger as a pet?

Ranma still gotta meet his mom and sort things out.

There is still that Japanese military officer still on the lookout.

Now that its over, He and Xian pu still gotta think about their possible future family and get himself a job if he doesn't want to be bossed around.

See ya next chap!

lukakapo1090 chapter 16 . 10/8
Bueno literalmente hiciste que akane abriera los ojos y vea la forma que tenia ranma para ver el mundo lo expresaste mejor de lo que pude imaginar si no fuera porque es un fanfiction diria que es la contunuacion no oficial de ranma
XxaleXanderxX chapter 40 . 10/5
thanks for this story but continues to not let it finish
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