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Gundamvid chapter 39 . 7/24
Well it is curious what you got planned next. But I would assume they are back to where they started. Where the first die was cast, Well that's what my knowledge from Jumanji is, but we will see next chapter.
WWEis1 chapter 39 . 7/18
I'm not sure but I believe I told you back when Akane was turned that it kinda sucks no one else will remember

I kinda want Akane to stay a tiger cub & Khan to live
DinoMostra chapter 39 . 7/19
Oh my god, I loved the history! Sorry, my english is very very bad. but I try read and write. Thanks for sharing the history. I will wait the next chapter.!
ultima-owner chapter 39 . 7/19
that was epic
shugokage chapter 39 . 7/19
Definitely a very interesting chapter great job!
lord Martiya chapter 39 . 7/19
Good! And in your face, Perfume!

But now what?
Tellemicus Sundance chapter 39 . 7/18
...It's over. The game is FINALLY over! I don't know whether to laugh, cry, or shout out in joy! This has been an event LONG in the coming and I have to say that it certainly didn't disappoint! While I got a very Indiana Jones 3 vibe from the swarm of rats, the Chinese DRAGON was something that DEFINITELY caught me by surprise and I LOVED it! Too bad it wasn't really given a chance to strut its stuff and get into one badass fight with Ranma and/or Shampoo. Oh well, it was awesome nonetheless! And Happosai's 'last act' of heroism to help them win, while also avenging Soap, was a total badass scene. If something like that had been used in canon, I'd have truly been able to respect him as a man, even with his many shortcomings.

And now we begin the final act of the story. I can't wait to see them try to fit back into life and the routine that had been before the game. That is going to be VERY interesting!

Excellent work, my friend!
Jhotenko chapter 39 . 7/18
I've recently begun reviewing everything I read now. I kind of feel bad about not reviewing before. I have been following and enjoying your work for some time now.

I'm kind of relieved that finishing the game didn't immediately turn back time to before the game started. This makes me curious as to what their reward for winning might be.

I'm really looking forward to seeing the aftermath/fallout here. One thing for certain, there is nothing on earth that can keep Shampoo and Ranma apart after that ordeal.
Kitten Arina chapter 39 . 7/18
Another Cliff hanger from hell! DAM YOU CLIFF HANGER! I have enjoyed your story so far even if I didn't start when you first wrote it. Though I hate your cliff hangers because of how long it usually takes for you to return to any story. Partly because you have so many that you are working on at a time with so few completed. But once you complete a story I will more then likely curse the ending simply because it is the ending to something that I had been enjoying but I do admit there are times that things do need to come to an end.
VFSNAKE chapter 39 . 7/18
AWESOME! Ranma and Shampoo have won!
Dairegh chapter 39 . 7/18
Whoo! Frag you, old biddy!
Too, too close to death, in the end.
Still, they made it.
Riniko22 chapter 39 . 7/18
Just the wrap-up left, but it has been a wild ride so far, I am looking forward to seeing what happens now that they have won. Hopefully all those that have died within the game will be freed and healthy too, except for Perfume. Though, if it restored her back to her original self and memories before she went nuts that may be different.
goddragonking chapter 39 . 7/18
great chapter , love the way this story is going, keep up the excellent work! Keep the good writing and hope for more update soon and really awesome story, can't wait to read more:)
Malix2 chapter 39 . 7/18
Great to see a new chapter. Keep up the excellent work. :) I'll be looking forward to reading more. :)
Rickmer chapter 39 . 7/18
Whoo, endgame :)
Really looking forewards to the last few chapters.
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