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Guest chapter 17 . 4/21/2016
Oh wow, I am so sorry for my absence. Things have gotten a bit busy lately, and I just couldn't find it in me for a while to review when it's been like this. Sorry to keep you waiting, but I'm back!

And darn it, looks like his secret is out now, for better or for worse. I guess it was bound to happen eventually, what with his family always being dragged into the Demon World's affairs, against his will, and this time, his own family's will as well.

Strangely enough, I'm not getting any vibes of anger or distrust from Kurama's mother. Perhaps she fully accepts him as her son regardless of him essentially taking over and becoming one with her child before it was conceived? I guess it isn't that strange that she's so good about it though, she might not know the specifics, but she did raise him as her own flesh and blood. The memories they have together aren't exactly false or meaningless just because he was secretly a "reincarnation" of Youko. And Kurama genuinely cares about and loves her dearly, I'm sure she can see that.

It does make me wonder though, is "Shuuichi" and "Kurama" and "Youko Kurama" all different personalities that, overtime, merged into one? Has Kurama essentially combined 'consciousness' with the unborn child of Shiori? Do unborn children even possess a 'consciousness?' Or was the unborn child essentially an empty vessel that didn't originally have a soul to begin with when Kurama entered it?

Well, these are rather deep questions I suppose, haha. No way of knowing for sure. The English Dub really did make it feel like Youko and Kurama/Shuuichi may have been separate sides of the same coin, different enough to be considered a separate identity, but ultimately part of one package.

Although one thing I did notice that was strange about this chapter was Kurama's willingness to let Botan go in with them into that building, where she basically has no visibility. So many things could go wrong in such a scenario, that I would've thought he would instead have advised her to take flight above the building from a safe distance, just so she could observe and help if necessary. He must be really confident in his ability to protect her. That was probably the only strange thing about the chapter for me though, overall, it's approaching it's climax, I feel.

Ah, there we go. I hope that was a meaty enough review after a painfully long absence? Heheh, let's go!

Oh, we passed 200 reviews! Cheers!
HalcyonLife chapter 16 . 4/7/2016
Monashi's history was rather fascinating. I just got to the 3 King's Saga and learned more about Hiei and Kurama's pasts, and this chapter almost feels like another extension of the show itself!

I also really like her characterization, always referring to herself in the 3rd person. Her interactions with Hiei and Kurama feel really genuine too.

"Sounds like they got what they deserved." Such a Hiei reaction. I'm surprised he doesn't feel a little bit of a connection to her though. Her story kind of reminds me of Mukuro's. Granted, she was a slave, while Monashi was an experiment, but the spirit of the idea is similar, I think.

I noticed that Hiei and Kurama were communicating via some type of telepathy? Is this a canon ability? I can't quite remember myself, but I don't remember seeing it in any of the previous episodes, so maybe it's another manga exclusive?

Interesting how the virus requires an incubation period. Very science-y sounding and all that. Sounds like a rather round about way of doing things, putting people to sleep first before killing them with some airborne strain, rather than just finding the nearest nuclear facility, putting everyone to sleep there, and then grabbing 'em all or something. Wait, that's basically the same amount of effort, if not more? Haha, oh well. Wonder how much damage a nuke could cause to an S-class? Apparently, Koenma says it'll be pretty much useless, but I am rather curious.

Then again, this virus can apparently be effective on both humans and demons, something that human-made weapons cannot. I guess their methods make a bit more sense when considering that.

Well, sorry to rant! Very well written chapter!

To the next!
HalcyonLife chapter 15 . 4/6/2016
Ah, you know what they say about payback, right?

Looks like Kurama's the winner for this particular little exchange? A wound that can't heal, huh. Either something's just plain out going on with Yukio's regen system, or Kurama might've left him a little parting gift in exchange for free skydiving lessons.

They sure crafty though. Regen and teleportation abilities? Seems the only way to really take 'em down is by surprise. Not even pinning them into the ground will help, it seems.

Well, it's such a classic move. Can't kill or beat Kurama? Take a hostage! Really though, the last guy who tried that turned out to be a really good source of fertilizer. I'm not entirely sure Yukio knows what he's doing by going this route. Well, it's not like Kurama doesn't hate him already and wants to spill his blood. I guess from Yukio's point of view, why not go all the way, huh?

Anyways, sorry for the late review! Haven't been able to get back to ffnet in a while. And I know it's rather late, but thanks for writing this story. It seems like at the time, you had a lot on your plate, right? Man, you don't know how motivating it is to see you be able to complete this even with all the crap going on. Kind of makes me reconsider what I'm going through as well. You're a strong person!
HalcyonLife chapter 14 . 4/2/2016
Okay, so we've got Hiei, Kurama, Mukuro and Botan on the front lines.

No news yet of any other demons that might show up, possibly to aid them, but Demon World is a big place. Maybe they can find some extra support somehow, assuming they weren't caught in the earlier blast? It looks like Yusuke and Kuwabara have no way to feasibly reach the battle in time, but maybe they'll be able to make it in time somehow before there's nothing but leftovers? Let's hope so!

Ah, I had to chuckle a bit of the whole "their scents' are all over each other" bit with Hiei. Wonder what Botan smells like? Lilac and fresh blueberries, maybe? Kurama's easy, just about anyone can guess from his signature weapon.

One thing I've noticed about Botan in this story is how...different she is around Kurama. She speaks more softly, more shyly, and always extra polite towards him. Especially in comparison to someone like Yusuke, whom she's a little more down to earth with, and somewhat silly with. Maybe it's just her shyness coming through, and as she gets more comfortable around Kurama, she'll start showing her bubbly self a bit more?

Well, in any case, on to the next chapter!
HalcyonLife chapter 13 . 4/1/2016
Ah...pillow talk.

The afterglow must be absolutely fantabulous. I feel content just seeing them be content. It's too bad that so soon after they've regained their spirits, they end up losing contact with Spirit World. Gain one thing and lose another.

Speaking of losses, man, Demon World sure got messed up. At least Hiei and Mukuro are alright. Yusuke and Kuwabara seem fine too, but apparently away? Was that even the 'real' Yukio? Koenma said that Yukio was the one who caused all the damage at headquarters, but then who was that guy Yusuke blasted? Does he have a doppelganger running around somewhere? Man, I'm confused.

Good thing Koenma's alright. Ayame's a lifesaver, literally. Here's hoping they can get Spirit World's barrier system up and running soon, though it doesn't look likely.

Answers in the next chapter!
HalcyonLife chapter 12 . 3/28/2016


Couldn't even finish business before they got down to business, yeesh! LOL
I suppose they deserve this bit of happiness, but man, it's like doing the dirty deed while all your friends are busy fighting in WWIII (except it's more like Universe War III, what with the three realms going crazy and all).

Oh well, seems like it was a quickie, so hopefully they'll make it back in time to help out, haha. Yusuke and the rest have got it handled anyways. Sign of a great wingman.

And yeah...demon hearts, I totally forgot, heheheh.

Still though, maybe I read it really fast, but apparently, Shuichi's heart has stopped beating (which means his human heart has "died") and therefore the curse (which was placed on his human body) has now been lifted, and he's now using a demon's heart to keep him alive?

So, basically what happened to him was the same thing that happened with Yusuke? At least, I think that's how I understand it.

WELL. Looks like our protagonist has gotten rather lucky. In more ways than one.

HalcyonLife chapter 11 . 3/28/2016
Quick Botan! CPR!

Okay, well maybe that won't work here. Things aren't looking so good. Wonder how they'll get outta this one? Maybe she can get him to a hospital using that oar of hers somehow? But then again, it's kinda against the whole 'spirit world secret' thing, huh?

In any case, looks like Yukio is apparently strong enough to get a good hit in while Youko's busy fighting both him and a bunch of homegrown experiment soldier things, in addition to not being fully healed yet. He's played his cards fairly well, thus far. Maybe Yusuke and gang can turn things around soon, it's been a while since he's last punched anything in the face.

Although thinking about it, it's probably somewhat fortunate that Youko failed to kill Yukio. If he had, well, there goes our KB time. They still gotta find a way to get Yukio to lift the curse thingy. Well, enough suspense.

To the next chapter!
HalcyonLife chapter 10 . 3/28/2016
Y'know, Kuwabara can actually be pretty clever when he wants to be. I find it amusing how, when Kurama isn't the acting 'detective' using logic to track down criminals, it's Kuwabara's sense of logic in this story that helps track 'em down in Kurama's place.

It's like, Yusuke's the official Spirit Detective, but he's been more like the muscle behind the operation lately. Understandable though, he's got a team filled with people who possess different talents and connections, like with Hiei's connection to Mukuro. Man, if he wasn't around...

Still though, it sucks that Kurama and Botan are essentially 'hostages' in a sense. It's not like they're even in any immediate danger, but with Kurama's curse, it's basically the same as holding a person hostage, and it works to grant Yukio some immunity, or at least a longer lease on life. Quite crafty of him to do so, in retrospect. Especially if his enemies hold that much more combat ability than he does.

He's built up a little army of strange experimental children who seem to possess power, but is it really enough to take down both Reikai and Makai together? They must be incredibly powerful, if this is the case. Interesting development, let's see how it plays out!
HalcyonLife chapter 9 . 3/27/2016
Well geez, talk about a catch-22.

Interesting lore you've created behind the cursed blade. I'm surprised that a weapon like that isn't more well-known. Then again, the effects are seemingly for more niche situations. I like how you gave some of its possible usages for romances that have gone sour. A nasty way to get back at an ex. Whoa. Is our villain a previous jilted lover of Botan, perhaps? I mean, I wouldn't be surprised. All the others' hearts have been captured with the exception of hers, so to him, it may be something like a failed venture that's turned bitter.

I wonder, even if it were possible, it'd most likely be merely the smaller part of some larger scheme regarding Cosmic Dissonance.

Anyways, YuYu Hakusho has some pretty interesting ideas for spiritual artifacts, doesn't it? A mirror that can only grant wishes at the cost of a person's life, a demon sword that can create massive armies of brain-washed zombies, a special liquid/gaseous concoction that can revert a person back to a younger age. I'd say that this item of yours fits in rather nicely.

Also, I haven't forgotten our nice lovey-dovey fluff between our Red/Blue pair! Nice color patterns too, it's like they were meant to be put side by side, yeah?

Still, it sucks that they're together, but they can't be together. Our villain really hits where it hurts, doesn't he?

Let's hope that Mukuro can figure a way out!
HalcyonLife chapter 8 . 3/27/2016

Mmm, must be really nice...

It's also very nice how straightforward Kurama could be about his feelings. None of that stuttering, mumbling, searching for the right way to phrase it stuff. Helps gets things done at a so much faster pace!

Shoot, most romance comedy manga/anime would probably get done a whole lot quicker if the characters would just blurt it out already, rather than keeping things vague in order to set up for overused comedic misunderstanding scenarios.

Actually, now that I think about it, YuYu doesn't really keep it's main characters guessing at the whole 'do they like me' thing, does it? Other than flat-out over-innocence in Yukina's case, everyone's fairly obvious and straight-forward regarding their romantic interests. At least, that was the case for Yusuke and Keiko, I think, in the dub. Might've been different in the other ones, not so sure.

But yeah, nice to see Botan back in action! Kurama could really use that break too. Might feel better rested if he had some nice good warmth to keep him company. Get to it, Botan!

Another thing that caught my attention is just how...powerful Kurama seems to be in this. I don't remember all of his canon abilities clearly, but apparently Kurama can work with neurotransmitter junctions (there's a ton of them in the human brain) AS WELL AS selectively choose and erase memories without any possible psychological damage? YIKES, that's reeaally powerful stuff, and rather scary too. I suppose if he used more of that weird spirit herb medicine stuff, you could kind of make it believable.

I know the Death Tree or whatever is apparently supposed to play into it's victim's worst nightmare by taking a pleasurable illusion and quickly turning it into a sour one, as seen by Older Toguro, so Kurama 'does' have a bit of knowledge regarding tapping into the human psyche using spirit energy. The display of powers in this story though is rather powerful. I can accept it though, but it was something that caught my attention.

On with the story!
HalcyonLife chapter 7 . 3/27/2016
Aww, it didn't count after all...

Still, good on you Kurama. Keeping those hormones in check for the sake of keeping love and honor sacred!

Though I guess having some strange ominous voice cut in on your make-out session might also be a damper on the mood.

Wonder what would've happened if he gave in, would his mind have been broken somehow? An endless illusion he couldn't escape from? His opponent seems rather frightening in ways that previous ones weren't.

It's especially difficult to write for these characters at this point, because they're all so powerful by the end of the series. It seems that only very few demons actually have the strength to properly stand up to Yusuke and his team. So I'd say that 'attacking' them in other ways, such as attacking their very morals and values, would probably have more effect. You've shown it quite well thus far with using the girls as combat puppets, and Kurama's little hallucinations, and I'm left wondering just how powerful in combat these opponents behind the scenes are.

Interesting tidbits on chemical changes within the brain, it seems you've done a little bit of your homework. I'll admit, my knowledge of drugs and behavior is rather rusty, but this problem seems to be surprisingly more physical and physiological in nature, rather than more vague mental concepts and such, though I wonder if that's subject to change as well.

Onto the next!
HalcyonLife chapter 6 . 3/27/2016

Okay, that's probably not something our 'normal' Botan would do, however.

Still though, wonder what's up? I'm surprised Kurama wasn't more cautious about that situation, even despite his feelings for her. But at least his lack of precaution has scored him first base! But does it really count, though?

Anyway, I really liked hearing Hiei and Kuwabara's respective feelings on the torture of the ferry girls. Kuwabara's line is fairly honor-ish and all that, but hearing Hiei's side of things really kind of helps us learn how he thinks.

It seems that your standard demon doesn't do well with subjects like sympathy and their moral compass generally behaves more or less on a 'Me first, then everyone else' type of principle. It's interesting that the one thing that allows him to feel anger for these girls' torture is the fact that something similar happened to a person that he finds very important to him. It kind of makes me wonder whether demons actually do have 'normal human emotions' inside of them, but it's just kind of locked-up ALA Yusuke's fight with Toguro or something.

But yeah, awesome chapter!
HalcyonLife chapter 5 . 3/26/2016
Ooh, interesting set up with the drug experiments and whatnot. Kind of calls into question just how 'nice' spirit world can actually be. Reminds me of Sensui's arc, and shows that even the 'good guys' can technically have morally gray compasses.

Good job fleshing that one out in a quick and easy to understand manner, it feels very YuYu Hakusho, I'd say.

Looks like we've found our bubblegum reaper, but she's not so bubbly this time. I know red looks great on Kurama, but his own blood is a little much. Here's hoping he manages to get her back in time!
HalcyonLife chapter 4 . 3/26/2016
Aww man, your past self heard the present me and DELIVERED!

Nice flashback scene with the festival setting! That's what I'm talkin' about! Heheh, I had to chuckle a bit with the whole 'fox ensnared' line that Kurama gave her. Very literal. Wonder why he didn't find the fox plushy in her room, or on her bed, or something?

And yeesh, Kurama. I know you like the girl, but man really? Reading a girl's diary? I mean, I guess it could be useful for finding information, but still. Well, her secret's out now, and he knows she likes him. Kind of removes a bit of the suspense regarding the whole mutual affection thing, but it's alright, I guess. That stuff's overplayed anyway.

Nice chapter! And quote me if I'm wrong, but I think this is the first chapter where Yusuke actually calls Kurama as 'Kurama?'

I know affectionate nicknames are a big thing with Yusuke, but he actually, more often than not, calls them by their actual names most of the time in the show. But yeah, I guess it isn't that big a deal though, you still write a fun story.
HalcyonLife chapter 3 . 3/26/2016
Man, poor Keiko...

Would Yusuke really be like THAT as a husband? Somehow, I can kinda see it, but I can also see him being a surprisingly good one too.

Maybe he'd have been better off posing as a professional boxer/wrestler/MMA fighter or something. It'd be easy money and he wouldn't even have to really try.

I wonder if Yusuke's noticed yet how oddly invested Kurama's been with the whole thing. Kurama's been decent at hiding it so far, but I guess it'd take someone like Hiei to really notice it.

It's interesting how Kurama's familiar with the layout of the place. Maybe he's attempted to visit Botan before? If so, then perhaps he didn't get too successful, seeing as how he doesn't know her room number. Unless he's just pretending.

In any case, like usual, nice stuff. Just tone down Yusuke's usage of fox boy and toddler breath a bit?
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