Reviews for Don't Look
Zam138 chapter 6 . 11/12
GFD I'm sitting in bed, at night, alone, in the dark, reading all of this, and now I have a nightlight. Good job making me terrified.
Blazingkill chapter 6 . 11/11
Great story absolutely love it! Would have liked another chapter with all the potential you left there at the end but meh good enough for me!
navydivea chapter 6 . 11/1
Enjoyed this story very much. Excellent work.
demon edge chapter 6 . 10/28
When I decided to binge read all of GB's works this was not what I was expecting. Don't read this while alone.
freakingouttoad chapter 6 . 10/7
Absolutely amazing. The POV switches were well done, the slender man lore was fit well into evangelion, and Shinji definitely felt like a long time survivor of slender man's hunt.
Dazzle chapter 6 . 8/17
This is amazing. Cheers!
AlsoSprachOdin chapter 6 . 8/8
Great story. Thanks. Um. I'm particularly intrigued at Rei's "character development", kinda wish there'd be more on that, but it's probably fine this way.
The multiple POVs were handled very well, poor Touji, poor Hikari, poor dumb Kensuke, etc... Stonecold Gendo, ditto Fujutsuki, brilliantly complicated Ritsuko - how the hell do they sleep at night knowing what's out there?
Looking in the fridge, I wonder what happened to the many nameless Section 2 agents, if they ever found an understanding with their Major or fins in the water.
Fukken saved.
T51b Moridin chapter 2 . 7/3
Its interesting to see the usage of the Slender Man internet myth on here. To see it is entertaining. And even wit the sound effect described its unclear if he's dead.
T51b Moridin chapter 1 . 7/3
AH I see. He has been exposed to the eldritch horrors. When he looks up to the sky he sees not sky ubt endless creatures hat wish to devour hunt kill destroy maim rend crush burn drown etc all of humanity and all other things. Slenderman is merely one of them. Gotta love the Cthulu world.
StrangePointOfView chapter 6 . 7/3
This is epic! i love horror stories where the protagonist is awesome and the monster manages to stay scary despite that. And one of the less creepy depictions of Misato/Shinji as well.
makhan chapter 6 . 4/15
Wow...okay, I don't normally write reviews but holy crap I needed to for this one. This creeped the balls out of me. Seriously, I mean you wrote every character as accurate as I have ever seen them, ESPECIALLY Slenderman. God damn, I hope you write something like this again because holy crap.
Lemmy Mann Esq. II chapter 4 . 2/2
What the Hell? You have a Human/Angel meet a creepypasta force of nature, and rei goes down like a puss? That's so bullshit! The girl can summon an AT Feild, and she doesn't put up a fight? She should have started an epic fight the ends in rei and slendy destroying half of Tokyo 3, set to La fortuna! Rei should never go down like a puss ever!
JittottiJ chapter 6 . 1/27
Very nice! I wasn't expecting a lot of this fix, especially when it appeared that the cross would not be a Cthulu one but it worked well in the end. I like your characterisation of the "Slender man" (what a horrible name, by the way, unimaginative as hell) except for the bit were it kills other persons. I mean, that I would have preferred that "it" would be obsessed with Shinji, would kill Touji because Shinji is "it's" victim and disregard any other "preys" until "it's" current one is dead. For that, I prefer the earlier and the sixth chapters, especially the characterisation parts.

Hope who write soon!
nickoli.gurney chapter 6 . 1/27
This, my friend, is the proper way to end a Slender Man story.
You don't beat it, you survive it.
huiyiu chapter 6 . 11/20/2014
Creepy as fuck!
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